The Gods Alpha

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I froze, his wolf had grown, he was nearly my size, he was still so beautiful. But angry. Aric was pacing, snarling at the sight of me. My feet carried my slower, and closer to him. I could see his eyes now gold, glowing against the darkness of the cellar, his silver collar glinting in what light was able to sleep to the farthest parts of the cell. He smelled the air and was now frozen. Did he know it was me? I couldn't feel any pull from our bond, was he lost to me forever.
I didn't even feel myself begin to cry. Fenrir said he needed to want to come back to his human self. That he could cave into the collar's power. I grasped the bars leaning my forehead into the silver. I paused at noticing It didn't burn, I shook it off, I didn't let that distract me. Aric came to the bars leaning his forehead to mine. I felt his fur soft in some parts, others matted with blood. Maybe he did feel me, recognize me... something.

"Come back please…" I whispered, I looked into the giant's eyes and saw them flash between the pitch blackness, to gold. What did that mean? Was he fighting again? Can he hear me?

"Adam...can you hear me?"

I hear a grumble come from the beast almost as if it were a pure as I smoothed his fur out. My hands touched the collar, and I felt myself grow angry wanting to tug it off of him. It glowed gold at my touch.
"We'll figure it out alright…" I rubbed my face into his, letting my tears fall. What a bastard that Fenrir was. He made me weak, and I, so arrogant, nearly mocking our God because my mate was an Alpha. Maybe I deserved this.
I heard Ezra coming from behind me, in a flash Aric's demeanor changed. He lunged at the bars hurting himself in the process. His eyes focused on Ezra, he repeatedly charged at the bars, growling and barking like some wild animal. I tried calling to him to calm down, even a touch, but all that earned me was a slash to my arm. Damn I knew I wouldn't be able to heal fast enough for this one. My heart hurt, Eir emerged in anguish, shoving me aside. She held onto the bars, her eyes shut at what her mate was.

"Get out."

"Maze I'm not going to leave her here with that thing!" Ezra was pissed but that reference made Eir hostile. She turned quickly pinning Ezra to the wall . Her claws digging into his arms.
"Maze is not here...I suggest you move your ass out of my sight before it's you in the cell. You may have taken charge for now but You. Are. Not . Alpha."
Her stance in dominance was made apparent, and Ezra glared. Fighting the bond we once shared as Beta and Alpha. He finally submitted, kneeling.
"Forgive me Alpha." His voice was dipped with resistance, boy , Ezra was really getting the shit end of things wasn't he. I'd make it up to him later. Fucking Eir.
"You will watch over Crimson Creek till Masie has her full strength back. Understand?"
He nodded, he stood and quickly began to walk away

"Ezra...I'm sorry."

He paused before returning upstairs.

"It's just you and me Aric." Eir whispered, I couldn't even fight her for control. She held herself in place.

Eir would sleep in our human form on the ground closest to Aric, some days she was able to calm his rampages, others she was on the receiving end of it. Ezra would occasionally come to persuade her to sleep in the house. Eir only answered him with silence. She still didn't appreciate him very much for kissing me when I returned home. I rolled my eyes at her.
I wish she wasn't so stubborn, but I suppose that was why we survived for so long. Marie would come to feed me to help change out my clothes, and try to take me inside, but anytime I had control, Eir shoved me back. This reminded me of when she cared for me while we were both imprisoned. The thought made me shutter. I tried talking some sense to Eir but She wouldn't leave Aric to be chained like some wild animal. He was her mate. She believed he would come back. .

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