The Gods Alpha

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"Shift." I ordered, a small snarl emerged from the small wolf, but it obliged. There before me a male no older than 20 laid naked, Micheal was ahead of me at handing him clothes. The boy was dirty and smelled like days of sweat, and blood. He didn't look at me, but kept clutching what I could tell was a blanket, he was holding it close to him. He spoke harshly and I could hear panic Begin to surface in him. His matted hair that was probably once blonde was so dirty it could've probably been confused with brown like his wolf. This boy needed a shower. His eyes were so tired, I felt nothing but pity for this kid.

"Where am I? "

"We ask the questions! Who are you and why are you here." Micheal barked , I shushed him and crouched before the boy, bringing his face to look at me.

"We will not hurt you. We just need answers . Please answer them."

At being so close I smelled it, a new born pup in his hands. I looked at the blanket, he noticed and backed away clutching it closer.

"I'm Masie, this is my Gamma Micheal. Can I have your name?"

"Louis...this is my baby sister Rosemary. Wait-" he looked up in urgency "Masie? Masie Barnette? Of Crimson Creek??"

"Yes?" I stood quizzically, he stood as well with relief flooding his dirty features. I was so confused, even more so when he went in for a hug. I heard Micheal growl but paid no mind.

"I'm sorry...I'm just amazed I made it. You see," Louis took a deep breath, his brown eyes boring into me, as he rocked his babysitter in his right arm " parents were killed, our small pack was ripped apart about a week or two ago. I don't know how but it's now under control by this horrible beast. He's using us for something I just know it, he's looking for something! We're from a pack up North, Marshview. When it all happened my parents hid us, but before they did. They told me to make it here. To Crimson Creek, and to find you. That you would protect us. My parents heard stories about you, about how you try, and save our kind from the real monsters out there. " Louis was now in tears the exhaust from his journey showing fully " I grabbed Rosemary from her nursery and Ran as fast I could…like a coward. I should've stayed and fought but I promised my mom I'd take care of her."

My heart hurt for him "C-can I?" I held out my arms carefully. He hesitated but handed over the new born.

"We have wet nurses if she needs it, Micheal get these two a room, and a crib, unless you want one of the ladies in our house to take care of her ?" I looked down into the small thing. She was soundly asleep . I truly did not see how. She's gonna be a trooper. Her little blonde hair all frazzled by the dirty blanket tightened around her.

"I-I -we can stay? " He was on the verge of tears again, as I nodded. I wasn't expecting him to bow down so low his nose almost touched the ground. I could see the marks of a rogue on his neck, he was still shaking. Poor kid needs a drink.

" Enough Louis, get up. We really need to get you showered. With your permission I'll have one of my ladies come RightNow to meet us so she can take care of Rosemary. And we'll find out what happened in MarshView."

He was reluctant but nodded, reaching out to hold her to himself. We didn't have to wait long till we spotted Marie Hair tangled in rippled curls, wearing a sunflower print sundress, with bare feet. She was way too happy , which usually meant she had something usually deadly brewing . Her success in creating harmful things was sometimes terrifying but I knew she'd only use it on enemies. Being with Rhett left a different kind of Mark on her. Something skin deep that triggered something deadly. She was young, barely 21 but As long as she was on our side I was fine with it.

She walked to us and froze, taking in one deep smell " is that possible…"

I looked at her in confusion and looked to Louis. His eyes blackening .

"I've dreamt about you …" he said " I smelled you on my pillow when no one was there…I thought that piece of shit killed you."

"Louis…" she breathed running to him, tears full on cascading down her cheeks. Louis gently put Rosemary in my arms before fully embracing Marie, kissing her full on the mouth, as her legs wrapped around him. A bit cringe worthy when you took in how dirty he was.

"Ah-hem." I cleared my throat holding in a smile, they pulled away, slightly embarrassed but with an ear splitting grin never looking away from each other.

" I now know our Goddess sent me here to find you too, and keep Rosemary safe."

"Care to break down this lovers reunion?"

" Louis and I Met the month Rhett took me, he was rejected by his mate in my pack. He smelled her and followed her but she was older, and already married. I helped him keep his mind off of her and...we, well i-"

"Fell in love . " He finished caressing her face.

" The night before he went back home to get a transfer to my pack, we swore ourselves to each other . Rhett took me the next night, that's why he was so angry, why he beat you so hard...Louis had marked me. We may not have been mates but we were so drawn to each other. And Rhett knew that. I'm the reason he caused you so much pain." Her face hardened with guilt.

I only smiled at them both, I knew full well what Rhett did to me wasn't all her fault."Well let's thank Mother for bringing you both together. C'mon let's get back. We have a party to plan. And you Marie have a baby to inspect. Make sure Louis checks out too. The creatures held him down pretty well."

I cheerfully handed a sleeping Rosemary to a flabber ghasted Micheal. "And you get to practice holding babies for the future." I teased, watching Louis and Marie walk off hand in hand . This was quite an event.

'He smells like ...death herself.' Eir retracted in my mind's eye, I felt her discomfort. 'i know you smell it too. Where ever he came from, there's a lot of it, and she's there."

I linked to Micheal 'Find out what happened in MarshView, that's the 3rd pack disbanded in 5 months. Something's happening..I want everything by the end of the week.'

He gave a nod, I smirked a little at seeing him being so gentle with Rosemary. He already knew what was bouncing in my brain.

"Shut up Maze, ...our guests are settled in their rooms . You have a few things to take care of before dinner, they can wait to meet you.. I'll go get Twitch . "

"Thanks. Be sure to take Rosemary...I'm sure it'll push you both in the right direction."

He scowled "I would like my wife to myself a little longer Maze. "

I laughed out loud. I teased them both profusely about having kids. It never got old , they're faces would be so twisted with embarrassment.

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