The Gods Alpha

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When I came to I was laying in the dirt staring up at the stars. I let out a harsh gasp before bolting up. Around us bodies of the dead rogues being hoisted over pack warriors shoulders, beside me Micheal wounded, but asleep, he even let out a snore. Poor guy must've been exhausted since I came into his life . I spotted Marie healing another , when she caught sight of me she screamed out to everyone I was awake

Between all the bodies running to me, one in particular made its way shoving others beside them. I felt Eir pur in excitement. She always had a thing for Ezra's wolf Danikan , but there we differed. I respected him as a person, and as my father's Beta too much to ever try anything.

Ezra dropped to his knees before me holding me in the tightest of hugs, his breathing hitching. He pulled away holding my face.

"You're alive…" he looked at me in awe, his bronze olive skin stained with blood, dirt, and sweat. I took in his scent, he was still the same. His pools of golden brown bore into me, making my skin burn. Dammit Eir.

"Yeah ...kept trying to die. These two wouldn't let me. " I joked, I didn't know what else to say

" We can talk about what happened later ..RightNow let's go home." Ezra looked up to Milo Rowan, PackMaster of SmokeRidge " we buried the last of them away from your borders. You can take care of Marie and Micheal right. We'll take care of Rhett."

" They're coming home with us." I state, ignoring Milo who Began to answer, Ezra snapped back at me

"Maze… they're marked Rogues. Marie had a mark when she escaped Rhett. Just as Micheal. The pack will be uncomfortable...We cant-"

I pulled from his grasp and stood. I felt myself tower over him, not in a height sense. There was a different type of energy cradling me . Mother...thank you.

"You misunderstand. They. Will. Come. Home. With . Us. I am not asking. My parents are Dead I heard…" I shutter, looking at the multiple faces before me "If i were born a son I would by all authority take my father's place. But I was born a daughter, and that is not correct. I am a daughter with a mind of a son and still with determination I will take my place as PackMaster. If there is some disagreement, I certainly will accept a challenge...these two kept me alive. I expect to return the favor. If our pack is 'uncomfortable', how do you expect we felt being imprisoned, tortured, defiled, and brutually punished for nearly a fucking year. I have the fucking scars to show for it. Surely they can ignore 3 little ones. "

At my little speech everyone was silent, but I did not falter. I stared face to face with Ezra. His eyes flashing between he, and his wolf, his ear length tight curls dripping with specs of blood. I took one step forward. He didn't like this. He took one back. He didn't want to challenge me.

"I am forever grateful, and am in debt with you Milo and Ezra. But I will take my place to protect my pack. My loyalty is no question for the obvious circumstances."

" Miss Masie,forgive me but there has never been a female Alpha. Ezra has taken care of your families pack just as your father left it to him. Surely you don't want to challenge his authority." Milo was an old man, he was used to the old ways. I couldn't expect him to understand.

" Of course not . I'm greatful for his sacrifice...but this is what I want. I lived in hell and endured punishments inhuman all for the sake of Rhett not coming after our females. I will keep my pack safe again, as I will all of our kind. There's something else coming...I feel it." And it was true. There was that lingering feeling that this was just the beginning.

Ezra finally spoke "Whatever happened to you changed you hasn't it."

This wasn't a question but I answered anyways " It did...for the better. "

Ezra looked me over his eyes landing in all my scars, particularly one on my face. His eyes welling up in pain and anger, he then did something I never expected.

He kneeled.

" I, Ezra Teller , pledge loyalty to Alpha Masie Barnette, PackMaster of Crimson Creek. "


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