The Gods Alpha

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I remember my screaming, my Eir in distress, I couldn't hear her, I couldn't feel her. I didn't know what was happening to me. But I remember their faces, the three cloaked women all kneeling above the ground I was laid out on. The three women were chanting, their eyes rolling back, as their bodies swayed in synchrony motion. I could hear myself continue to scream in agony, my eyes were watching the carnage that was happening to my body with blood surfacing from the wounds Gunnar had left me. There was so much, and the crimson was quickly turning into a brilliant purple.
It was the poisons, they were trying to get them out, much like when Marie pulled it from Tally. I felt Haviks hands holding my thrashing body around, just how bad were my injuries that I would choose death, or even a. Evening with Rhett than this. At least with death and Rhett there was a definite end to the suffering for the day. This just seemed endless. I cried out, tears burning my eyes, for Adam, for mother, even for Fenrir to end this Finally. A redhead with features so similar to Mother's came forward. She crouched down, our faces inches apart . Her hand rested on my forehead, it sent a relieving wave through me.

"Hvil lille" (Rest little one.) She blew into my face, it stilled me, it silenced me, and shut off any feeling I had. I was now a mere shell, in a daze staring into the great hall ceiling I had met our God in. My head rolled to the side, letting the tears pool to the corners, pouring over my nose and drip to the floor.
Drip, drip, drip.
I stared at it, Fenrir's throne. What a haunting thing it was. It was grand, made from the bones of several creatures, and draped in the fur of Bryce. So many had fought for that throne, even as Fenrir is still a prisoner to the old human gods he defeated them all. What a terrifying turn of I felt the vibration of heavy steps coming toward me, his bare feet were at my face. My eyes traveled up to see Fenrir's face bolden, with a grave expression.

"As I said before...she has spoiled you."

I shot up gasping, and cringing at the sharpened pain shooting into my guts. I cried out, panting, frantically looking around. I was in a dark room, with candles lit in every corner. I smelled the fresh skinned pelts that hung against the wall, and the smell of Fenrir. I looked down scrambling out from under the covers. Holding the sheet against my naked bandaged body. I was in Kenna. Was I dead for sure this time?
There was a clad silence, all I could hear was my breathing and my heart ringing in my ears. Flashes came to me instantly, Gunnar, Aric, blood, battle.
A touch on my shoulder made me jump and retreat as far away as I could. It was Havik.

"Alpha Masie, you need to rest. "
"Havik?" I reached out to touch his face, maybe touch something other than a bedsheet will show me this is real, he was "Tell me ...why am I here?"
"Mother didn't want to leave you behind. You were gravely wounded. She refused to let you die."

So I am alive after all.

"Where is mother?" I grunted out, now feeling the surge of affliction to my wounds. I held myself, and the sheet closer. As a woman stepped into the dim candlelight. I held in a shutter at what presence her aura held. She was breath-taking, her hair rippled down past her breasts, her skin smooth and milky. He wore a gown, befitting a ballroom gown, black with folds of red under the glittery lace. Her eyes were stained red, as well as heavy bags under her eyes. Half of her face shadowed by the darkness of the room.

" Masie aren't what I expected."
I said nothing. I watched the woman sit gently on the bed. She stared ahead.
"W-who are you?" I grunted, inching my way closer to her. She turned herself slightly to be facing me full view, I held in a gasp at seeing the left side of her beautiful face disfigured, flesh nearly non-existent, realing pieces of bone. I took in a big whiff, and held in a gag. She smelled of metallic rot , and brimstone. Hel.

"You figured it out?"
I nodded, she looked down, and again at me, tears in her eyes"Thank you...for saving Sanngriðr. For protecting her."
I sat beside her, watching her look at me bewildered, I suppose no one ever really showed her much human emotion amongst the dead. I wasn't afraid of her, I don't think I could be afraid of anything anymore.
"We call her Rosemary...Sanngriðr seems like a mouthful." I said low, and weakly.

"Rosemary." she smiled, letting the name roll off her lips "My brother told me what you have done. Gathering the wolves to protect her. To protect the supernatural world from my mate…"
"I'm sorry he had to die…" I also my hand onto hers, feeling her freeze. She was cold to the touch and looked at me. Her hazel eyes glimmering. Now that Marie's concoction wore off I was feeling a tremendous amount of stress from Aric. I knew the connection of having a mate was excruciating.
" He fooled me, the silly bond kept me believing the good in him. I didn't understand why he was adamant on having a child. He never liked anyone being more powerful than him, he would've killed our girl, first chance he had. He only wanted her blood. One drop would change a person entirely, brute strength, highten senses, it's as if 12 alphas forming into one person. She will be devastatingly dangerous. The human Gods will see to it she's dead, but seeing her cute little face I cannot let that happen."

Hel played with the ends of her dress, scrunching up the ends of the beaded lace. "I may be the Goddess of death, but there are things I am still afraid of. Will you take her? Take her to the demons, as my brother suggested?"

I nodded without hesitation "I suppose it's the least I can do for you not taking me when I nearly died."
She smiled sadly "You death would bring tremendous turmoil amongst the living and the dead. You're quite favored."

I half laughed "I'm really sick of hearing that. I never wanted that I just want …I just want…"

Huh. How about that. I don't even know what I want. Hel looked at me thoughtfully, "I'm sorry about Aric. That collar was made by the human Gods, they made it to keep my brother obedient. "
I felt tears threatening my eyes "Will I get him back?"

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