The Risen Queen and Fallen King (Unedited)

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~The Omen

Josie's POV

I run as fast as I can. The dress tangle's around my legs, but I don't stop.

They're coming for me.. He's coming for me..

I can't see his face. I don't know his name. But his unfeeling eyes draw me in. They hypnotize me. I don't know right from wrong.

The air is pitch black. My feet click on the tip of heels, thin and sharp enough to kill.

The only light I see is the sparkles on my dress. A sky of velvet silk with a few, twinkling stars to shine on the fabric.

It's beautiful and deadly.

My hair is in a loose bun, the strands falling in my face as I scramble away from the beast. A monster of hate, with blood dripping from it's eyes. It's fur is matted with tears and the wails of sorrow make me mourn for it.

But still, I run.

A razor smile echos in the dark, and I feel my heart race. The shadows chase me. I don't belong here. Why am I here?

Where is the sun I am so used to? My clous, my magic? I am devoid of it all.

"No, no.." Tears stream down my face.

"Ah!" I trip, my ankle hooking under a root. A root? Is this grass I feel? No, where is it?!

I pull on my foot, desperate to be free. I claw at the ground. I need the comfort. I need the peace. I can't just sit here-


The beast bellows as it nears, and I Tug hard. The skin around my ankle turns raw as I pull with all my might until I'm sure I may have popped something.

"No. No!" I frantically search for something, anything! A stick, a scary bug, anything to defend me! The darkness is overwhelming, and in the end. I am rendered defenseless.

"Someone help!" I call out. The stars shine on my dress. But all I can hear is the roar of the beast and my pounding pulse.


I gasp, my breath catching in my throat as I twist my waist a full 36o. "Hello? Hello! Help me, please I-I'm stuck!" Tears stream down my face.

I hear a voice, although faint. Like an echo in a canyon. They call out to me again. "Josie!"

Who are you? How do you know my name? I wave my arms in the dark air, in vain but it brings me some comfort. "Over here! I'm stuck!"

"Josie!" The voice is distant, as if it had never moved. It sounds familiar. It's deep and masculine. It's hoarse as well..

Why aren't they doing anything? I'm about to die here.

The beats is now only a mile away, and I brace myself for the coming death. It's the end for me. It's too late!

I never should've come here. Why did I come here in the first place?!

The beast pounces, I cover my head with my arms in a futile attempt to protect myself.


"Nyaa!" I shoot up in bed, my body shaking as I break out in a cold sweat. A few strands of my hair dangle in my face.

I breath heavily, my gaze frantic as I look around the room. It's unfamiliar. I press my hands to my head and wince in pain.
Argh.. my forehead. I feel the spot lightly where pain pulses like a heartbeat, where a bandage stick to my forehead. Ugh, what happened to me?

I rub my eyes when I catch a shadow in the corner. I freeze in the bed when a grandfather clock by a desk chimes 12:00pm.

I jump in the comforters before bending over myself, clutching my head.

I hate the dark.

I hate it!

I hate the shadows and everything that lurks in them.

My memories flood back to me, from The train ride to Jabeth carrying me up the stairs.

But not everyone..

My mind is as ugly as my dream. I can't dot his. I shouldn't be here.

Yes, you can. For your people, for you.

I'm scared..

'It's okay to be scared..' My mother would tell me this. When even in the broad daylight I would see a shadowed corner, I would cower under my covers and yell for my Mom.

'But I want to be brave Mom. A good Queen needs to be brave.." I would snuggle in her side and try hide from the world.

She would lovingly stroke my hair. 'Everyone feels fear. But what's important is what we choose to do about it.'

I sigh heavily before smoothing back my hair and flopping onto the pillows, relishing in the comforting clean, musky scent I grow familiar with.

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