The Risen Queen and Fallen King (Unedited)

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~The Scarf

Josie's POV

The Hell's are nothing like what I imagined. I knew that they took on the 'modern' human facade and that the Hell's is more of a city then a kingdom, but this just takes the cake.

The sky is black, except for a few dark grey clouds floating through the sky. The city bustles, with tall buildings and long streets with millions of people striding through. Cars, trains and buses work down the streets and murmurs of crowds catch my attention.

"I thought that the weather cast said it would be thundering?" Xavier looks to Jabeth, but he just shrugs. "Things change."

We scoot out of the booth and I dart for the trains exit, eager to feel the warm wind on my skin and the crisp air. I slide open the door, welcoming the gentle breeze of- HOLY SHIT!! It's freezing!

I feel like a shaking popsicle when a hand jerks me back and shuts the door.

Jabeth's hand is curled around my elbow and Xavier jogs to us. "Um, I don't think that's wise for a newcomer."

Jabeth rolls his eyes. "You think?"

I swallow and tuck my hands to my chest, my teeth still ice cold. "Yeah. I forgot it was winter here." I rub my arms, trying to warm myself.

Jabeth looks out the window of the train car, his eyebrows creased in the center slightly. "The're too many people. Besides, you can't go out in that attire," he gestures to my jeans, calf boots and sweater. "You'll freeze."

Xavier surveys my outfit and walks back to the doctor's bag Jerny lended me. "Have you got anything else?"

I shake my head.

He survey's my clothes and scowls when he see's repeats of my current outfit. "Seriously?"

Jabeth sighs and lets go of my elbow before hurrying to the back of the train car, where a storage closet stands. He opens the door and surveys the items when he pulls out a heavy winter coat and a pair of fleece leggings.

He throws them to me and gestures to a changing room. I hurry inside and close the door before slumping down the bench.

I'm here. I'm actually here! And those stars.. Wow, they are so beautiful. It's a dream come true. I could have stared at those for years.

I strip down and shimmy into the clothes Jabeth gave me. Speaking of my betrothed, I still can't wrap my mind around him.

When I jumped, I was sure I would have died. But then Jabeth catched me, and he looked so scared.. I thought he hated me.

I guess not.

For some reason, I feel satisfied with that answer. And he had talked to me so softly..

Once I'm dressed I head out of the dressing room, stuffing my clothes into Jerny's doctors bag.

He had said he saved me because I was a future Queen, but I don't think that's the case. He was so gentle with me.. I wonder what he's thinking about me being here. Has he figured out my reason for coming? If so, is he happy with it?

No, not happy. Is he.. okay, with it? I can still feel his touch from when he held my elbow through my sweater. Fallen have such abnormal body warmth.

I grab my bag and ready for the cold. Xavier goes to open the door, "Are you ready?"

I nod, excited and anxious. I could be killed, but I'm not scared.

Xavier twists the handle when Jabeth stops him. "Wait."

We both look to him, who assess's my outfit with calculating brown eyes. "Your face is still too noticeable."

I almost blush. Too noticeable? Still?

"Anyone would look at you and see your eyes." He points to my blue orbs. "We need to give you some kind of.." he searches for the word when suddenly it dawns on him. "Coverage."

He goes to unwrap a scarf from around his neck and swaddles it around me. I stay perfectly still as he nears close, arms circling my head in a cage as he wraps the scarf around my neck and face.

I feel his warmth vibrate off me, natural and not as extreme as before. Probably because the seasons change. I can feel his left bicep brush the tip of my cold ear, when suddenly he pulls back, fixing his scarf in the front. "There."

Xavier watches my fiance while Jabeth looks up from his scarf to me. I hadn't even noticed he was wearing one. "Keep your face covered as much as you can, we don't want someone to see your eyes."

I nod firmly and go to cover my face. A scent catches on my nose, a very masculine scent. Musky and clean, it sticks to his scarf and wafts into my nose.

Jabeth quirks a brow at me, and I hurriedly respond. "Um.. g-good to go." I even give two thumbs up to affirm him.

Jabeth smirks and gestures to Xavier, who makes a weird face and then opens the door to the frigid air of the Hell's.

I can't help but smirk as Josie gives me a thumbs up, her are eyes shy and her nose a little red. She looks kind of cute wrapped up in my scarf.
Xavier opens the door of the train and the freezing hair hits us like a smack. Of course me and Xavier are used to it.
Josie cuddles up to herself as we exit off the train and into the night. The streets lie ahead and I keep my presence as discreet as I can. These people will always try to dig up some made up shit to either frame me or cause a scandal. And crowds flocking to me won't help us get Josie away.
We part through thin crowds, with Xavier navigating the way while I keep my eyes on everyone who passes, making sure the only looks they give Josie are fleeting glances.
My fiance stands beside me, her arms tucked into her chest as she adjusts my scarf, squinting her eyes so as to make sure no one can see their color.
I don't know why she came here. I don't know why she jumped. I can't tell if she's stupid or brave. It's a 50/50 chance.
We get to a bus stop, and I hesitate. Xavier then looks to me. "Shall we go?"
Sitting for an hour inside of a metal contraption with a bunch of strangers and wandering eyes doesn't help my conscious, but it's the quickest way back.
Josie looks around, watching people pass by. Some of them stare at her, some even start to whisper, and it sets me on edge. I clasp my hand in hers and pull her onto the bus after me and Xavier.
We navigate down the aisle and I am pleasantly surprised to find almost no one present. After taking a seat in the back of the bus I slump beside of Josie, who stares down the middle aisle.
Only then do I realize I'm still holding her hand, and I let go, my ears . Ever since she came here I have not been myself, heck ever since I saw her I haven't been myself. And it's unnerving.
Xavier looks over Josie to me. "Well, that wasn't so horrible."
Josie shrugs and I look beside me. "You need to keep your head down, you can't just look at people."
"Why not?" She challenges. "What, are they going to kill me?"
I raise my eyebrows. "Yes, actually, if they knew who you are."
She huffs and slumps in her seat, arms crossing.
I think back in the train, when I was helping Josie put my scarf on. I had tried so hard not to touch her, bu did not succeed. I can't deny that warm feeling I felt in my chest, when she was tucked close to my body with my arms around her head.
Xavier had made a face at me, and I glared at him over Josie's head. When I pulled back she seemed a little flustered and it was kind of adorable.
And I will take that to my grave.
Suddenly the bus hisses to a stop for a pickup, and on boards a very familiar face.
Charis Harlo, my secretary.

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