The Risen Queen and Fallen King (Unedited)

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~The Engagement

Josie's POV

So.. let me explain the Council to you.

Ever since the Hell’s and the Heaven’s became two. Merlock and Shem believed that even these enchanted beings still had the corrupt hearts of mankind. So they created a Council.

The Council, is a head of sorcerers and sorceress’s. It was said their ancestors were friends of Merlock and Shem. But they govern what important rules and agreements happen between the Heaven’s and the Hell’s. So, to make a agreement as big as this, the Council must become involved.

But apparently, they think it’s a wonderful idea! Fuck them.

So, here I am. Sitting in my seat in the Council’s chamber, facing a long table with a giant throne in the center for the head of the Council, Millikan.

Don’t ask my why, but somehow the Kings have more power physically and politically then the Councilman Millikan. And yet, they rely on them for answers. Tradition I guess.

All of the men sit in powdered wigs, with grim faces. Half with dark eyes and half with light. Millikan has light eyes and a pale complexion, a beauty mark right by his up turned nose. He is the most arrogant of them. Figures.

Chairs are are in front of the table, with a red carpet rolled down the center to the long table.

I sit on the left side of the chamber, with my father, Jerny, Darby, and two random officials whom are my dad’s past advisors. I don’t like either of them. They remind me of those corrupt advisors who want the crown for themselves in human movies. Good thing my father has always trusted his own gut, and his family, more then those two stingy men.

I was so happy when he fired them. I guess this is their last job beside the King of the Heaven’s.

Darby sits beside me, her dirty blond hair in a braided crown with makeup and a off the shoulder dress the color of navy blue. It compliments her honestly. She leans in beside me, whispering in my ear. “Do you think he will come.”

I scowl and turn towards her, “How can they not come? The Council and my dad has requested their presence. Also the King of the Hell’s had suggested this conference. Who doesn’t show up to their own meeting to wed off their son?” Thank the stars this is an engagement ceremony. I would not be able to bear a wedding this soon to such a cold, heartless-

Suddenly the doors open, and a presence as warm as hellfire enters the room.

Speak of the devil.

Everyone turns in their seat, the sound of armor tapping polished stone enters the room.

Darby turns and beams, but I turn and stare.

Four guards stand in a line on each side of the King and his son. The King is a fit man, mid-forties with a well trimmed black beard and laugh lines by his eyes. His skin is a warmed tone with black hair and dark eyes.

Beside him is his son. The Crown Prince. I will admit, he is very, handsome. He could qualify as devastatingly beautiful. His skin is too, a warm shade of olive. His hair is thick, curly and dark, falling over his forehead. His eyes are big and dark, like his fathers, like all the Fallen. He wears a black suit with a gold trim, and nicely fit pants with black boots. He is well built, tall and strong. With a sharp jaw line and broad shoulders. He illuminates power.

But while his aura is warm, his gaze is cold and guarded. It chills me to the bone just staring at him.

They are the first Fallen to ever step foot in our blessed Heaven’s. Our sacred ground has already been spoiled.

I whirl around, clenching my fingers around the edge of my seat.


Darby is blushing furiously just staring at him. She turns to me and whispers, “I’m surprised he’s single.”

I roll my eyes and clench my jaw the second he walks by. His stride is confident and long. He looks like a King.

The Council rises and bows to the King, showing respect to the ruler of the Hell’s. “Your Majesty. We are graced to be in your presence.” Millikan gestures to the seats and smiles, “Please. Have a seat so that we may begin the blessed event.”

I snort at the irony.

It echoes in the Council chamber, and everyone turns to look at me.

I try not to sink in my seat. I slowly turn my gaze to the Crown Prince, his glare is so cold it could kill. It’s so piercing I suddenly feel the urge to kiss the ground he walks on and shine his shoes.

Pretty ironic for someone who born straight out of Hell.

Hell no!

Millikan coughs and they take their seat. The Crown Prince looks away from me, and looks to Councillor Millikan.

Well SOMEBODY woke up from the wrong side of the coffin.

“We gather here today, to join the Crown Princess of the Heaven’s, Josie Claire James. And the Crown Prince of the Hell’s, Jabeth Jericho Blackwell. In holy matrimony.”

Not fucking yet.

“If anyone objects to this engagement-”

My father and the King waves at him, signaling to skip this part.

“-please speak now and forever hold your piece.”

“I OBJECT!” I bolt up from my chair and so does the Crown Prin-Jabeth. If an opportunity comes to stop, even delay this, I will take my chance.

Apparently so will he.

Me and Jabeth look at each other before looking at the Council. “I heavily object.” I say.

“As do I.” Jabeth’s voice is deep, and I’m not going to lie, pretty sexy. But I won’t fall for his look’s. He’s a coldblooded devil!

My father rolls his eyes shut, while the King sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose between his thumb and his forefinger.

Councilman Millikan looks to our fathers, who just wave as to continue with the ceremony. He nods, “Now we will start with the-”

“No.” Jabeth warns. “I will not marry an arrogant slacker angel spoiled saint who can’t do shit!”

I raise my brows and and place my hands on my hips. “If anyone should be mad it’s me! I don’t want to be forced to marry a cold hearted bat who sleeps in a coffin and is as mean as fuck!”

We both turn to glare at each other.

Darby tugs at my arm, signaling me to sit down. Only then do I notice Jabeth has brought more then himself. Another boy tugs at his arm, maybe sixteen, with floppy dark brown hair and matching eyes, light freckles cover his face and he’s pretty cute. Beside him is another male, with floppy brown hair only shorter, full eyebrows and pale skin. He looks probably eighteen.

Wait, that’s right. The Crown Prince has two brothers. Thaddeus and Henry. Only question, who is who?

Beside the three brothers is one last male, probably Jabeth’s age. His brows are neatly trimmed, his chestnut brown hair swooshes over and his black eyes crinkle at the corners. He doesn’t look like the royal family but is equally handsome.

Their whole party is made up of men. No women? SHOCKER.

I look to Darby who is blushing wholesomely. I think, she too just realized how many of them there are. Her hand is still clenching my sweater sleeve. I huff and take my seat, crossing my arms.

Jabeth takes his seat and turns to the Council, just pissed. Well so am I!

The King turns to the boy and glowers, “Thad..”

So the sixteen year old must be Thaddeus, and then the other boy is Henry. I congratulate myself in my analyzing skills.

Councilman Millikan scratches his wig. “Now.. if there are no more interruptions. We will start with the rings.”


Councilman Millikan ushers for us to come. I stay seated for a second, wondering if I stayed, they might just give it up. But when I see the fire in my fathers eyes I rise and shuffle to the Council’s table.

Jabeth, reluctantly, follows me. Standing a good few feet away, glaring at the Council. They too, are intimidated by the Prince of the Hell’s.

Councilman Millikan takes our hand and spins us so we face each other. On the table are two rings on two stands. Different in size, but both have the same traditional etchings. For both the realms, engagement rings look like this. Silver, with carved meanings to the side, oaths of promise. Wedding rings, have oaths of love and commitment.

I cringe at the rings, so does Jabeth.

Millikan gestures toward them, ushering us to take them. “Go on.”

Jabeth licks his lips and looks to his father, for any last sign of help. He doesn’t get it.

He turns to the rings and just stares.

I bite my lips closed and raise my hand, it shakes but I take the bigger ring. Feeling the silver in my hand. It burns.

Jabeth grabs the smaller ring, clenching his fingers around it as he looks to his fist, knuckles turning white.

Councilman Millikan sighs and smiles, he spreads his hands. “Now, who will start?”

Neither of us responds. One last bit of hope makes us think as we don’t move or speak, maybe we can go on without getting engaged. Maybe some force from above will stop this..

Nothing happens.

Moments pass.

Is that a cricket?

Or maybe not..

I reach forward and take Jabeth’s hand. His skin is warm, warmer then normal skin warmth. Then again, he is a Fallen. “What do I do?”

Millikan smiles and says, “Repeat after me. I, Josie Claire James.”

I swallow thickly. “I-I, Josie Claire James..”

Millikan rolls his eyes. “Speak up.”

I sigh. “I, Josie Claire James.”

“Take this oath of promise,”

“Taking this oath of promise,”

“Sealing our fate, future and love.”

The last word stings.. I can’t do this..

I look to my father, whose eyes are joyous and happy.

But I must do it.. for my kingdom.. For my father.. “Sealing our fate, future, and love.”

I know this part. I slip the ring onto his middle finger, slowly and hesitantly. until it reaches the base.

He jerks his hand out of mine and clenches it. I bet the metal stings..

Millikan gestures for Jabeth to take my hand. He doesn’t for a moment, but then finally does. His grip lose, as if suggesting me to pull away and run for the hills.

I wish. Anything would be better then wedding a Fallen. Especially him.

He repeats the words and slips the ring onto my ring digit, once it hits the base of my finger I jerk my hand free. Millikan claps his hands, “Now you must kiss-”

We both shoot a glare so hard at him he stumbles back, looking to our fathers. “N-No kiss?”

They shake their heads. “No kiss.”

Millikan shrugs and smiles, clasping his hands and then shaking one of ours. “Congratulations, you are both officially engaged.”

The room cheers, but I don’t feel joyous. If anything I feel nauseous.

“You are now free to go, thank you for coming. We will schedule when the ceremony will be but until then. You are officially betrothed.”

The second that word leaves his mouth, I run out of the Council’s Chamber.

I run out to the tree’s and fall down, hurling the contents of my stomach until it’s completely empty. Then I lean down and let my warm forehead rest against the cool grass.

I’m sorry mom.. I tried to follow my heart. But it’s impossible..

Tears leak out of the corners of my eyes.

There go my dreams of falling in love..

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