The Gods Alpha

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I awoke only a few hours later, it was still dark out but I knew the other packs were arriving possibly within the hour. Our lands were playing host to the Blood Moon festival, it was a type of new year for us, well one that lasted for a month. 31 days of partying and drunken wolves with piles and piles of food, games, and possibly mating ceremonies.

This was usually the time around when so many are gathered they find their mates. Sometimes things like that would get messy with jealousy, fights, and so much paperwork of transferred members.

We had 3 packs joining us, GreenMarsh, SmokeRidge, and finally the Howls Ash Pack. Howls Ash being the newest of our allies, and one of the biggest. But being the biggest, does not always mean the strongest, and that is something I take full pride in. This was also, basically, a welcoming committee.

Ezra had been the one in charge of negotiations with Howls Ash. We heard rumors of the young Alpha taking over for his grandfather. He reached out to Milo in SmokeRidge wanting some allies since his grandfather isolated their pack in fear of letting outsiders in. Enormous packs usually came with enormous worries of threats. Hard to keep track of everyone, usually would need a Luna to handle half of the load. I wasn't going to object to their hand of friendship. When Ezra explained the situation to me, I caught glimpses of mother watching me, she wanted me to accept them. I told Ezra I would be honored to negotiate for allegiance. Mother wanted me to take care of our kind, I intended to. So as a peace offering I invited their entire pack to the Blood Moon festival.

Grand tents were up for some of the pack to sleep in and many rooms open on the manor alongside the rest of the village I ran. Astonishing to believe a whole little town was holed up in a national forest in Colorado, but think of it like that crazy movie The Village except with werewolves. Don't worry no one's cult like crazy.

I knew no one would dare deny a guest if they wanted to stay in their. The little village I ran was quite quaint , small serene, and hospitable. Anyone would feel at home here, though I do usually forgo a warning to all to be careful in the small lake we had beside the Manor, and town. Werewolves weren't the only beasts residing here. The creatures in the water were usually understanding and allowed us small ventures into their home, but we never overstepped to be intrusive.

We sealed our borders with magic thanks to Marie, anyone who wanted to harm us wasn't allowed to cross our borders, not even hunters.

"Alpha!" I hear banging on my bedroom door, I internally groaned. Micheal was to be my bodyguard this morning, while Ezra ran to prepare protection measurements for our guests that were staying inside the manor. Three Alphas and two Luna's . This should be interesting. I sometimes came across Luna's with looks of contempt from them. Never understood why. Wasn't my fault I took what was mine.

"I'm coming, hold your damn panties Micheal. " I yawned, opening my door. He walked in, and froze scrunching his nose.

"If Ezra was already here you couldn't give me a heads up. You know I'd very much love to sleep in with Twitch. "

"Calm down Romeo, he left hours ago. His scents just ...lingering. Sorry. Anyways are they here? "

"Yes, just now. Everyone except PackMaster Adam Hohlt, he stayed behind to make sure his pack travelled safely, they should be here tonight around dinner. Marie is giving them a tour downstairs. I suggest you get dressed quickly. "

"Fine fine, wait outside. Send four warriors, and a healer to meet them just in case. They have to pass the human territories, hunter numbers are rising. Idiots think they can find us here easily when a new car is spotted coming out of the national forest ." I snort waving him off.

"Yes Alpha, oh! Twitch said she'll cover for Kara tonight. She's feeling too "pregnant".

I laughed "She is "pregnant" Micheal. Speaking of which ...when is Twitch bringing a pup in?"

Micheals face went pink even under his tan complexion "uh-thats -thats none of your business Masie."

I snorted at his embarrassment, only he, Ezra, and Marie called me Masie. I tried to get the pack to, but they never relented, keeping the title of Alpha struck me with pride but also I didn't want anyone to feel indifferent toward me .

While Micheal waited outside as I slipped on black jeans, and white button up, rolling up the sleeves. I hated dressing formal, but this was as elegant as I could get this early in the morning. When Micheal and I finally were making our way down stairs to our guests Micheal paused misstep, sending me to crash into his 6'1 Frame. I almost laughed out loud.

"Maze ...they found a Rogues crossing the lake to us. The creatures have him captive. Roger said they'll hold him but they're started to speak so he's gonna walk away."

Game time. I ran downstairs quickly following Micheal. I was glad Marie had the guest occupied for the time being. I wasn't sure how long with was going to take. Before I reached the front door I smelled something , something so unfamiliar yet comforting beyond words. It smelled like chocolate, and spiced chili peppers. Something so sweet, and so savoring it was flaring my nostrils. I looked around the empty living room and hallway in search for it, but nothing. The smell was faint. I pushed it to the back of my mind and focused on task at hand.

I had another rule on my lands, from what I could remember my father would never question rogues , he simply killed them. Since meeting Marie and Micheal I knew better. Everyone had a story and everyone deserved to explain themselves.

The lake was off to the side of the manor, the small shoreline decorated with the lavender marshes we found the creatures in the water liked the especially. When in full bloom they ate the petals to their hearts content. We didn't mind, as you can tell they played a part in protecting us. In return we brought them gifts, or shiney things we found they loved silver oddly. Before reaching the lake I stopped at the small shed where we usually kept spare clothes, and silver under the floorboards.

Lifting up the center floor board I reached in grabbing a silver necklace with the northern star at its end . I wrapped it in a hankercheif to keep from burning myself. Rushing out of the shed we heard splashing, and groaning. The creatures had actually surfaced holding down a male wolf carrying something in its mouth . The creatures saw me come towards them, their grey slimy skin glistening in the sun, they were a terror to those unfamiliar to our world. Their eyes slanted, with two slots as nostrils, their body looked similar to a humans on top but their bottoms waved into strands of multiple tails. We still never knew what they were, there was a language barrier. But somehow we had an understanding, and oddly they only liked women. Whenever a man came near they'd somehow be entranced to nearly drown themselves. Only when the creatures began to speak.

'Link Marie. Tell her we might need medical attention."

Micheal nodded

I offered the trinket, their eyes glittered following it's gleam, to my right Micheal stuffed in ear plugs and held out a blooming lavender shrub with hints of baby's breath . They made a screech like nails on a chalkboard with excitement. I didn't cover my ears in fear of offending them. I bowed my head thanking them for the capture, handing them their gifts. They took the gifts after letting the Rogue go, and began sinking slowly into the water.

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