The Gods Alpha

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Fenrir laughed at this "You? A God? Her maybe...but never you. You're a disgusting creation of ours. You will never be a God. Who would bow to a Pathetic wolf who calls on the night creatures for help. Resourceful yes, but not worthy."
I felt the bear let me down, I couldn't feel my feet. He steadied me. I could feel how weak I was growing, how cold my body was feeling against the falling snow. As a wolf this never bothered me, but as a dying one, I almost felt human.

Gunnar growled "My daughter will end all of you one day. Mark my words. She will devour all in her path and Destroy what you and Henbane had created!!"
"You amongst what we is with great hope she destroys you too." Fenrir smirked, Mother was growing annoyed at simple banters and stepped closer closing in on Gunnar, he still had the blade and slashed at Mother, slicing her cheek, cocking her head to the side.
She didn't flinch, or make a sound. She didn't have to, the cloaked figures dropped their hoods and let out an inhuman hiss, revealing their extended fangs. They were underworldly beautiful, with their eyes glowing against the night. What were they? The three held out their clawed hands and twisted the air in one motion. Sending Gunnar to his knees, screaming in agony. What magic was this? Fenrir raised a hand to stop them, before tugging mother back, letting out a growl, he licked her face, healing the wound, before burying his head in her neck. He gave her a small kiss that made her shiver. He was pissed, as was I. How dare he do this?! I truly hated waiting on the sidelines.

Fenrir began to pace, with his hands behind his back as if taking a stroll. " one touches Henbane."
In one swift effort, Mother grabbed Rosemary from Gunnar, moving out of the way just in time for Fenrir to tackle Gunnar to the floor. He shifted into his divine form and let out a sickening Roar. We all felt it. The power he truly held, it made my stomach knot, sending my heart to my throat. Filling my body to the brim of fear. I wanted to cower to the floor and disappear.
Fenrir made sure it was a slow death, disemboweling Gunnar violently. I watched as an Ebony haired woman in her cloak snap her fingers, bringing Gunnar back to life repeatedly to endure this torture. He finally went for the throat ending him completely. Fenrir shifted back, with blood covering his face, he was still fuming, his eyes still golden, as he looked down at Gunnar disgusted. He walked to Mother cradling her face between his hands and kissed her deeply, smearing the blood between them both.
Fenrir looked at me "I paid what is owed Masie."

I felt myself falling only to be caught by Havik. He held me again to him. Fenrir looked amongst his many rows of his creations, and back to me. "You did well child."
I wanted to speak, I wanted to beg for Aric to be freed, but all I could feel was darkness. I felt Havik carry me away from my bowed pack and to the lake. I spotted Fenrir pulling at Arics collar, only to see the glow of gold like when he revealed his own chains to me .

"Ta de som ikke har nådd hallen tilbake." (Take back those who have not reached the hall.)Mother said to the three women, they bowed their heads and walked amongst the crowd to the dead.

I felt sleep come upon me, and a tiny spike of fear when Havik.began to step into the lake. Was he going to drown me? I felt him walk deeper, holding me tighter, as our bodies both submerged. I gave in to the darkness, if this was how I went then so be it. I was tired. That night I dreamt, dreamt of Adam, dreamt of his smile, his kiss, his touch. My skin began to tingle, and I began to cry. Was I ever going to have him back? If I was nearly dying I'd rather think about him. I had been selfless long enough, I just wanted him.

"Let's take her home." Mother said

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