The Risen Queen and Fallen King (Unedited)

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~The Birthday

Josie's POV

I wake up to the usual. A regular, shining day with the sun on my face and warming my dark hair.

I spread my legs out wide, stretching my arms and yawning. When suddenly, something hit’s my leg. As if on instinct, I kick it off.

A huge crash noise wakes me up fully. I look to see a smashed plate, a broken vase of flowers and pancakes, syrup and fruit tumbling onto the floor. A bottle of syrup and a cup of juice also break open and spill on the floor, soaking into the carpet.

I gasp and scurry out of bed, falling to my knees as I try to pick up the mess.

Oh my stars, I can’t believe it.

I remember just then.

It’s my birthday.

I groan and wipe my eyes, trying to calm myself. How do I clean this?

Suddenly a knock sounds at my door, I open my mouth to tell them no but the door opens. Revealing Jabeth and Xavier.

I cry out and so do they. I scramble to get up and stand in front of the mess, hoping to cover it up. Oh stars.. why are they here?

Xavier looks at Jabeth, then looking at the mess behind me. He grins warmly, looking at me. “Good morning your Highness. I see you got our present.”

I furrow my brow, confused. “Huh?” I bet I look like a camel.

Xavier gestures to the broken mess cheerfully. “Me and my friend here set this up for you to thank you for letting us stay here in your wonderful palace and in your beautiful realm.” He bows and then comes back up. He’s rather handsome. Wait, Jabeth too?.. Huh.. it’s pretty sweet.

I stammer, blinking wildly. “I-I-I-”

“It’s quite alright Your Highness, I can fix this up.” He walks forward.

I stumble backwards, still in my pajama’s. “U-Um. N-No it’s fine-”

“Nonsense,” he says, and with a flick of his wrist, neon red and fiery orange magic swirls around, going for the floor and swirling around it. Suddenly everything rises in the air. The syrup going back onto the pancakes and into the bottle which’s shards are now coming together again. Everything goes back to the way it was from all the way up to my bed in the exact same position.

Once he’s done he places his hands behind his back before bowing. “It was a pleasure your Highness.”

I just stare. “Of c-cour- thank you..” I stop myself. I should be thanking them. “Th-Thank you.” I bow to him as well.

He just stares at me, shocked. His lips are parted and eyes slightly wide. “Your Highness.. did you just bow to me?”

I blink. Oh, I guess I did. “Um.. yeah...” I shrug, my face blushing beet red by now.

Xavier grins and looks at Jabeth, who is staring at me. His face blank. He pats his chest, “She’s a keeper.”

I blush even harder. Jabeth just continues to stare at me, that’s when Xavier bows again. “Wonderful to officially speak to you your Highness. My name is Xavier Plume, I am the enchanter for the royals of the Hell’s and, Jabeth’s best friend.”

I nod towards him, “Wonderful to meet you as well, I am Josie James, but you can call me Josie.” We both already know each others names, but we keep it formal.

Xavier grins. Before winking. “You may call me Xavier, Ms. James. Have a good birthday.” He smiles before walking out, leaving Jabeth and me alone.

Xavier walks out, leaving me stunned and confused. Wait, it’s her birthday as well? Also did she just bow to Xavier?

Josie smiles awkwardly at me. “S-So.. um... thank you for the uh..” She gestures to the breakfast on her bed. “It’s really sweet.”

I don’t even blink. “It was all Xavier’s idea. He just offers me the credit in an effort to get me to be more.. what’s the word.. generous.”

She gives a nervous chuckle. “Oh..”

An awkward silence settles in the bedroom.

“But I guess that makes me a cold hearted vampire, huh?” I asks, crossing my arms. That nickname just really ticks me off for some reason, probably because I’m afraid it’s true.

I sigh. “Listen. I’m.. sorry. I didn’t really mean that and I was just mad, same as you.”

I nod, looking down at her feet. I can’t deny the rage I felt whenever I learned about this engagement.

“I mean.. this-this isn’t fair for me or you. So I just.. kinda blamed the first person I saw.”

She licks her lips. “So when you suggested an acquaintanceship, it kinda caught me off guard. But you’re right.”

Those words snag my attention.

“It’s not good to have a feuding marriage, especially since this is supposed to be an arrangement to unite two enemies.”

Gotta point.

“So.. I apologize for what I said.. and hope maybe in the future. We can be acquaintances.” She holds her hand out, for me to shake.

I hesitate before clasping her hand in mine, firmly shaking it. “Apology excepted. And I am sorry too, I was unfair and very sexist towards you. Which isn’t fair.”

Josie beams, her icy blue eyes and just her whole face brightening. “Apology excepted.”

For a second we shake hands, and for a second too long we stop, just staring at each other.

Suddenly she retracts her hand, and I take mine too. Forcing a fake scratch into it. Well.. we made up at least. Happy, Father?

I bow my head at her and walk out.

I exit into the hall. When suddenly I remember. Shit, it’s her birthday.

I fight the urge to walk away. I know I should say happy birthday and be polite but it would be really awkward, then again nothing compared to what just happened.

By the way, what did just happen?

Anyway, Xavier said it. She know’s I now know, so if I just walk off what kind of person am I?

I’m totally forgetting the fact that she is my fiance. We agreed to get along and just walking off on a special day to her is ungrateful.

Then again, does she know it’s my birthday too?

How ironic is it that we both share the same birthday? Very strange honestly.

So should I?

I’m waiting too long.

I sigh and turn around, ready to congratulate her when suddenly I’m met with icy blue eyes.

“Ah!” I jump back, suddenly surprised to see Josie, in her usual blue sweater, jeans and calf boots. Staring at me with curious eyes.

“Why are you staring at my door?” She asks, tilting her head to the side.

I feel warmth in my cheeks but shake it off. “I forgot to congratulate you on being born. Bye.”

I whirl around and hurry off, my long strides taking me around the hall.

I lean against the wall and huff out a breath, not even daring to look to see if she’s still in the hall.

Why the fuck am I so nervous? I’m never like this.

I take a deep breath and start down the hall again. Heading for the tailors to dress for the ball later on.

‘I forgot to congratulate you on being born?’

I shake my head at myself. Maybe the reason I don’t like women, is because I have no experience, and I end up looking like a douche.

'It was all Xavier’s idea. He just offers me the credit in an effort to get me to be more.. what’s the word.. generous.'

I huff.

Yep, that's why.

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