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Prologue- A Sad Story

“Oh shoot! I forgot my list of things you can’t forget when on a trip at home.” The man said as he lay peacefully in the back of the pick-up truck.

Beside him, his purple haired companion just laughed.

“We’re not going back, even if you think this is a bad idea.” She told him simply. Her voice radiated a certain confidence and conviction, like nothing could affect her decision no matter what.

It reminded him of the tenacity of humans in this era even when faced with clearly superior being, outnumbered and slightly outmatched yet refusing to give up.

Forever holding hope. The great destroyer hope; leading its victims in a senseless charge to change the inevitable and forever telling them it’s possible. She was optimistic, all the while heading into hell while being an Angel.

Vertigo would change her. There was nothing he could do, he couldn’t even free himself. He looked down at the thick chains that were wrapped all around his body making even breathing a problem.

Troublesome to say the least.

“I want to pee.” He said in a childish and mocking tone.

“Are you always this stupid or do you just do it whenever I’m around to annoy me?” the purple haired girl said as she glared lightly at him.

Sadly though, even if he could respect her wish to look cool and brooding, he was never one to follow the crowd.

“What’s family for if not to keep you pleasantly annoyed as you make what’s probably going to be the worst decision of your life?” he said as he laughed heartily. The frown on her face was growing by the second.

She was anxious, with good reason. He almost felt bad for her; at least until he realized that he still couldn’t move because she’d tied him up and forced him to go on a trip that was as useful as trying to convince a Grim that humans were their equals. Or worse… that anomalies were harmless.

Might as well just try to walk on the clouds…

“Plus, I’m bored. I’m incapable of sleep, incapable of movement and incapable of shutting up. Forced to stare at the sky and the boring clouds and imagine the different ways you’ll fail.”

“Now normally, if I just focused on thinking of different ways you’d fail, I would be occupied throughout this trip but it got boring after the past 3 days cuz I know how it ends every time. The only bit of spice I can hope for is a more colorful death for you or some random incident that results in the destruction of sleep robots.”

“Damn fake crappy shit tech. Helps you sleep my foot…” his voice reduced to a murmur as he recalled his experience with sleep robots and how ineffective they were. And to think they blamed it on his insomnia.

If you say something will help people sleep and it can’t, its defective. To think you wasted time making a defective robot when you could be making nuclear bombs to wipe out cities like Vertigo from the map despite the civilian casualties. Pure stupidity.

He took some time to let his hate simmer before letting it go and moving back to his purple haired sister who was starting to actually enjoy the silence and relax.

Ancients forbid that something like that would happen.

“Right, where was I? If I remember correctly, I was talking about your upcoming dea-“ he started his rambling only to be interrupted before he could gain steam.

“You have your entire life to be a jerk Jasper, can’t you take today off?!” the purple haired girl screamed. Seems she finally had enough of his incessant yapping.

He thought of shouting as well and continuing his rambling but decided against it, after all he was the older sibling and he had to act his age some times. He’d take a 5-minute break. That should be enough.

This mature decision led to a very awkward silence. He could still hear her slightly heavy breathing from shouting as he counted down the time, waiting patiently for the 5 minutes to elapse.

4 Mississippi

5 Mississippi

6 Mississippi

7 Mississippi

8 Mississippi

“You don’t have to be afraid for me you know. I can take care of myself, just like you taught me.” She said in a low voice but he heard her over his mental countdown.

The once awkward silence quietened down even more. Was that even possible? Did she really think he cared about some idiot who wouldn’t listen to her older brother? Who was so hellbent on wasting the life he’d promised to protect and care for?

Did she really think he gave two hoots about an overconfident girl who wanted him to relive the same events of the past, the same fruitless struggles, the same crushing failures and the same damn loss?

If that’s what she really thought then… then he had to find a way to make his denial believable.

“I know the kind of place Vertigo is. If I decided to help Aunt Freya out, it’s because I’m confident I can do it. Especially since I know you’ll be around to put your experience in this kind of situation to use. I know I can always count on you to help, no matter what.” Her words reverberated through the air and the chained guy grimaced.

Underneath his chains, his right hand shook vigorously despite the chains pressing them down.

*I can always count on you to help*

So, stupidity really could be passed on…

He clenched his fists, moving them with enough ease to shock his sister, the purple haired girl, who had chained him if she had seen him.

Then he opened his eyes that he only recently discovered he’d closed and smiled a bright and silly smile.

Five minutes up.

“Let me tell you a story. Its about a stupid girl who made stupid choices and brought her brother along for the ride. She jumped into danger and found herself overwhelmed and with no way out, surrounding by her failure.” This time as he spoke, his sister turned to look at him. He could see the sadness in her eyes but he continued either way.

She had to know what she was in for, he considered that one of his responsibilities.

“In the end, she died a meaningless dead and changed nothing leaving her only living relative alone just like their stupid older brother.”tart writing here…

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