The Gods Alpha

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" need to move Masie's body. She'll get weaker if you don't come out from there." Micheal spoke gently at the end of cellar hall, he stood there with Ezra, and Twitch.
Every day and night we slept beside Aric. Eir didn't want to leave him, I understood, but this wasn't fair to anyone anymore, not even to ourselves. We were going on three weeks of practically living down here. When we emerged it was only to shower or relieve ourselves. Sometimes Eir didn't eat or sleep, she knew it would affect me. I was still too weak to take full control from Eir, and the stubborn bitch she was, she had no issue fighting me on it.
This was something she had never done. We always had an agreement when taking over my body. When she shut off my links to everyone it was the final straw. I fought back for control. What kind of PackMaster were we, if we were just wasting away in a hole. The more we tried to find an ounce or Aric or Adam, the more we saw they were just ...gone.

"We're fine Micheal. Go away." She said, light footsteps came to us, Twitch, resting her hand on her belly was coming to sit near us. Eir adored Twitch so I knew she wouldn't be as big of an ass with her as she was with the poor boys. Tally opened her bag, handing over a plate of food, water bottles and some vitamins Eir took them with hesitation. Twitch said nothing the entire time, only smiled sadly.

"I know what you must be going through Eir…" she rubbed her belly, and spoke softly to us "Sometimes just the thought of losing Micheal feels like I'm dying. And sometimes it's worse for Ebba...but you can't keep living like this. Your friends need you...your pack needs you. And know Adam would never forgive you for hurting what's growing inside of you."

We froze. Eir pulled at my sweater tighter to cover our stomach. We had a small suspicion about it, but Eir didn't give it a second thought. She was too worried about keeping an eye on Aric. Tending to his wounds, making sure he was fed properly, all while we sat suffering in the same corner day after day. My scent must be changing by now if she was able to smell it. It confirmed what we already figured was happening.

"We'll be fine." Eir said weakly
Twitch put her hand in ours, and kissed it. "Eir ...I love you. But I need Masie back please. Let her come back to her pack. Let her be a mother. I know this hurts but we will try and find a way for this to be fixed. I promise you. The boys, Marie, and I,we will never let anything happen to Aric, we will never let anything happen to you. We are your family. Let us help you. Just please let Masie come back. "

Eir let out a Shaky breath, tears falling, she nodded. "Thank you...tell everyone I'm sorry for putting them through this.."

Eir stared into Arics sleeping face, and closed her eyes..

Waking from a takeover like that made me feel drunk. To sit there for days upon days just watching someone else takeover your body was exhausting. I was in such a daze I almost fell over, only to be caught by Ezra. I Missed him, how selfish I had been, how unfair we were to him. He was truthfully always on our side.

"Hi." He smiled
A sob was caught in my throat "Hi." I hugged, he, and Micheal close to me. I never cried in front of them before, but at this moment I didn't give a shit. I missed them, I missed their faces, their laughter, I missed my pack. Feeling Eir retreat and disappear inside me, left me with some bitterness. We were a part of each other, she shouldn't leave me this way.
Ezra scooped me up bridal style and carried me to my room. Since coming back I hadn't even stepped foot in here, yet here it was, bed sheets changed, flowers rotated, clothing kept and the smell of fresh cleaning supplies took over my nostrils. He left me alone to change from my clothes and sleep. I think I was done with feeling the pity hit me so hard, I was tired of feeling. I took in a deep breath, and rubbed my abdomen.

"It's amazing you survived this long…don't worry, we got this little one." I stood up, changing into a pair of workout clothes, no more sleeping no more wishing to disappear. We had this.
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