The Risen Queen and Fallen King (Unedited)

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~The Ferry

Josie's POV

So, in the Heaven's, we have a festival celebrating the migration of the white butterflies. We formally know it as 'The Exodus'. The beginning of each spring, white butterflies flutter through the villages and across the kingdom to the far east of the Heavens. Luckily for us, they fly right over the castle and the main villages.

Normally for these kinds of events, the royal family is required to attend. But that makes for a perfect distraction.

Since I have never traveled, Jerny lends me an old doctor bag for my clothes and books, while my satchel holds my money.

'So during The Exodus, we can go through the town and to the ferry. No one will notice a thing once the butterflies come by.' Jerny's plan is almost fool proof.

'Xavier will meet us at the bridge. Then once we arrive you'll get on the train.'

So let me explain the bridge to you. It is not a literal bridge, it is more of a connection that separates the Hell's and the Heaven's. If you came to the Heaven's, a ferry would travel back and forth between the Heaven's and the coliseum. But the only catch, is it travel once a week.

Then there's the Hell's. Instead of a ferry, there's a train. I too, travels only once a week. And I know this will be my only shot. I will have no other chance.

Jerny and I maneuver through the crowds. He wears a heavy cloak of dark green, shadowing his face while I just keep my head down.

Darby and Dad are in the center of the festival, enjoying snacks of white chocolate pretzel monarchs and sugar flowers. People dress in white, with simple dress's and suits.

In this crowd, we could be easily spotted. But Jerny insist's no one should see his face.

I lean to the side, slipping past passerby's to get close to Jerny. "Are we almost there?" I whisper.

"Almost." He responds.

I have never been to the bridge, I've never been on the ferry. And I know if I were caught in such an act, the punishment would be severe.

Again, only chance.

The villages are adorned in decorations, and any minute now the butterflies will fly over the palace and the village. Normally, I would be very excited about The Exodus. Watching them fly across the sky, it makes me sigh, it's like a sense of freedom.

Not that I am not given that freedom. But they get to explore and see places I could only dream of.

I get so lost in my thoughts I slow down my pace. When suddnely I slam into Jerny's back, almost falling to the floor.

"We're here."

I look around Jerny, and in front of us is a dock. Floating among the clouds is the ferry, not very large, more mediocre. A man with slick mustache and hair stands in front of a wheel, looking at his watch.

It is nearly time. But there are too many people around, they will notice. I will the butterflies to emerge, the ferry can't leave before they fly above.

The man looks to us, a pair of goggles on his eyes. "Boarders?" He seems surprised someone has come to ride the ferry.

Jerny looks up at the man through his cloak, and the light of day shines through the shadow of his hood. "Yes, Fergus."

Fergus? He knows him?

Fergus looks from me to Jerny. "Alright, well hop on."

People look to us in the crowd, watching with curious eyes. Do they recognize me? Of course they do, they saw me only weeks ago at the ball.

Jerny doesn't move, and I just shuffle my feet. My stomach does flips and my mouth feels dry. I have never done something so.. against the rules.

Fergus shifts his weight from one foot to the other. "Well, if you're going to board I suggest you do it now. I work on the clock an in less than twenty seconds I'm going to ship off.

Oh no.. I look to the sky. Please, please. People still stare at us.


I'm sorry I was so cruel to Jabeth.


I promise to be a good friend.


Just give me a chance.


Jerny groans and flicks his wrist to the sky.


White butterflies appear in a flash of green light, swirling in the sky.


Everyone turns from us to the conjured monarchs.


Jerny grabs my arm and hauls me across the docks.


We board the ferry as Fergus grips the wheel and pulls on a bell.


The ferry leaves the dock, floating across the clouds with a second to spare. Jerny keeps his gaze locked on the crowd, ready to form another enchantment if needed.

The ferry moves at a good pace, and soon enough we are away from the dock and deep into the clouds.

I can't believe it. I actually did it. I got on the ferry, and I am going to the Hell's.

Jerny sighs as he slumps onto a bench, where I soon follow suit. "Jerny?"

"Hm?" He looks to me.

"How do you know," I jut my chin to Fergus, "that man?"

Jerny looks to Fergus and then me. "Oh, um. We went to the same school."

I almost snort. Yeah, right. Enchanters in training are home schooled, like Darby is. But I'm sure Jerny has a good reason for hiding it, he always has his reasons. So I don't press further.

"What about the butterflies?" I ask.

Jerny grins, a small sliver of light shining through his hood. "Desperate times call for desperate measures."

"You can take off your hood." I say.

Jerny looks past me, and when he see's nothing but clouds and sky he flips off his hood. His stubble isn't long but shaded in quite well, and his yellowish-golden eyes absorb the open sky.

It's very beautiful. I've never seen so many shades of blue, yellow and white in one scene. I almost wish the ferry ran every day just so I could see this.

"Remember. Keep your head down," Jerny turns to me, "and don't let anyone see your face until you get to Jabeth."

I furrow my brow. "Why is that?"

He sighs and shifts on the bench. "Remember when his Majesty and Jabeth arrived? Everyone wasn't so happy about it, but they had guards and the royal family welcoming them. This will not be that scenario."

I feel my stomach twist.

"You will not have guards, and you won't have the royal families approval. May I remind you the only person with knowledge pf your current whereabouts is Xavier?" His brow is creased in the center.

"Yes, but-"

"Xavier will defend you, and he will protect you. But if the King gets involved then what happens to you is unknown. I believe he will not be harsh about it though, seeing as how well you both got along."

"What about Jabeth?" I ask. "Does he have any.." I trail off for suggestion.

Jerny sighs again, turning so he faces the outside of the ferry. "No and yes. While Jabeth is not the King, and he is your fiance.. he is still the Crown Prince, and we are entering his domain. He currently holds a very high rank and his power physically, magically and politically is very great. So be careful."

I nod. So far from what I hear I only really have Xavier's support and protection. Enchanter or not, the royal family has the most power in either realms, so to challenge that..

"It's not the royal family I am most worried about. It is more the people." Jerny explains. "They do not know of the engagement as far as I know, and to see a Risen, who they have been at war wth for sometime, in their home without anyone but a enchanter to protect them?" He shrugs. "The chances are high they will take action."

I swallow thickly. "Okay."

I can't imagine myself, getting ripped to shreds by Fallen, blood on their hands while Jabeth watches.

The thought leaves a pain in my chest.

Suddenly the ferry stops, and Fergus's voice echoes. "All ashore who's going ashore!"

I look from the scenery to the end of the ferry. Parked at the end of it is large, round platform with marble pillars and a roof, with a painting on it's underside.

The bridge.

I'm here..

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