The Gods Alpha

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"You have such a beautiful body Maze," I felt him breathe into my neck, taking in my scent as if his life depended on it. His hands roamed up my thighs as he kneeled before me, lowering himself between my legs.

I could never deny what an incredible feeling it was to have someone on their knees before me. The power I held over them was always a battle within me but I deserved it , I deserved him. His always gentle tender touch, his admiration for what I found disgusting.

A There was enough self loathing within me to poison his beautiful thoughts but I drowned them when he came to my bed. I felt his tongue caress my sex, releasing a moan from my lips, I could feel him grin as he continued, his eyes blackening in pure pleasure.

"Does your wolf want to play?" I grinned down panting at him, between he and I. It was a delicious tortuous game.

In the midst of a shift when our wolves are on the verge of control but our human mind, still coherent. The aggression and full force of our wolves is released. Making us almost Primal.

I felt my wolf let out a low growl of pleasure before letting her take over. We both grinned, before I tackled his body to the ground hearing the marble beneath us crack. His claws caressing my back leaving trails of goosebumps in its wake. With quickness he flipped me over into my back pinning my hands above my head before giving me a devouring kiss. My body arched into his, feeling the running pleasure like fire under my skin.

In another swift motion I was on my stomach, wrists still held in place before I felt him raise my ass and enter with force . I cried out in half laughter and half excitement as he repeated this motion, drawing me closer and closer to my orgasm. I felt my wolf take over grinning, pulling away to shove him down before straddling him, riding in a quick pace . His claws dug deep into my thighs as he groaned, the coldness of blood drip down making me tingle in excitement.

Unexpectedly, I felt myself raise off the floor before being slammed into the wall. Hearing multiple artifacts from my bookshelf drop to the floor, along with crumbs of my freshly painted wall behind me made me giggle. I loved this game we played, the roughness of it devouring me. Over and over I was teased with my orgasm threatening to push me over the edge. I could feel how wet I was as it dripped down his length, making it that much easier for him to pump faster and harder into me.

"Fuck!" I gasped clawing at his back, he shivered, his movements becoming more frantic and ragged . He was close.

"Cum for me Mazie. " He breathed into my ear, I couldn't help it, I felt my high release, half moaning his name and half laughing till I felt him come to a stop, letting out a pleasurable growl in his groan as he filled me up. Ezra placed a gentle kiss on my forehead before letting me down, handing me a silk robe hanging off my vanity. I watched him pull up his pants and take his leave.

He never stayed after. I feared when that began to happen things would become ... complicated.

"Sleep tight " he bowed his head "the other packs arrive at dawn "

"Think we should go another round and make them wait?"

I gave him a wink, and plopped onto my bed. He shook his head laughing before closing the door. Still feeling my heart beating erratically. I looked around seeing fragments of the wall and marble tile everywhere our bodies trailed. I'd have to call to get this mess cleaned up tomorrow. Woops.

It had been 4 years since I was taken and Ezra was the only one I've ever let touch me. I know not many of the pack had agreed to it, but it wasn't like we could've hid it anyways. We always smelled like each other . He was my Beta, my right hand, my soldier and my comfort to loneliness. Some thought it wasn't appropriate for a Beta to be sleeping with their Alpha, but then again no one thought I should've been named a Pack Master anyways. Me, a female, the only known female in fact that had taken the place and rank of Alpha, when my parents died.

Living in a man's world, resentment, and detest was expected, but being a woman in my position never felt so good. It took alot for me to earn this place, and there was no way in hell I was going to let a man take it from me. I took care of my people, and changed so many things for the better I hope. Much to the elders dismay, but as a new Alpha came a new belief system, and immense change. I was on a roll.

Slipping out of my robe and into my tub, laying there in near boiling water I stared at the pink moon above and said a silent prayer of thanks for what we had. With the Blood Moon approaching, prayers to Fenrir and mother were definitely needed.

Crimson Creek was now one of the strongest packs since I've taken over. Here we were all fighters or healers . No in between. And all were treated the same as the other no one higher or lower , well other than myself, my Beta and Gamma.

In this pack everyone did their part, everyone kept the house running so to speak, and everyone was treated with respect. A very "odd" concept to some I may add. For instance, if you happen to be an Omega, who are the runts of the litters, the punching bags of the pack, the servants would now be treated just as I would be.

There was no reason for wolves to fear living day by day, to fear their own kind when our own kind is meant to be a haven. When I first placed this rule of everyone was suddenly equal I received the backlash I anticipated, and the praise I did not expect. Both were received and worked through, Marie being the sole poster child of an Omegas brightened future with us. I gave her a place amongst us, uplifting the ban on magic, and boy did she blossom.

Her old pack had compensated money that belonged to her family, and with it she built her own little clinic on our land, teaching others some form of her concoctions, and familiarize themselves with easy simple spells to get them out of a bind, and to heal any kind of wound if ever attacked by forgien beasts or magic . She was in her domain.

And for a former Rogue such as Micheal, I had a better place in mind. Having him as my Gamma, head of tactical unit, and weapons specialist. He even found his mate in the process of settling in. A joy so many of us tease him about often. Her name was Tally 'Twitch' North. She was our packs baker, always striding in during trainings and practices handing out fresh baked goods. I scolded her so many times I sounded like a broken record until finally I caved into the mouth watering smell and sugar covered sweets. And would nearly tackle her for a bit of her sweets before the rest of the pack demolished them.

Micheal had gave in, buying her a whole trolley cart to deliver her goods, when we discovered her holding her sweets, her whole left side twitched, leading her to drop everything. A life long injury from her childhood had left her that way. But she only laughed about it, even giving herself the nickname Twitch in the process. She said she found it easier to laugh or take pride in it so no one else can use it against her. Advice I took to heart, knowing I had covered my scars for months after coming back. Sometimes ashamed and shy to wear clothes I used to. Finally I called it quits and had no shame anymore. I survived, and by Fenrir and mother I was going to show it off.

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