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As any family was forced to do when dealing with a loss. We got adjusted to life falling back into their Rhythms again. We got used to Sama'el bickering with Marie non stop when over for dinner, got used to the pack running back accordingly, having an occasional visit from Christopher to check on Adam. We both were on our own finding any kind of way to break the collar. Even Sam got involved, she told me she hated the human gods, how they hated power higher than theirs, that's why they favored humans so much because they were weak and easily influenced.
I visited Aric everyday when I could, but everyday turned into every few days, and every few days ended when my belly grew swollen. And the pain of seeing him grew nearing unbearable. I hid it well enough, but It was something I had to get used to as well. No matter how alone I felt without Adam, I wasn't.
What I hadn't counted on was getting used to Micheal falling in love with his new daughter over and over again. Just when it seemed he wouldn't squeal over the simplist things little Amira did, there he went running his camera in the poor baby's face, kissing her perfusely just like he did her mother. Marie and Louis had gotten married taking little Rosemary, moving with Sama'el back to her home in Europe. From what I heard Rosemary was a handful, but nothing they couldn't handle. I was proud of them, taking on such a huge task to raise her.
Ezra told me they found Candace with her brought back from the dead mate. I just told everyone to leave them alone. I didn't forgive her, but I knew what a mess it would be to stay angry at her.
I stopped visiting mother as much, and stopped praying to Fenrir. It was my own act of a child stomping off and slamming the door in their parents face. Ezra always found this funny. My sweet loyal friend. I spent more time with Ezra, he kept me strong, stepping in taking me to buy things for the baby when Twitch was busy with Amira, or Micheal.
We went into the human town a ways from our pack to look for cribs. Baby wolves came faster than normal babies. We carried them for half of time, with twice the weight. I was feeling the full throttle of it by now.
Ezra and I were looking for a crib, he was on about Crimson Creek forming a merger with Howls Ash, since I was technically still mated to Adam it would help to be closer to his pack. Nothing like that has ever happened, two packs forming together.for now I didn't really want to think about it all. I kept nodding till suddenly Ezra stopped speaking. I looked for him behind me, he was frozen, nearly retreating, his eyes fixated on a girl with lavender hair behind the register, her blue eyes fixated on the laptop in front of her. Her cheeks dimpled with piercings, and a small tattoo on her face. I had seen that look before.

"Is this what it feels like Maze?" He breathed, she looked up feeling the weight of his stare. She blushed and akwardly waved. She couldn't stop staring either. I smiled to myself. No wonder he never found his mate. She was human. A rare happening, but it wasn't unheard of.
"Go talk to her."
He shook his head Beginning to ramble "No...I can't . She's human. Why would Mother do this? I could accidently hurt her. She'd die of a heart attack seeing me shift. "
" Ezra. Shut up. " I held him in place "Go talk to her. Mother never does anything without a reason. Go. You don't need to turn into a damn wolf right this second just ask her for her number you idiot." He almost backed away, his heart beating loudly, I stifled a giggle, pushing him to the register and continued around the store. I could see him turning on his charm, and giving the girl an award winning smile. She couldn't stop blushing, or stammering. How cute. I don't think I'd seen Ezra so nervous. I loved it. He deserved it.

And I was just about to ruin that progress. I hunched over clutching my side. One huge kick was all it took, and my water broke. Fuck

"Uh...Ezra." I said shaking, holding onto a crib display, dropping my bag to the ground. Ezra bolted to me instantly. "I'm sorry... did you get her number at least??"

"Maze seriously you're going into labour and that's what you're worried about?" He wanted to laugh but he was freaking out internally
"Oh my goodness! I'll call an ambulance!" The lavender haired girl came from behind a shelf of baby bottles.

"No!" We shouted together, she looked at us like were crazy. We tried to laugh it off
"No no we -uh have a plan at home and we just need to get back. You know at home births are much more natural and much more-"
My eyes widened, "Ezra stop talking."
"Yes Alph-Masie. Ahh Masie . Let's get you home. Okay and Sadie it was great to meet you. Can I get-"

"No no no Ezra. Just stop while you're ahead. " I laughed, gods this man did not just try and get a number while helping a laboured woman to the car.
"Good call." He breathed, grabbing my hand helping me to the door. Sadie followed closely behind.

"Is your girlfriend okay?"

"She's not my girlfriend!"
"I'm not his girlfriend!" We said together, okay maybe we both need to relax.
I watched a glint of hope enter her face "oh okay well, congratulations, uhm you sure I can't call someone?"
I felt Eir come out of her hidden darkness. First time in ages she finally came out. She would check in now and again but never stay. When I shifted she didn't speak, only looked to the manor, trying to sense Aric in his cellar. I hated her for a few weeks. Leaving me pregnant and alone mentally but I couldn't blame her . So I dealt with it. Like I managed with everything else, with people I loved by my side.
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