The Risen Queen and Fallen King (Unedited)

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~The Decision

Josie's POV

Jerny and I walk through the garden, a simple moment of friends sharing a nice day. His hands clasped behind his back, we observe the scenery around us. "So, what shall you do about your fiance?"

I turn to look at him. "Huh?"

He quirks the side of his mouth. "You are just going to let him be?"

I widen my eyes and bob his head, as if the answer is clear. "Yes."

"Josie.." Jerny scolds me, his gaze disapproving. It has been a week and a day since Jabeth's departure, and everything has gone to normal.

If you don't count the amount of reproachment I get. It's as if everyone expects me to make some big move. I don't know what they are thinking, but I am happy to stay here in the Heavens.

"What?" I ask.

Jerny just shakes his head. "Josie, may I remind you that Jabeth reached out to you?"

I blink. "When?"


"Okay!.." I huff. When I was crying in the garden, yes, but what does that have to do with anything? "And?"

"And? You should go do the same." Jerny juts his chin southward, to the bridge..

I chuckle, and eventually I snort. "Jerny.. I never knew you could be so humorous." But when my laughter dies, he looks dead serious. Of all people, Jerny couldn't be insinuating..

Of course he is. "Jerny!" I swat at his arm, but he's unfazed. "What?"

"Jerny, wandering beyond the border-"

"Shh!" He hushes me. My voice echoes in the palace gardens, and most likely someone would hear. I wouldn't want either of us to get in trouble.

"Wandering beyond the border is illegal!" Have you ever screeched while you whispered? Well I am.

Jerny rolls his eyes. "You are already reading a book on Chalcedony. And besides, the Council supports your relationship with his Highness, so wouldn't they be happy, you trying to be closer?"

It's sometime scary how optimistic Jerny can be. "But-"

"Ahah." He stops me. "I can help you. But think about it, it would bring you both closer."

"Not if they bring me back." I slump.

Jerny furrows his brow before snapping his fingers. "They won't."

I look up at him. "How do you know?"

"I became close with Mr. Plume, the King's enchanter. I believe he would help us if we asked it of him." Jerny beams.

Plume? Oh, he was that nice guy with Jabeth. His friend who helped clean up my mess of a breakfast I made. I had even bowed to him out of respect. "I remember him."

"He could help get you in,a nd he could help keep you hidden." Jerny smiles. "When, and if your father notices you're missing, I can cover for you." He winks at me.

I sigh. "What about Jabeth? I'm sure he would bring me back. Also he made it clear he wanted an acquaintanceship, not a friendship."

Jerny furrows his brow. "You cannot settle for less, Josie. You never have. Don't start now. Become friends, it will be more beneficial for the future of the realms."

I sigh and look at my feet, feeling defeated. He makes many good points, but the idea of me, going into the Hell's? "Would you come with me?"

Jerny shakes his head. "If I leave, who will cover you? Also it will look more suspicious if the enchanter and the King's daughter are missing."

I nod my head.

"And just think. By now it is winter in the Hell's. Not only will you be able to see stars and Chalcedony, but you will also be able to see snow."

My head snaps up.

Jerny smiles.

He's right. With this, I could not only bring us closer, I could also see everything I've ever dreamed of. As risky as it is, it's a brilliant plan.

"Is it a plan?" Jerny asks.

I hesitate. The risks are very high, I could even get stripped of my title and my engagement to Jabeth. And in a way, I don't know how I feel about that anymore.

I nod my head slowly, picking it up with determination and hope in my eyes. "It's a plan. All we need now, is a date."

Jerny grins. "And I know just the day."

"Come on, Jabeth!"


"One little sip?"


I rub my temple as I sit with a drunk Xavier Plume. His hair is disheveled and his clothes all awry. His pants have lost their belt and his sho-his shoes, where the fuck are his shoes?

I try to keep a level head as Xavier, my wisest and closest friend, mumbles like an idiot.

"Mm! Why is it so blurry? Janet!" He reaches forward, touching my face, although it feels more like slaps. "Mm-tell me! What year is it?"

I roll my eyes as I push him off of me. "I don't know, you idiot!"

Xavier goes limp, his eyebrows raised, eyes narrowed and his index finger raised in a suggestion. It never comes though. He leans back in his chair, which flops over. His legs flip in the air as he sits breathless in the chair, on the floor.

"Argh, Xavier." I get up from my seat and walk over to Xavier, hauling him up with one hand while I grab his drink and toss it into the bushes. We sit outside of a restaurant called, 'Demons Layer'.

"She was, soommmethinn." His words are slurred and his eyes glazed and shining. I can only assume what he means.

"Let me guess, you hooked up with some drunk girl while you yourself was drunk?" I leave a tip on the table and sling Xavier's arm around my neck while we head down the street.

Xavier chuckles. "Janet, are you physic?" He rolls his head back, "You're a wizard, Harry." He quotes a line from one of his favorite human movies.

It takes us a while, but after grabbing three cab's and a bus we get back to the mansion. I drop Xavier off in his room, covering him with a blanket while he squirms. I end up having to swaddle him.

"No! No, I have to get to the bridge!" His eyes are closed and he is completely out of his head.

I tilt my head. "Hm?"

He raises his head, a caterpillar in his cocoon. "You have a meeting the the Majesty."

I blink. What?

"Our Majesty wants to meet you at the bridge.. but remember to avoid the troll. The three billy goats won't always be so pretty." And with that he flops backward, into his sleep.

I have a meeting, with the Majesty? He could just be mumbling, but I have a feeling that's not the case. And he can't mean my Father, can he?

He doesn't mean, King Wyatt? He can't possibly mean him.

My head a mess, I head to my condo. Flopping onto my bed I stare up at the ceiling, deciphering Xavier's weird words. Pretty billy goats? The Majesty?

He can't mean my Father, so he must've been talking about King Wyatt. But why would he wish to speak with me? Is it about the engagement?

It wouldn't be possible he could be reconsidering it.

I shake my head to myself. No, no way. I'll just ask Xavier.

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