The Risen Queen and Fallen King (Unedited)

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Jabeth crouches beside me, his gaze searching mine. "What the fuck do you thing you're doing?!" I shake my head at the floor, and a small hysterical giggle leaves my lips. I look at Jabeth, our noses inches from each other. He has such big brown eyes.. "I'm not settling for less." He scowls at me. "What?" After the Ruination, Josie James was to be the future Queen of the Heaven's. A place where the sun shined and some dreams weren't welcome. But when she becomes engaged to the Crown Prince of the Hells, a dark place where only the fire burns and the snow falls, it seem as though the love she always wanted would never come... but destiny proves her wrong. This is a story where even devils and demons aren't the villans in this story, where love can blossom in the most unlikely of situations, and where two worlds ripped apart can finally come together.

Fantasy / Romance
Kandace Woodhall
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Preface ~The Ruination

Hi. my name’s Josie James.

And this, is my story.

Most start with your basic, Once Upon A Time. But this story is different from the rest.

It started out, with a tick.

You know that tick? Like when someone makes you so mad, or when you watch or hear something that just piss’s the fuck out of you? Well, that’s what happened.

The sky and earth rebelled, fighting each other until they completely dissolved the earth. The year was 2030, December 31. Tree’s became shield’s, sea’s became spears. Clouds became armor and the wind became colts. The sky and earth were at war, obviously mankind was wiped out with nowhere to escape.

Boat’s and submarine’s weren’t an option, as the giant tsunami’s and whirlpools would swallow them whole. Planes and jets also weren’t an option, due to the windmill sixed lightning bolts and flaming hail the like of throw pillows.

Just imagine total chaos.

The humans called it 'The End'. Pretty cheesy name for a huge earth shattering battle. We call it, 'The ruination of the human realm'. Or just 'The Ruination'.

But, during the war. A sorcerer, by the name of Merlock, had taken a handful of humans that he favored. Four in total, he shrunk them and kept them in his coat pocket for the remainder of the battle.

When the war finally ended, earth had been eroded to ashes, floating in space without a purpose.

But Merlock, and the last remaining sorcerer, Shem. Decided to create a new world. Merlock, created the Heavens. A place of joy and happiness, where the sun always shone. Where clouds white as pearls floated around the sky, and in the center of the Heaven’s. A castle.

Shem and Merlock picked the most intelligent and compassionate of the four humans he saved. Peter James, and Kanyia Pole. Merlock and Shem deemed them fit, since they didn't feel fit to rule. They wedded them, and then they became the rulers of the Heavens. The four humans were blessed, with powers greater then Merlock’s own. That, is the very beginning of my race, The Risen.

But the last two humans, Finn Blackwell and Heni June. Abused their power, and their magic turned dark. And through them, darkness leaked into the Heavens.

But it was non-disposable, and so. They needed to lock this darkness away.

Shem created the Hell’s, a realm below the clouds. Where the dark magic flourished. Finn and Heni wedded, creating their own race. The Fallen. In the Hell’s, where the night rested for eternity and the sun never shone. If a trace of light was found, it was snuffed out like a candle. It took on the design of the late human realm, with shining buildings and skyscrapers that climbed the sky. Fire instead of water, night instead of day.

Heni and Finn ruled the Hell’s, and years passed. Where the dark and light were separated. Time expanded at such a great pace, a kingdom as great as Rome was born. And each generation, dark magic and light magic.. were separated.

Merlock had taken root in the Heaven’s, while Shem took root in the Hell’s. They both passed of old age, but they had descendant’s of their own.

But, before they passed. A gate was left. A gate the shape of a roofed coliseum, with marble pillars. This gate is the only connection between the Hell’s and the Heaven’s. And on the roof, when you look up. You will see the entire story of the creation of my home. Painted in grand, crimson gold letters spelled.

'The Ruination'.

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