The Risen Queen and Fallen King (Unedited)

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~The Ball

With the clap of his hands, the music begins.

People from the Heavens, filed in from their villages and homes, welcome to the grand palace.

It’s unnerving for me, to be in a suit with all these people. I’m used to the (Human word) Modern style of the Hell’s. The Heaven’s is more.. less modern.

Henry is out on the floor, dancing with some random pretty girl he;s probably going to fuck after the ball. Thad dances with a little girl, laughing and bending down so he can swirl around with her properly.

I stand by my father, tense as all get out. I would much rather be in my penthouse, watching an old human k-drama while drinking coffee (Don’t judge me).

Father looks at me, noticing the tension in my broad shoulders. He doesn’t look at me, but his words are soft enough for my ears only. “The Crown Prince, a skilled warrior and brilliant strategist who can intimidate any enemy with one glance. But throw in some lights, music and formal dress and he becomes a pussy.”

I glare at my Father. “Your Majesty, in case you don’t know our realm doesn’t have all of this human era, medieval frou frou, so throw me into a situation I’m not prepared for, I’m not gonna be at my strongest.”

“Then this situation will be the perfect opportunity to become prepared.” He turns his head my way without looking.

Dot’s of colors swirls around the glossy floor. Couples sway and dance to the music like it’s the most natural thing in the world. I on the other hand am not looking forward to join them.

I just pray they don’t realize this.

Father looks to me and smiles. “So about the announcement to make your engagement public..”

I look at him, eyes wide and wild. “You wouldn’t..”

He shrugs, “There will be an announcement.”

I feel my magic stir and boil. “How could you!”

“It’s no big deal, everyone deserves to know.”

“It will cause a riot! They will be furious.”

He smirks. “Oh come now. Why would this infuriate them?”

“Because they hate us!” I hiss.

Father sighs. “Well they’ll just have to get over with it, it’s a known fact and ignoring it is both disrespect on your part and Ms. Josie’s.”

I furrow my brow when suddenly the music stops.

The crowd stops dancing and turns towards the double doors. Suddenly they open, and the air itself stills.

In, walks four people. On the very left, the enchanter. Jerny Moon, with his stubbly beard and wavy hair. His light golden eyes pierce one of many. Then beside him, is his majesty. His face is now shaven clean to reveal one very youthful. His slight almond shaped eyes now visible under his trimmed brows. He’s rather handsome.

Then beside him..

I stop my thoughts. Blink twice, then blink again.

Oh stars..

The whole crowd awes at the very beautiful Darby Moon who waltzes through. Her golden hair in ringlets and her blue eyes lined with khol in her black dress. She’s beautiful. I can feel her eyes trained on my own.

But my eyes, and thoughts, are trained on my fiance.

Josie glows. And by glows, her face, eyes, everything is lit up.

Her pastel blue dress flows around her long legs. Complimenting her icy blue eyes and partially fair skin. It’s off the shoulders so it shows off her collarbone. Her dark hair is down and flowing, something I haven’t seen in my time here. The sides are braided into a crown.

She’s.. so beautiful.

I blink again, leaning forward and narrowing my eyes, lips parted. Is that her? There’s no way this is the very girl who spat in my face a week ago.

Father looks at me and smirks. Before looking back to Darby. “I see you’re warming up to your fiance.”

I snap from my daze and look at my Father. “Pardon?”

He grins. “It’s fine. She is your betrothed after all, so you possibly falling in love with her is.. hoped for.”

I feel my face fall in that, ‘really’ expression I love so much. “Father-”

“What?” He asks, acting innocent. “I want grandchildren.”

I shake my head. “Father. It has been a week-”

“Give you more time?.. Okay. But I’m only in my forties son, I don’t have all day. So sometime after the ball, I would greatly appreciate it if you could take her to your room and make me some babies!”

I feel my face burn. “Keep your voice down!” I hiss.

I look to Josie and her father as they migrate towards us. Closer and closer..

“I don’t care if you fuck her in the hall or in the garden. But I want me a grandchild within the year, so stop chatting and get to fucking!”

Josie’s close enough so she can hear, and her gaze snaps to us.

Oh my stars, I’m screwed.

Josie lets go of her fathers arm and gives a polite smile. “Hello, your Majesty.”

Father gives a very lazy nod and reaches for a half empty bottle of wine behind him. Wait, what? When did that get there?!

He gives a rolled nod and points his finger to me and then her. “You. Fuck her shitless. Now. I want me some babies.. babies.” Suddenly his eyelids drop and he wobbles back and forth.

Josie’s face is as red as my suit, and I’m pretty sure I’m blushing as well. What the fuck? Get it together!

Josie’s father laughs his head off as two guards carry my father away and back to the guest wing.

I look to Josie with a horrified face. She lets out a little giggle but is still just as embarrassed.

His Majesty sighs and wipes a tear from his eye. “I apologize Jabeth. Your father’s alchohol tolerance is very low.”

I nod. “I’m so sorry-”

He grins. “It’s fine. Sometimes, even a King needs to let loose for a night.”

I bow my head in thanks to his Majesty.

Darby and the enchanter come up the steps beside us, she sways her hips and walks over to Josie. But she looks at me through the corner of her eyes. “Hey, Josie.”

Josie gives a week grin.

Suddenly the music stops again, wait when did it start?

His Majesty looks at me, and then Josie before booming in his loud voice. “Welcome one and all to celebrate this wonderful night. I thank you for coming and wish you a safe trip back once the ball is over.”

Everyone claps for a long moment, but me and Josie just watch on. I don’t miss Darby’s eyes as they track to me multiple times.

“But. We are here to celebrate multiple occasions. The first one, is to celebrate our visitors. His Majesty, King of the Hell’s and his sons. The Crown Prince, Jabeth Jericho Blackwell, Henry Dawson Blackwell and Thaddeus Tanner Blackwell.”

Henry, me and Thad all bow, showing the crowd who we are. Everyone whispers and applaud very unenthusiastically.

“But! We are also here to celebrate. The Birthday, of my beautiful daughter, the Crown Princess, Josie Claire James!”

The crown whoops and cheers, clapping their hands at such a volume.

“And, to celebrate another birthday. The Birthday, of our visitor, Jabeth Jericho Blackwell!”

The crowd murmurs, some gasps. But like a diamond in the rough, Henry and Thad give their congratulations. Thad even jumps up an punches the air.

I look to Josie, whose eyes are wider then saucers and her lips parted.

I look back to my brothers.

Um.. surprise?

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