The Risen Queen and Fallen King (Unedited)

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??? POV
I wipe my blade with the cloth, stuffing it in my pocket before I grab a pen and mark the name off my list.

The red ink sinks into the rough parchment. It's amusing, and I'm almost sad I had to kill that maid so fast. I would've loved to see her squirm like the worm she is-pardon my French.
The person she was.
I sigh out loud, before wiping a smudge of blood away by the corner of my mouth with my thumb.
It really is a shame.. I could've recorded it to. But sadly, that group of little shit's happened to be walking by.
Now I have more pressing matters to attend to.
I yank of my shirt before wringing it of the fresh blood which drips onto the floorboards of the room. A few strips of light reflect on the opposite concrete wall from the blinds of the closed window.
I toss my dagger onto the rough wooden table before grabbing my pen and circling the second to bottom name on the list.
(Josie James )
And I doodle a star beside the last one, just for good measure.
*Jabeth Blackwell

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