The Gods Alpha

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I sat near the run down shack where we let the spare clothes and the lake Creature's silvers, and changed out of my wet clothes. I laid a sleeping Rosemary on the bench beside me And waited. What was this air I felt, this sudden change? It wasn't threatening, just bothersome. Something was off. A shout from a running Marie pulled me from my thoughts, the others were making their way hastily to me. I stood up without cringing, only to be plundered with a surge of pain when Marie slammed into me in a bear hug. She was sobbing, pulling me away from her to look me over.

"I knew you were alive!" She hugged me again, kissing my face, shaking. I guess I didn't know how much I meant to her. I chuckled through the pain and picked up Rosemary handing her to Marie.
"Hel wants you and Louis to have her, and keep her safe."
Marie cradled Rosemary and sobbed nodding frantically. Kissing her face too.
"You spoke to her?"
"Yeah...we had a heart to heart." I snorted
I was suddenly pulled into Micheal and a very pregnant Tally. And finally, I smelled Ezra . His eyes wide and his heart pounding in his chest. He shoved through squeezing me tightly before kissing me, holding my face to his. I didn't even have the strength to pull away. His touch made me want to cringe away.
"I'm sorry." He breathed "I just thought...I'd never see you again."
He hugged me again, and I felt it. Why I couldn't connect with him, the pulse of his aura was of an Alpha. How long had I been gone?

"How long was I gone?" I whispered

Ezra looked to Micheal, before answering " A few weeks…" Ezra sat me down on the bench beside him " after Gunnar was killed and you were taken. A couple of more fights happened between Rogues and the packs. It was resolved quickly, but When the sun came up I took your place as Alpha because...well"
Ezra looked to the floor "No one would listen, everyone wanted you. They only wanted to listen to you. Even Rory, Milo and Markle couldn't come to terms with leading their own pack Maze, it was insane. It was as if they were all in a daze of needing you. They just wanted your command. I had to challenge them to make them come to their senses."

"I think…" Ezra sighed "I think Fenrir did something to them before he left. He said something, after that it affected SmokeRidge, GreenMarsh, and Howls Ash. No one from Crimson Creek changed."

My blood boiled at the mention of our God. What the hell was he up to now. " So what happened to everyone?"

Micheal spoke up "After clearing the dead, and healing the wounded we helped everyone return to their packs and homes. Sam went back home to feed, she was weakened severely, but will return in a few days. I have to make sure to tell her you're back. We searched everywhere for you, and Rosemary. We even had given the Creatures piles of silver to search the waters for you both." Micheal let out a raspy laugh "I can't believe that's what Mother and Fenrir look like...I never thought I'd see their faces. How Amazing it must be... for them to see you as an equal Maze."

I snorted "Believe me isn't all it's chalked up to be." Then came the dreaded question "Where is ...Adam?"

Ezra cleared his throat, afraid to speak up " Christopher took over Howls Ash for the time being. He said Adam was better left here with you, with his mate to try and fix it. For some reason he knew you weren't dead… " Ezra got up holding out his hand "Maze I'll take you to him but we need to be careful. That thing on his's changed him."

We tracked our way up to the manor, the once overflowed land with families and children seemed deserted. The manor was quiet, and seemed like a shell . What happened to my home. My body felt tired and we had to stop a couple of times for me to catch my breath. I was still so weak, and ...empty. I was now realising I couldn't feel anything, No Adam, No Aric, No Eir. I held in a sob. This was the weakest I've been . I just needed it to stop. I wanted to hide, I was so tired of... surviving.
Ezra lead me to the door of the cellars. I dreaded what I would find behind that door. I could hear growls, thrashing and scratches. He unbolted the door and held it open for me. The growls suddenly stopped, and he noticed.

"Wait ...I don't think you should go down Maze. ". He out his hand on my arm holding me firmly

I pulled myself from his grasp with effort and went down the steps. I could hear the others holding their breath with anticipation. Our cellar wasn't like many would Invision. They were barred with silver yes, but they weren't disgusting, they had fluffed bedding and a private bathroom in the corners of the cells. We usually held Rogues here only long enough to see what they wanted or if they pledged to me. It was usually the pledging when they saw I didn't rip them from limb to limb and having them imprisoned in a form of luxury than what most packs did. Kill 'em with kindness my mother always told me . It sometimes actually worked .
We had seven cells along each side, I could smell Aric in the last one. The largest usually meant for drills to keep everyone safe in case something happened amongst packlands. I heard a loud growl echo in the cellars and I refrained from flinching . This was Aric but he held much more power than before.
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