The Risen Queen and Fallen King (Unedited)

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~Future Stages of a King

Josie's POV

Dad calls me into his office, apparently there is something else he wants to discuss with me.

If it’s about him, and his desire for grandchildren. I swear I will officially become psychotic.

I take my seat in the chair, awaiting whatever it his he needs to say while I mentally brace myself.

“Josie.” He says, firm and instantly. “As you know in two days the King of the realms, your fiance, and his companions are going back to the Hell’s.”

I nod. Of course I know. Darby hasn’t let me forget it. She has gone on and on about how Jabeth would be leaving and she would never see him again.

I honestly don’t know how I feel about that anymore. I know a few days ago, I would’ve been jumping to the stars and whooping joyous cries to the skies. But after my incident in the garden, jut yesterday. I don’t feel as excited about their departure.

Not that I care if they go or not. I just don’t feel as joyed as before.

I think back on my words with Jabeth. The look on his face I had seen, was of disgust. But he claimed it to be pity.

But then, when I asked him to go away.. it wasn’t pity I saw. I know what I saw, and that was compassion.

He stated he wanted for our relationship to not be so.. strenuous and hostile. Which I guess is a good way to describe it.

He gave some good points. Like it wouldn’t benefit the realms if their King and Queen couldn’t work together and compromise. It also wouldn’t help them. If anything, a friendship would definitely help.

But then again, he said acquaintances. Not friends.

I sigh as my dad continues and I tune into the conversation again. “So me and the King have decided, whether or not it would be best to make the announcement of your engagement public during your birthday ball this weekday.”

Oh yeah. My birthday, with all that had been going on this week I had totally forgotten-Wait, make it public?!

My eyes widen. “Well what have you decided?”

He takes a deep breath. “Well..”

Think Josie, think. Think! You gotta stop him.

“I think that making it public might cause an uproar.” I blurt out the first thing that comes to mind.

Dad stops in his tracks, quirking a brow at me. “What do you mean?”

I swallow and get up from my chair, and like I always do when making a speech. I start to pace. “Well for one. The hostility between the Heaven’s and the Hell’s isn’t good. They hate each other, as you know so well.”

He nods, eyes sad.

I continue. “So, during this time of tension, just blurting out our engagement and starting a truce. Maybe even the thought of forming one whole kingdom, could anger the people. And then, cause them to rebel in either an effort to start a war, tear us apart, or make a statement as if to say ‘we won’t work with the Fallen, or the Risen’.”

Dad bites the inside of his cheek, running a hand under his jaw. “Yes.. I see..”

I take my seat again, breathing out a puff of air and straining smile. “So you see? Going public wouldn’t be wise. ”

Dad nods. “Okay. Alright. I will talk to the King about this. But in the meanwhile..” He leans forward. “What do you wish for your birthday?”

I snort. Divorce papers?

“Um.. nothing in mind at the moment.” I smile innocently.

Dad nods and drums his fingers on the table, his eyes wandering to his watch. “Oh, I’m sorry. But please leave. I have a meeting with his Majesty in only a short bit.”

I nod and rush out of his room, no words said.

Whew. That was close.

Father heads out of the parlor room, leaving me with Xavier and my two sleeping brothers.

Xavier sets down his cup of tea, a repulsive drink much inferior to coffee. He looks at me and leans back, throwing his right arm over the sofa. “So. Did you hear?”

I furrow my brow and shake my head, licking my lips as I set down my own cup. “What?”

Xavier looks at my brothers, who are sprawled on a couch. Snoring. Then he looks at me, “The King and His Majesty have considered making your engagement with Ms. James public on your birthday this week.”

My eyes widen accidentally slamming down my cup that I had hovered in the air. “They wouldn’t dare!”

Xavier smirks. “What’s wrong?”

I feel a growl in my chest, making Xavier’s smirk fall and his face pale. He knows what I’m capable of. “It would cause such an uproar!”

Xavier swallows. “Yes.. but I know you. That’s not your only reason, is it?”

I take a swig of the tea, smacking my lips and scrunching my face at it’s bad taste. “Of course not. I’m also going to find a way to end this engagement before the wedding. There’s gotta be a way.”

Xavier shrugs. “I’m sure there is. But would your father, her father, and the council agree with it? Would Ms. James agree?”

I snort. “Oh, she would agree. I bet you a three weeks salary that she is too, trying to find a way.”

Xavier nods. "She is. Her friend has been investigating."

Her friend? The same one she burned? “Whose her friend?”

Xavier looks at me. “Remember the pretty blonde with the freckles Ms. James hangs out with so much?”

I blink at him. The one I had looked at during the breakfast. The one who blushed and turned away? “That’s her friend? I thought they were cousins or sisters at first.”

Xavier snorts before laughing. “Y-You thought they were related?” He points a finger at me.

I slouch and nod.

Xavier sighs and wipes a tear from his eyes. “Yes, they’re close enough. Apparently her uncle, pretty sure her name is Darby Moon, is the enchanter for the King.”

My eyes shoot up. So she’s the future enchantress, but what has that got to do with Josie? “And..?”

He smirks again. “She takes magic lessons with Darby, under the supervision of her uncle of course.”

I nod slowly. It all makes sense now. “Anyway, back to the topic. Are they going to publically announce it?”

Xavier shrugs again. “I don’t think so. I don’t know.. If they did..” He thinks a moment before leaning forward and saying. “If I were you, I would talk with your father. Try to find out why he believe it would be better, then show him your point. If not,” He shrugs. “Then just act like nothing happened.”

I lean forward, a smirk on my face. “You should be my future advisor.”

Xavier groans. “That’s so much work though. I would be happy just being your enchanter, which I will soon be, seeing your coronation is coming up next year.”

I nod. That very fact has been weighing on me for longer then I can I remember. And now it’s closer then ever.

I used to be excited about it. I was three, when I didn’t know how to spell, more or less know what the word King meant. Then I became seven, and I believed that once I became King, I could have anything I wanted. Like tubs of ice cream, no bed time, and everyone at my beck and call. The dream of most seven year old boys.

Then, next thing I knew. I was thirteen. And at that age, I started to become more aware of my status as a Crown Prince. With my two brothers and then soon my Mother’s death, everything became more real. And suddenly becoming King, was no longer a childhood dream I could milk everything I wanted out of.

Then, I was sixteen. Whenever an opportunity to be a 'responsible, soon to be King' came up, I would procrastinate or neglect it. At that age I fully understood the responsibility to become not just one high in status, but one whose single choice affected millions of lives. It was a weight on me that I didn’t want. A burden.

But during that period of maturity. My father took me around the Hell’s, showing me the world that I would soon rule. And it hit me like a brick wall. I have been given the biggest responsibility that anyone can be given. I used to think with it, happiness was inaccessible. That I would become a depressed and stingy old man. But I looked at my grandfather, and then my father. They, lived happy, content lives. Why would it be any different for me? My father bears it, my grandfather bared it. All with a happy face.. Why not me?

And since then, I have not only realized the responsibility of being a King. But I have accepted it. And ever since then, I have tried my best to act like the King my father is..


I snap from my daze to see my brothers knocking each other off the couch, hitting their head on the floor.

I grin and look over at Xavier, who is watching me.


He shrugs. “You are your own person.”

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