The Gods Alpha

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It isn't always true that your life flashes before your eyes when you die, But there are those moments of clarity. When everything comes into questioning existence,it's almost terrifying to wonder why is that thought there in the first place? To warn you? To make you remember? To keep you alert enough, right before your last moments.
Sometimes when we wolves die honorably, we liked to believe we were chosen by the Gods. Chosen amongst the thousands, and we were suddenly significant. I never wanted to tell anyone being aChosen by our Gods was never Favorable. Being significant to them, was more trouble than anyone would want. I never wanted to ruin their envisioned hope for their death when they pass onto our Gods Realm. To feast, celebrate and join fallen brothers and sisters.
To join my beautiful beast of a God, Fenrir.
You know, I realized it always snowed when he appeared, he brought the cold of night, and the crisp of winter against our fur when he came to us. Was it him killing off the warmth of the sun that mother warmed us with and plundering us into a cold abyss of Winter. Was he like Hades and she, Persephone. His monstrosity black wolf chained to the depths awaiting his mated Henbane to bring him warmth and light of her pale snow colored Azalea. I sighed, I'm thinking about them too much, why?
What was I even saying? Why did I think about them, my beautiful Gods. Where was I? Why is my body so cold? I smell poison, blood, and mother. I just want Adam, I want Aric to comfort Eir. Why do I hear Marie...screaming. Is she okay?

All these incoherent thoughts made me want to laugh through my numbness. I was rambling in my mind I don't even see how any of it made sense. My body felt weightless, I wasn't sure if it was from the monkshood, and nightshade working its way through my nervous system and blood or if it was from the ground beneath vanishing and Havik carrying me in his arms. Wait... Havik?
I was safe in the bear's arms, cradling my weakened body against his. He was standing still before Gunnar, glaring. He was wearing a beautiful pelt soft to the touch; I wanted to rub my face into it. He smelled like Kenna. Gunnar was surrounded by more than enough creatures to know if he moved an inch he would be dead. He held onto a screaming Rosemary, letting out one deafening whistle. I peaked over the many wolves, in a dazed state, seeing these disgusting things crawling towards the gathering in twitching animation, their aura expelling a putrid nature. Soul eaters. They crawled on all fours, digging their claws into their victims to keep them from moving , they crawled twitching, and feeding off the fear that their victims release. They were relentless Bastards.
I wanted to scream and warn everyone, but my voice was still nonexistent. Havik carried me off to the sidelines, and I finally saw them, what relief it brought me. Mother, Fenrir, and three cloaked figures behind them. For those who weren't stunned by their sudden appearance dropped to their knees in a bow that seems so low their lips caressed the dirt beneath us. Was this a dream?
I watched Mother in full armor, holding her sword on her side staring daggers into Gunnar. Fenrir beside her, holding his own weapons. Gunnar made one last attempt and set Aric after them. I watched my mate charge, and nearly shut my eyes, afraid to see if our Gods held mercy or not. As if bored, and as if Aric was nothing but an insect. Fenrir turned slightly, grabbing Aric by the collar, and growls. Aric coward as if being wounded, yelping in pain, he tried to tug away but was slammed into the ground.
"Bli Stille"(Be still) Aric looked up afraid, and submitted immediately. He released Aric who in turn sat beside our God. Fenrir's attention was now on Gunnar.
"Bli kvitt dem." (Get rid of them) She spoke low to the hooded figures, they all nodded unsheathing their own blades and walked through the bowed wolves, as if merely walking through an empty vicinity. The echo of the creatures screeches throughout the trees, and the cry of their blades slicing at the creatures was terrifying. The agony that was bestowed was merciless. Pretty soon we were met with silence, as the cloaked figures returned.

Mother spoke first closing her steps in with Gunnar "You made a rather big mess here Gunnar."
"I suppose the murder of your favorite has brought you both here." He chuckled, rocking Rosemary in his arms.
"We had a bargain to repay." Fenrir shrugged "and a child to be returned to my sister. "

"She's staying with me . " Gunnar growled loudly, Rosemary let out a cry. It was frustrating Gunnar, he had probably never even cared for Candace as an infant. "Ugh shut it you brat!"

"She doesn't fucking know you! She's cold and afraid!" Marie cried out

"Give us the child Gunnar. " Mother said, still glaring, with her hands out to grab Rosemary. Mother had been vicious in her past life she told me, she was raised to be the most dangerous of her people. She became a warrior young and had a taste for bloodlust. She used to laugh making a joke about being raised by wolves and now it coincides, to what her world is now. She told me now she lived for her children, she lived for her sisters, and she lived for the peace she never had before. She didn't want to hurt anyone anymore, a part of me wishes her old self came back to get this over with.
Gunnar was panicking, backing away like a small feral animal, cornered, and terrified. Sweat dripped from his forehead, he wiped it with the back of his hand. Looking at Rosemary, Mother took one more step, he retracted. The forest was now filled with silence and the pops and crackles from the fire beside them. I fought Havik to let me down. I wanted to end this once and for all.
"You can't take her! " he yelled " We will be Gods! Her blood will free us! You should be bowing to us !"
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