The Risen Queen and Fallen King (Unedited)

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~The Farewell

I stand stood still and shocked. Not just from his Majesty’s comment, but from that fact that..

Me.. and Jabeth.. share the same birthday? How.. convenient.

I look at him and he looks at me, my face feels warmer then normal (Probably blushing, again).

Dad looks to everyone and says, “Now, we will continue with the festivities.” He claps his hands and the music starts again. People stand for a moment, before grabbing their partner and starting it up again.

Oh my stars..

Dad grabs my hand and Jabeth’s. “Go, go!” He shoves us towards the crowd, urging us to dance. Meanwhile I’m as red as a tomato and Jabeth is now as white as a sheet.

My Dad my be a King, but he is still a Dad.

I sigh, giving up and grab Jabeth’s arm. Dragging him to the floor. Thanks for the help Dad.

I stop in the middle of the floor, placing my hand on Jabeth’s shoulder and then grabbing his left with my right. I stand up straight and loosen my grip. Ready to dance.

Jabeth just stands limp, whiter then a ghost and eyes drained.

I furrow my brow and lower my voice. “Hello?”

Jabeth swallows and looks at me, we just stand in the center of the room. Me in a ready position while Jabeth just holds my hand.

I would be laughing if I was someone else.

I look back to my fiance and ask, “Are you okay.”

His mouth is a grim line, but he firmly nods.

I blink. “Then dance.”

He doesn’t move at first, but then looks around, observing the scene. He puts a hand on my waist, and hoists up his arms, a little too high and stiff.

I quirk a brown and look to where he looks, he watches a man, taller then six feet. With an upturned nose and mustache as he looks over this portly woman who could be a pig more or less a woman. Her breasts almost hang out over bodice and her face is so pudgy you can’t see her eyes.

The man looks over her head as they waltz very smoothly. Jabeth wathes them and tries the same thing, pulling me alongas he spins in a circle.

“J-Ja-What are you doing?!” I ask, tripping over my feet as he flings me around.

“Dancing.” He replies.

I scowl. “This isn’t dancing, this isn’t even waltzing.”

He shrugs, keeping his eyes on the man. “I’m not very good.”

I stop in my dragged tracks, halting Jabeth with a jerk.

I look up at him and grin, a little mischievously. “You don’t know how to dance, do you?”

Jabeth’s poker face is good, but when he swallows, letting his adam’s apple bob. It’s what gives him away.

I gasp and plant my hands on my hips. “You cannot dance!”

“SSHH!” He presses a hand over my mouth to shut me up, which makes my face warm. My lips are pressed against his warm palm, and not gonna lie. It makes my stomach flip.

Get it together!

Jabeth gives me a cold, but boyish look with his signature glare. “Shut, the fuck up! I’m a future King! And if announce to the whole fucking realms I can’t dance then-”

“Then what?” I ask, muffled under hid mouth. The second my lips move, Jabeth jerks his hand away, as if I’ve burned him.

“Then they will find me a pathetic pussy, which I am not! So I would like for you to keep your voice down before I announce your obsession with gemstones.”

I gasp. “You wouldn’t dare.”

Jabeth smirks. “I would, and I will.”

I huff and cross my arms, “Okay. Fine.”

We both stand across from each other, as figures swirl around in colorful dresses of pink, blue, yellow and red.

I look back at Jabeth, who is still staring at me. “Do you want me to teach you?”

He blinks. “What?”

I want to roll my eyes, wait no! We are acquaintances now, acquaintances don’t do that to each other. We are engaged after all.

“Do you want me to teach you?” My voice softens. I shouldn't be so harsh on him, after all we only just recently agreed to be a bit more.. whats the word.. agreeable?

Jabeth looks back at the man and woman as they swiftly move across the room. He looks at me again, and nods. Once and firmly.

I smile, a genuine one. This should be fun. But it drops instantly.. wait.. he’s leaving tomorrow morning. I can’t teach him. One night isn’t enough.

I look back up at him. “You’re leaving tomorrow morning. Do you have anyone in the Hell’s who can teach you?”

He shakes his head. “No. My mother made us take lessons. My brothers just fucked around and I was a slow learner, always have been.”

My eyes widen. You too...?

He shrugs. “I guess that means it wasn’t meant to be.”

He fakes a yawn. “Oh boy, I am really tired.. I guess I will see myself off.” He starts for the exit, but stops. And turns around in the sea or dancers, he looks at me. He smiles, something very faint but yet makes his whole face less cold and more friendly. He bows, “It was a pleasure to know you.. Your Highness. Thank you for your wonderful hospitality.”

I curtsie, “The pleasure was mine, your Highness. Have a safe trip back.”

He bows his head and struts out of the ballroom until his head disappears behind the swirls of dancers, and he is gone.

I just stand there.

He was.. rather charming tonight.

I mentally smack myself. Are you crazy?..

I furrow my brow and look for him in the crowd again, but his head of dark curly hair and his dark brown eyes.. are nowhere to be seen.

I suddenly grin.

Maybe.. we aren’t so different after all.

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