The Risen Queen and Fallen King (Unedited)

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~The Visitor

“Ahh.. Karlos, please!- harder!”

I am pressed against the door to Darby’s bedroom. I was walking down the hall’s this morning when loud moans caught my ears.

“Mnna! Smack my ass and pull my hair, baby..”

I press against the door harder. Is she okay?

“Ugh, you feel so good.. So wet and tight..”

Wait a minute. Whose Karlos? What are they talking about?

“Ah! Fuck! faster, faster.” She pants out random words.


“Oh.. shit. It's too big."

Her moans are turning louder, and louder. Is she hurt?


I try for the door handle, unlocked.

“Ah! Shit.. I'm coming. I'm coming. Fuck my pussy, yeah.”

The second I hear those words I’ve already flung the door open.

The scene I see is not once of absolute innocence.

I see Darby, as bare as the day she was born. She lays on a bed, and hovering over her is a male. Whom, I do not know..

My eyes immediately zone in on his manhood, which is plunged deep into Darby’s kitty. So much I would think they’re one person.

“Nope!” I cover my eyes and start feeling for a towel as they scramble to get up. A towel, a blanket, a washcloth, a napkin, anything!

I grab a piece of long fabric and toss it at him. I point to the door, “G-Get out! You fucking pervert!”

He scurries out, leaving Darby breathless on the bed.

I uncover my eyes, my hand still pointed at the doo-no wait, never mind, the wall.

Darby breathes out and flops back.

I look around my room. Clothes are strewn all throughout it. Hanging from her chandelier is a bra and a belt. Then on my bed.


White stains cover my blanket, and surround Darby’s swollen, red kitty like a halo of milk.

Why the fuck are you looking?!

I cover my eyes again and point to a random item. “Cover, please.”

Darby clicks her tongue, laying on her side as to show off the curve of her body. “Are you sure? Do you want to maybe-?”

“No fucking way!” I screech.

One. I don’t like girls, period.

Two. I’m a virgin.

And the number three prize. The idea of making love, has always grossed me out.

I bat my hand in her direction. “Dress!”

She chuckles and slides off her bed. Throwing on her bathrobe. She ties the strap, “Okay, you can open.”

I open my eyes hesitantly, before glaring at Darby. “What the fuck were you doing?”

Darby chuckles again, “Just that very thing. Fucking.”

I roll my eyes, “Well I’m not sending any maids in here, so you’re gonna have to clean all this up.”

Darby sighs before snapping her fingers. Suddenly everything disappears in a puff of blue and gold magic. The clothes, the mess, the disheveled bed. Everything is neat and the air no longer smells of orgasms, but of daisy’s.

I stare at her, bobbing my head in admiration. “Nice.”

Darby wipes at her eyes sleepily. “Yeah..” She sits on a sofa chair, curling into a ball.

I walk towards her, and take a seat across from her on the ottoman. “Hey. Whats wrong..?”

Darby shakes her head, “Nothing..” But when she opens her eyes. They’re red and swollen from.. crying?

I take her hand. “Hey. You can tell me.”

She sighs and wipes at her nose. “I really thought I had a chance with Jabeth.. but he left..”

I nod. Jabeth left a week ago, this very day. We sent him off, and not gonna lie. I was not as happy as I thought I would be. But at least everything is now back to normal.

I shrug. “Yeah, well.. He’s home now.”

She nods. “Yeah.. I guess.. But..” She wipes at her eyes, “You have to miss him. He’s your fiance.”

I flinch at that word. It’s been a week since I’ve heard it. “Yeah. His presence was.. known. I don’t really miss him.”

Darby nods. “I do.”

I smile. “Well, just think. When we’re married. You will be my enchantress, and you’ll see him everyday.”

Darby nods again before lighting up. “Ooh! Speaking of which. I convinced the Council.”

I scowl. “Huh?”

“I convinced the Council, that there could be another way for peace.. I just don’t know what it is.”

I grin. “Great! In the end, if we find it. I will have a shot at love, and Jabeth won’t have to deal with women anymore.”

Darby beams. “That was why I fucked Karlos.”

Suddenly I feel uncomfortable. “Why again?”

“To get my mid off of Jabeth. Sex has always helped me.”

I nod. Okay...

I always thought people called it, making love. My mom did, my dad does. Jerny does. Then why does Darby say, sex?

I ask that very question, and Darby easily responds. “To me, having sex is basically fucking someone to get rid of stress of because you need a release. But making love, is when you fuck someone you love and who loves you.”

I blink. “Okay.. So sex is fucking someone where there is no love. Making love involves fucking someone where it is mutual?”

Darby nods. “Exactly!”

Not gonna lie, I’m feeling very uncomfortable with this topic.

But all the more reason for me to find a way to end this engagement. If me and Jabeth get married, there will be no love. And since his Majesty want’s grandchildren. Having “sex” wouldn’t be so great for me.

I would rather make love with someone I love and who loves me.

I swallow down my questions and get up, saying my goodbyes before bolting to the library.

I tap my pen on my desk. Feeling distracted.

What is wrong with me? Ever since I came back, I’ve been like this.

I type onto my computer, ‘Why do I feel distracted?’

The only results I can find are ADHD or home, love sick or just regular sick.

I groan and shut my computer. Nothing helpful.

I look out my window to see the fresh coat of snow covering the ground of the Hell’s. Summer is over, so now Winter is here. The temperatures freezing enough to kill but oh so beautiful.

I wonder what the snow would look like with the sun. Sparkling I bet. I wear a pair of comfortable sweatpants and a thin t-shirt that clings to my defined chest and arms. My hair is wet from a shower and I drink a cup of coffee.

Suddenly a knock sounds at my door, and I get up to open it. My office is a very large one, with a two wall connected bookshelf, a desk and a rolling chair. A TV sits on the wall by the bathroom door, with a coffee table and two sofa's, plus a chair facing it.A quilt my grandmother made sits under the coffee table, on top of some metal rungs.

I open the door, expecting Xavier or my brothers, Father, maybe even a maid.

But the face I get, is none of those. And it is certainly not welcome. "Natasha?"

She stands in the doorway, leaning against one side with one leg curled up slightly and her other hand against the opposite side of the frame. "Well hello, Jabe-"

I let the door close in her face and head back to my desk.

"Oh, come on. Jabeth!" Her voice is muffled but still clear as day. She somehow opens the door and closes it behind her, watching me under her lashes.

I am in no mood for Natasha White.

"What?" I ask, my voice nonchalant and pissed.

She slinks up to my desk before slipping her behind onto the corner. She looks the same as before, with long straight black hair, dark skin and big raven black orbs, even the beauty mark under the corner of her right eye is still there. "Can't you welcome your favorite person in the world?"

I almost snort, but I wouldn't even give her the satisfaction. "What do you want?"

It's only natural my ex-secretary would come back after two years.

She leans forward, an arm crossing the center of my long desk. Her head slinks my way, like a snakes, her lips bulging towards my own. "I just want to be with you.." Her voice is sweet and the smell of her breath sweeter.

To some.

To me, it's like raw acid. "And in what way?"

She scoffs, as if it's obvious. "Every way." She migrates a finger from my chin, under my jaw, down my throat and to my collar bone. "Heart, soul, mind.." she reaches my chest and presses her palms against it, ".. and body."

She slides on my desk until she eventually straddles me, hands on either side of my neck while I scribble down notes through her elbow.

Replace the lock on the door.

"Jabeth, baby.." She nuzzles her nose against my temple. When I feel something wet touch my face I grab her wrists and fling her over my head an over the back of my chair until she lands hard on the floor behind me. "Ow.."

I feel a sliver of cold down my back when a water droplet drips down my shirt. I get up from my chair and go to a towel on the coffee table, tousling my hair as I dry it well.

Natasha gets up from the floor and limps over to me. "Why do you have to be so cold to me?"

"Because you won't leave me alone." I go to the door of my office. "I have work to do, so please leave." I turn the knob and open the door, a drop of water slides down my nose bridge. "Just because I fired you for smelling my shampoo, doesn't mean you get any right to barge into my office and touch me."

Natasha slumps toward my office's exit. When she whirls in the doorway. "But-"

"I'm getting married."

Her face pales, and I shut the door in her face, locking it tight. I turn around and sigh.

I'll give it to Josie, at least she isn't like that.

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