The Gods Alpha

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We all leaned against the SUV, the brisk air hitting us, for a moment we had peace, til I sniffed the breeze.

"Where are we?" I asked Marie,

" 2 hours from your pack territory. We should be in SmokeRidge Territory. They won't bother us. The pack is way too small. Mostly kids, their parents and teens."

" Good…they're about 15 minutes out from right here. Wonder if they'll stop us." I felt my wolf stir, and my eyes grow pitch letting out a growl. " Get in now . I smell the same rogues from the ranch . Those persistent bastards. They're fucking Rogues why do they want Rhett." Rhett was given doses of Belladonna and monkshood to keep him sleeping. Without luck it would wear off when his buddies arrived. I prayed it didn't.

I didn't want any trouble till I brought him back home . I fully expected his punishment to be the most excruciating of anything we had ever done. Mother helped me in that. Coming to me in a dream showing me glimpses of her past with Fenrir beside her. They were so dazzling. Their skin smelling of the earth, and blood. Both standing before a bonfire watching three women dressed in sheer garments over their naked bodies. The women were chanting and swaying to drums. I could see a man hunched before them on a platform his armor tossed to the side, blood pooling at his feet. Mesmerizing. With no words spoken it was revealing Rhett's punishment for forsaking our kind to his disgusting fetish.

" I think I can answer that." Micheal pulled out a bottle of water, before hoping in the car .

" When the Rogues hunted me down. I remember their eyes. There was nothing . No color of themselves , just empty milked over eyes. When an order in a made up language was given they dived in knowing death was going to come . Even the bravest wolves would run and there was no shame in saving your life." He sighed "but these wolves ...Didn't care. They weren't even present mentally. I think Rhett bound them to his soul. "

Marie was sitting in the back crawling over the seat to hit Rhett in the face repeatedly, upon hearing a crack Micheal pulled her off of him.

"That son of a bitch killed so many of us! What if they weren't even rogues! They were just under his control!"

Before I could turn to calm her down, our get away car was slammed and pushed off the road. I heard our screams and howling in midst of the car tumbling into the crevasse of the mountains and road. When our roll came to a stop. I could smell the gasoline, and burnt metal. Everything hurt, I almost wanted to cry out but I needed to know if they were alive . I was pissed . We did not come this far for nothing.

"Marie? Micheal?"

"Yeah. " They groaned in union. I had to think fast I could feel and hear their feet stampede towards us down the hill of the road.

"Marie can you move?" I groaned pulling myself from my seat. Our SUV was upside down, this wasn't good if we were trying to escape.

"Yeah…" she breathed,steading her palms on the shattered glass " yeah I can move."

"Can you shift? I need you to run to Smoke Ridge. Get help and alert Ezra. "

She was panting, she nodded "I'll be back as soon as I can."

Micheal and I watched her bolt out the window, barely dodging an attack from an amber colored rogue. It didn't give chase to her thank Gods. Micheal and I slide out, momentarily forgetting Rhett in the back of the SUV. It would be a miracle if he stayed asleep all this time.

A part of me was so exhausted I didn't want to fight anymore . But one deep inhale I felt my wolf began to pace inside me, barring her teeth, readying herself for the fight to come .

'we'll be fine Maze. I have enough energy for the both of us.' she stated

I inhaled all of their scents one final time, feeling my eyes gloss over in pitch blackness.

'Let's go Eir."

When your wolf takes over without a full shift, it's almost as if you just simply walk into the next room and close the door behind you. You sit and watch someone move your body, speak your voice, laugh your laugh. A hard split personality to master but Eir did love being in the form of a human sometimes. Though she did hate the part where she had to walk on two legs instead of four.

I met Eir when I was 11 usually the time when most wolves shift, and are branded into their packs. For a few minutes I thought I was going crazy hearing her voice in my head. But slowly realized it was her.

In my mind's eye I could see her, resting in her own created sanctuary in my mind's eye. She was beautiful, a black wolf with silver eyes . She was bigger than most wolves I had seen, almost the same size as my father's. She mostly kept to herself, it was made clear 11 year old conversations were not peeking in her brain . She told me The mood goddess sent her to me, and that her name was of a healing , and defending Valkerie. At this point I severely do not doubt her.

Most of the times she slept, till I was taken. She protected me when she could. Even saying her own silent prayers to Mother.

When her wolf took over this time she did not pray, she wanted her carnage I had chosen to watch it all unfold. We were quick at ending 3 lives but there were more coming. Micheal tossed us a hatchet, the black rock glimmering pink and green in the light, with traces of leaves powdered inside. The poison no doubt..

I heard Eir giggle, she loved battle, she loved the blood, she loved the doubt radiating off of her opponent, and undeniable despair.

'You're a bit of a psycho Eir. ' I joked

A rogue in his human form attacked, lunging with claw elongated, she stepped aside gracefully, bringing the hatchet down on its neck. The spew of blood covered our face, I felt her smile a smile meant for the devil. Looking to the left I felt the wind gust bringing the scent of 5 more beasts. Eir took her stance, ready for them.

Her voice echoed behind mine as she spoke "C'mon little pups, I want you little bleeders."

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