The Gods Alpha

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'It'll be fine Maze. We will be fine. I'm here now.'

'Well better late than never you stubborn bitch.' I grunted at her
I heard her laugh 'That's my girl.'

I felt my bones snapping to make room for the baby that was probably also shifting inside me. I cried out, biting my lip to hold in the pain. Fuck, how is it I went through years of pain and this is what's seems like the worst of it.

"You know I'm...I'm going to run back home. You uh-you stay here and tell Micheal to meet me at the border. "

"Maze no-"

"I can drive myself to the edge of the trees. I'll be fine. Stay."
I had a commanding voice, no way was I going to ruin this for him. I was nearly at the car when Ezra opened the back door, I don't really think it worked on him anymore..
"Maze no. Let me be there please. What if you don't make it to the border."
"You can't miss out on this Ezra." I whined, holding my stomach, breathing through my nose
He smiled "I'll find her after. Let's hurry and get you home."

And he was right. We didn't make it to the border. The pain shot through me repeatedly and all I could think of was how I wished Adam was here for this. This kid was coming and not waiting for anyone. I was pretty sure I was going to deliver in the fucking woods or the back of this car. I groaned annoyed at both ideas

"Trying to start the party without us." I heard Sam's voice off to the corner. What the fuck. She, Marie, Louis and a tiny Rosemary were at our borders smiling.

"Wh-?ho-?" I couldn't even speak or form words. They laughed coming forward to help me out of the car. Eir was fighting me for control. She wanted to experience this, and she wanted to take the pain from me.

"Ezra texted me ." Sam shrugged, helping me out of the car. I cried out at another shift in my belly. "C'mon let's make it inside."

Sam snapped her fingers, and the hoard of us were In The manor, in my room. I guess I really do forget the power Sam had. Micheal and Twitch came running inside grinning , but Micheal looked worried.
"Aric is going crazy downstairs, I'm going to have to put him to sleep."
I nodded frantically leaning into Sam, panting. Crap . Tears began to come out, Adam was missing this. We've been through too much, he deserved to see this. His first born coming. Ezra was on the phone with Christopher letting him know what was happening. If Adam never came back, Howls Ash was going to belong to this kid.
Sam grabbed my face "No Maze, do not start having a melt down. You are stronger than this. C'mon. Boys out!"
I kept breathing through my nose, crushing Sam's offered hand. Marie helped me out of my leggings, and Twitch handed off Amira to Ezra. Ezra gave me a kiss on my forehead before leaving. I was happy I had my people, my family, but I couldn't help but panic. I knew the idea of giving birth was there but to have it actually happen Rightnow. I wasn't ready, but when are we ever.

"C'mon love, we can do this." Sam rolled up her sleeves on her button up shirt "Shits gonna get messy."

Even through the pain I laughed. Marie settled me on the bed, pulling apart my legs, Gods this was embarrassing. Marie was as medically professional as we got here. Our original pack doctor was on a well deserved vacation. I didn't want to bother him. I screamed out, feeling something drop in my belly. Oh no. I looked at my door to focus on anything but what was happening. My heart stopped at seeing Mother, smiling before disappearing. I didn't linger on it, Marie's voice pulled me back.

" Okay babe get ready. The tiny one is ready to come out. Push."

" No can't it just-" my throat was caught at the excruciating shift inside me, feeling my body mid shift to help my pup.

'Eir you're up.' I half laughed .

I felt her take over. Hearing her growl and scream while Sam held us down, sitting behind us, as we sat up. Twitch ran to get water and towels from my bathroom. She was Marie's assistant for now. And an excited one at that.
"Imagine if you have a boy! Amira and him would grow up so happy together! Gods! What if they're mated!? How cute! " She jeered, I didn't answer, just trying not to dig my claw into anyone was hard enough.
Sam couldn't stop making jokes , and Eir half wanted to laugh and half rip her face off. She laughed even harder when we got out that our water broke, thus ruining a moment with Ezra and his new mate. I was expecting another howl of laughter not the sounds of an infant crying. Sam was smiling, looking down on me, wiping the sweat from my face. Eir pulled back, but was excited to see our baby.

"Well that was sure as shit faster than I thought. Was conceiving him the same?"
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