The Risen Queen and Fallen King (Unedited)

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~The Check In


Darby's POV


"WHAT DO YOU MEAN SHE'S FUCKING SICK?!" I clench my fist tight, teeth grinding to dust.
Blue and gold magic swirl around the augury screen which hovers above my desk. I made sure to lock my door before taking this call, and now a part of me wishes I hadn't.
Xavier, too, sits at a desk. The air around him is dim, with only a few candles to light up his room. His hair is mussed and he looks tired. "Relax, Darby, it's just a fever. Augury lag."
I rack my brain for any signs, anything that should've told me she had left. The only upside of this meeting is I can check in on Josie. Stars, forbid something terrible happened to her.
I only just found out about Josie's disappearance from Jerny, who had announced that she was taking a vacation to vent from her engagement to Jabeth.
Obviously I didn't buy this. Jerny's always been a terrible liar. But his Majesty believed him, and only then was I truly curious. My Uncle and his Majesty are close, so to lie to his face.. not only would the consequences be immense, but Josie's welfare would be presumably at stake.
But as I had mentioned before, it made no sense. Jabeth and Josie had grown much closer, to my dismay.
"She has a fever, but Jabeth is currently taking care of-"
"Jabeth?" I ask. So she must be with him.
I feel the familiar pang of jealousy and sadness pinch at my heart. I dreamed about the day I finally caught his eye, when he would see me as a desirable woman capable of infinite pleasure. I dreamed about the day I would feel his strong arms around me as waves of fucking ecstasy rippled from his manhood.
Many girls always have that 'prized moment' in there life. And banging Jabeth Blackwell would've been mine.
But he hardly noticed me, he seemed more intent on burning the palace down or killing Josie in her sleep.
Ever since I heard about Jabeth Blackwell, I would look up his face. I would read every 'magazine' I could get my hands, I would watch the Demon Daily's. Like a plant yearns for water in the cracked desert I yearned to see his face.
"Yes, Jabeth. Anyway she's staying in his wing and I'm currently in mine." He scratches the back of his neck. "Jerny brought her to the gate."
I furrow my brow. "During the festival?"
He nods curtly. "Right on time."
I groan and spin in my chair, shoving my hands through my hair. I had been looking for Josie right before 'The Exodus' but I couldn't find her or my uncle anywhere.
"She also, uh.. 'ahem'.. jumped." He smooths his hand over his hair.
I feel myself stiffen and slowly turn to face him. "Excuse me?"
"Josie.." he swallows thickly. "She made a jump for the train."
He flinches and sinks in his seat and out of my view. Swirls of blue and gold magic curl and unfurl around the screen.
I sigh and wipe a hand down my face. "Fuckboy I'm going to fucking murder you."
"She's fine though!" He shoots back up into view, hands spread. "Jabeth saved her and then we headed out."
Jabeth. Saved her.
I feel completely conflicted when I hear those words. "Okay, okay. What else happened."
In a quick and clean run through, he goes over the days events. How Jabeth caught Darby and then gave her his scarf, then took her onto the bus where she fainted only miles outside of the mansion.
And with each word I feel my heart sink lower.
"And then he carried her-"
"Okay! Okay. I don't need to hear anymore." I sigh and rub my temple. Why is XAVIER PLUME the one who has to tell me this? When I first saw him he looked sophisticated, but now he just acts like a sounds like an irresponsible, boyish fuckboy.
I shouldn't be this upset. It was just a crush after all. I need to get over him. It's not like I'll see a speck of his kindness anyway.
"The train doesn't come back until next week. Jabeth's already made the decision to keep her hidden." He glances at my clenched fists.
I refuse to give in to such frivolous emotions. But it angers me. Josie is a hopeless romantic, inexperienced virgin who hates sex and is engaged to the last person who would give a fuck about her. And yet it sounds as though..
As though...
I scoff at myself, ashamed. Josie is a, beautiful, innocent, smart, funny, wonderful person. Sex isn't everything, Darby. Josie has more qualities about herself you wish you had..
The voice wakes me up. I glance to see Xavier watching me. "Are you okay?"
I nod, forcing a smile. "I'll be fine." Shit wrong words! "Keep an eye on Josie for me."
Xavier nods. "I'll be sure to meet up every day. Oh and-uh, hows the annulment coming?"
I tap my foot slowly, braving a grin. "It's great." I bow my head at him. "Thank you."
Xavier stares at me for a moment before smirking. "Well, damn."
I blink. "What?"
He sighs and smile's to himself before muttering so low I almost don't catch him. "You Risen's have a thing for respect."
Xavier cuts off the call, and the screen, his face, and my magic zip into nothing. Leaving me to stare at a wall.
I take a breath and feel the tension leave my body. A sigh, heavy and thick leaves my lips, and I curl into a ball, hugging my knee's as a wave of self pity overtakes me.
It feels just so much. First my training, then Josie asked me to question the council about another alternative to peace, and now this.. Josie's having the time of her life in the Hell's, I'm sure. As much as she hates Fallen, she loves Human things.
Josie's so bright, with a love of all things human. She's beautiful and innocent. She's worth more then all the gems of the sky.
She's bonding with the man of my dreams. She even got engaged to him. She's fulfilling her dreams.
I smile to myself as a tear rolls down my cheek. When another hot drop trails down my skin, I bury my face in my knee's.
I wish I was her..

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