The Gods Alpha

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"Gods I wanna smack the hell out of you." I rolled my eyes , leaning into her, I was so tired. I looked down at my deflated belly. It actually happened.

"Kinky at a time like this love, love your style." Sam laughed helping me up, Marie handed me a bundle wrapped in a blanket. I heard a small whimper, and folded the blanket back. I grinned at seeing a hairless, little four legged thing, he shifted into a human form instantly after I caressed him with the back of my hand. He had Adams blonde hair, and lips. After a few fusses, he wiggled in my arms opening his eyes. Silver, like mine. He was beautiful. He was perfect.

"Gods wolves are creepy." Sam smirked, gently pulling out from behind me, piling pillows to help me sit up right. Marie and Twitch were crying and jumping excitingly. I couldn't help but look into this beautiful creation and cry. Tears hitting my infants chest. I smelled him, his blood was strong with Adams, with my scent of jasmine and rainfall. Perfection.
Marie and Tally left to get cleaned up and get the boys, Sam just watched us.
"Thank you Sam, I'm glad you were here." I whispered , looking up at her was one for the books. I never had seen her at a loss of words.

She nodded " I sometimes want to kill you for how reckless you were because of Adam, how you gave up for a little bit, but this…" she gestured at the baby wrapped in my arms "Makes up for it. Eir must've been in hell without him huh. I don't understand mates but I'm trying to. You wolves are always so complicated. But you've always been a great friend and leader Masie. I'm proud of you, and I had to come for you."

I shrugged, truly unknowing what to say to her, and her rambling.
" I'm happy to have you here Sam. You will always have a place here with us. We had a rough patch, but we're fine. " I grinned looking at my pup
"What will you call him?" Marie came in with Twitch, and the boys

I thought for a moment, and smiled "Thatcher Hohlt."

I don't think Thatch was ever set down, he was constantly held in everyone's arms. Marie adamantly took over his wardrobe, practically disregarding the outfits Ezra picked out. We didn't fight her on it. When Christopher finally arrived to see the baby, he came with gifts and a seal of elder approval for Thatch to inherit Howls Ash. Some packs had elders, but obviously with breaking tradition, Crimson Creek didn't have a need for them. Sam brought various things from weapons to curse objects which she promptly put on display in his room. It shocked me she was still hanging around, usually she couldn't wait to head back home. Micheal and Twitch baked a cake and various treats for a mini celebration at the end of the week.

Everyone was setting up for the celebration, Christopher sent for some members to join, and invitations were send out to SmokeRidge, and GreenMarsh. I was excited to see the old fools again. This time under happier circumstances. I wanted to go down and see Aric but my nerves stopped me . I stood in front of the cellar door and felt my feet retreat. I couldn't do it. Was I such a coward?. Sam was suddenly behind me with a pile of raw steaks "He should be able to celebrate too. " She shrugged "Don't worry babe if you aren't ready, it's fine. Go on Marie is making you a tea to help you sleep. "

I nodded, adjusting a sleeping Thatcher in my arms. I kissed him and walked back. Sparing one more glance at the door.

And help me sleep that tea did. I felt almost drugged after taking it. Cuddling Thatch close to me after inhaling his scent. I always slept with Thatch in my arms, though everyone objected saying he needed his own bed, I promptly ignored them. Usually every morning Marie or Twitch came to scoop him from my sleeping arms to let me rest. I had never slept so much till Thatch came. It was a different exhaust but I enjoyed it. Today was no different, I felt Thatch being lifted from my arms and in a dazed state I just nodded to Marie with my eyes closed and pulled the pillow under me. I'd rather have some deep dreamless slumber before everyone arrived for the festivities.
I was so out of it I barely felt an arm curl under the blanket and around my waist . My pajama shirt lifted sending tingles around my skin. Eir perked up but I shoved her back. I dreamt too many times of Adam to count. Always the same. I just wanted to not wake up if this was the only taste of him I got. His hand snaked upward to my throat, as I felt his nose bury itself in my hair. I smiled, arching myself to him.
He chuckled, pulling my body closer, moving me to face him, I was practically a rag doll in my sleepy state. My eyes opened sleepily, and I smiled. The forest in his eyes ignited in lust, and love , and happiness. I looked him over, and saw welted scared tissue around his neck. In my dreams he never had this. My fingers reached out to touch it, I gasped and nearly fell out of bed when I felt the sudden sparks erupt tenfold when I touched him.
I was watching him wide eyed. Shutting my eyes. No no no.stop it

"Touch me again helps. " He breathed, touching my face with his fingers, the menthol blanket began to wash over me. He was real.
"Adam…" I couldn't stop myself, I tackled him, shoving us to the other side of the bed, and onto the floor. I just stared . He was real, he was fucking real.

He smiled " I'm real. I'm sorry it took so long to get back."

"I'm sorry too, I had just gotten the spell right yesterday. Wish it was sooner…" I looked over the bed and saw Sam with her hands in her pockets.

I finally found my voice. "You-you did this?"

Sam shrugged "Depressed Masie wasn't much fun to deal with. "
I scrambled to my feet and ran to her. She caught me midjump as I hugged her close, kissing her full on the lips. Tears burned my cheeks
"Wow I could've saved him a lot quicker if I knew I was getting that." She grinned, I laughed pulling away
"Thank you Sam. " She looked embarrassed for a second, scratching the back of her neck
"Alright alright...stop being so mushy. It's sickening. " She laughed giving a wave before leaving the room .

I felt Adam come closer, hugging me from behind. I closed my eyes and pulled him tighter, letting our bond reconnect. It was as if all the warmth of the world returned, summer and spring finally came to me. He was back.

"I love you." He breathed in my ear, "I was fighting so much to get back, but when I saw Gunnar stab you...I thought you were gone. I let the collar have me. And when Eir came Aric tried fighting too. Then we ...we smelled the extra blood you had. It calmed us, but made us so frustrated…" Adam took me into a kiss, resting his forehead on my shoulder. "I met him...little Thatch. Thank you Masie. For everything…"

Still no words came, I kissed him again. I didn't want it to end or let go. But when we did, we got ready for the festivities, Ezra had brought Adam extra clothes, I replaced a t-shirt he had with one I kept of his. A ridiculous t-shirt with a snake that said danger noodle. How much I've truly missed him. Sam had grabbed me a dress from her own wardrobe. A black sheer short sleeve dress that went to the knees, with velvet black roses curling around the fabric. Elegant and casual at the same time.
We made our way cradling cooing Thatch, both of us taking deep breaths before the manor doors opened. I felt it Adams Alpha Aura come back to him, and surely the shouts and cheers from behind the doors leading to the party were people of his pack feeling it too. Their Pack Master was back.

"Ready?" He smiled
I melted nodding, I took one more glance at him, for a moment, pausing when seeing his eyes flash from green, to gold. What the hell was that. He looked at me, as if nothing happened. He kissed me "I love you. "

I forgot about his eyes for a moment and grinned "I love you let's get you back to the rest of your family out there. " I kissed his neck's wound, seeing his eyes close in bliss.

"This is my family too, we'll merge the packs. It's never been done before but we can't be a part anymore. We had enough of that."

The Manor doors opened, showing a stone pathway to a hoard of cheering pack members. I finally smiled at him. Whatever happens we're in it together. We'll learn to be our normal selves again together. We'll keep our families together. A small part of me thinks that's more of the human side of us, hoping while we adjust, hoping we get to stay in the heaven we're creating for ourselves.

"Welcome home Adam."

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