The Gods Alpha

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She said nothing, but looked off behind me. I turned to the door-way, following her eyes. Fenrir and Mother stood. With a wave of a hand from Mother the room's candles ignited. Relief came to Mother face as she practically ran to me. Holding me close to her as if afraid to let go. Her eyes shut as her grip tightened on me. When she finally let me go she looked at me, holding my face.
"You may have not came from my womb, but we love you just the same. I couldn't lose you. You didn't ask for this, we know, but you have made us proud…" she smiled through tears, stroking my hair. "You can return home when you're ready, and take Hels child with you. From what I heard she was already placed with a family."
I nodded "Marie Lytle and her chosen Louis. Louis watches over her as a big brother."
Mother grinned "Marie Lytle...a clever little witch I sent to you has proven herself beyond worthy hasn't she. "
As I suspected "So Micheal and Marie were both sent to me for a purpose?"
Mother nodded "As Fenrir would have it said...I have spoiled you. They were sent to you to protect you, to be your guidance, you were never alone, as our Alpha."

I smiled sadly bowing to her "Thank you mother. "
She hugged me once more, but my eyes wandered behind her. To Fenrir leaning into the door frame, watching this unfold. I pushed from her, tightening the sheet , and felt a glare grow on my face. He was the reason for the collar in the first place.

"...I want Adam back." I said, I knew my God was a dangerous thing, flashes of his vicious attack on Gunnar made me want to cowar at his capability,but I stood my ground. Fenrir held my glare, and looked to mother behind me, letting out a soft sigh. He melted with her near, she was his weakness, not a very big one, but it was still there.

"It will take time." He said softly, "The collar makes the collared more animalistic. Gunnar put the collar on him, therefore he is master to Aric, but with Gunnar gone ...Adam will disappear, he won't remember his human self. He needs to want to return to his former self. The list of the collars power is sometimes too great."

My heart was beating harshly, I was sure it would rip from my chest. I began to hyperventilate throwing myself at Fenrir, slamming him into the wall.

"How could you do this!? Why did you send it to my realm! You wanted my weakness now you have it! You all fought to save me…" my voice was now broken, and I couldn't hold back anymore. For years I pushed what I could away " kill me all over again...slowly. " I let out a sob "Is this what you wanted?"

My beautiful God looked away, ashamed.

Against mother's wishes, we left that following evening. With one last goodbye to Hel, and Havik. Mother blessed us sprinkling droplets of blood with a Rosemary branch. She blessed us for safety and peace. But I felt nothing. No words would help . I was empty.

We emerged from the Lake, with many of it's creatures to greet us. I watched the grounds cleared, no one would be guess there was such an atrocious event that had taken place here. I was still in pain, carrying the little later mp of Rosemary in my arms. She slept so much, what bliss that must be. When I stepped onto the grounds I was now in confusion. How long was I gone for? Everything looked different, but almost the same. Something was off.




'Masie?! Is this possible?! Where are you?!'

'By the Lake. I have Rosemary.'

'We're coming to you!'

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