The Risen Queen and Fallen King (Unedited)

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~The Breakfast

Jabeth's POV

I tap my finger impatiently, waiting for whats her name to arrive.

My stomach is grumbling so loudly I’m sure that the whole palace can hear it. But, as custom in the Realms. Meals do not start until everyone is accountable.

The room is rather chatty, my Father and the King of the Heaven’s, are both talking to their own people. My Father, to Henry while Xavier and Thad speak about their opinion’s on the palace’s guest wing. Meanwhile, Xavier’s eyes continue to flick to the pretty blonde haired and freckle faced girl sitting beside of a man, probably in his early forties. She looks about my age, with wavy hair and a cute nose.

But my taste in women is, none. Xavier on the other hand finds her very distracting.

I roll my eyes and lean sideways, to Xavier beside me. He looks at me and I whisper, “If you keep ogling at the princess, she will probably beat the shit out of you.”

Xavier snorts and narrows his eyes. “Ogling? I’m looking at the King you dipstick.” He juts his chin to the King, whom is in deep conversation with whom I believe is his enchanter.

I shake my head, “You can’t fool me that easily, Plume.”

Xavier grins and looks at Thad.

I look back at the blonde girl. She looks polite with a hint of mischief in her green eyes. If anything, it reminds me of Xavier.

I furrow my brow, I’m almost positive she’s her sister. I don’t stay up to date with the status’s in the Heaven’s. My business lies in the Hell’s.

But that’s when I remember my father’s words. ‘I am engaging you to King Wyatt’s only daughter.’

So that can’t be her daughter. If the King’s daughter is my.. ahem.. wow, I can’t even say it, my ‘fiance’. Then that can’t be a relative. Maybe a friend? Or a cousin?

Her head turns my way and our eyes meet. I stare, unblinking, meanwhile she flushes deeply, her eyes dilating as she turns away. Hiding her face with her hair.

I fight the urge to roll my eyes. Oh brother, it’s one of those girls. Probably another stalker. Those type of people I stay away from.

Suddenly the dining room doors open, and whats her name (Oh yeah, Josie. Pardon, I forgot easily) enters. She smiles at her people, giving a fleeting smile as she hurriedly takes her seat. She bows her head to her father and knits her brows together. “I’m sorry your Majesty, forgive my tardiness.”

I nod my head, eyebrows raised slightly. Good thing she respects her elders. Look, she even has the decency to blush.

The King smiles warmly at her, “Of course my child, you’re normally tardy anyway.” He gestures at the table, when suddenly servants rush in. Sliding silver platters onto the table in perfect formation, two in a row. Thad and Henry watch in joy, while Xavier watches in amusement, my father in gratitude and me in analyzation. Mother would be displeased, she was always the one who taught me what the Risen are really like. Arrogant. Self-Righteous.

Once every dish is set from the King to my father, he snaps his finger, causing the lids to evaporate into gold and white dust remains of his magic. Exposing steaming, cold and fresh food. “Enjoy.”

Thad, Henry, and the blonde girl immediately grab for their food.

I blink. Seriously?

It’s technically custom for the King’s or rulers to be served first, but from the look on Father’s and his Majesties face, they don’t mind one bit.

Hospitality I hope.

I survey the food, making sure it’s nothing poisonous. Whole wheat rolls stuffed with cranberry jam, maple syrup glazed bacon, deviled, boiled, scrambled, fried and poached eggs seasoned with dehydrated lime, salt and chili powder. Many more options as well.

Back in the Hell’s. My, while basic and average, breakfast always started with cereal, a cream cheese bagel or piece of fruit. And a cup of coffee as well.


The nectar of the Realms. Oh, sweet sweet coffee. I scan the table, looking for any sign of the dark brown and bitter liquid.

Ugh! No sign of it? Who the hell doesn’t drink coffee?

Um, the Risen. They’re too good for it. My conscious says.

When I think this, my stomach twists a bit.

Why do I feel so nauseous thinking this? I feel a bit of a cold sweat.

Because it’s probably true.

But you shouldn’t hate on the Risen, only their princess.

No, they’re all the same.

Says who?


I look to whats her na-Josie. She quietly eats a roll, licking the jam off her lips. Meanwhile listening to what her friend/or person has to say. The blonde rattles off words like a machine, it’s almost annoying.

Josie stops chewing, furrows her brows and then looks my way. I quickly flick my gaze to my empty plate and then start serving myself food.

Ever since I walk in the room, I can feel Jabeth’s judgy gaze watching me. Like a blanket that is neither warm nor comforting.

I look his way when suddenly that blanket falls away, and instead I see him looking from his plate to then serving food to his plate.

I scowl. Did he look away, or am I crazy? Was he even looking at me?

I sigh and go back to Darby’s conversation.

“He was looking at me. Jabeth was actually watching me! He stared at me when I turned my face away.” She squeals, shoving food in her mouth. In one gulp she downs it. “Do you think he likes me?”

I look back at Jabeth. “From what I experience I don’t think he likes anyone, or even women in general.”

Darby frowns. “Oh come on, you have to admit there’s some chemistry between us. Do you not see just a bit of warmth in his gaze when he looks at me?”

I clench the corners of my mouth in a not so much a smile. “Well seeing how I haven’t seen him look at you, I would say no.”

Darby groans and suddenly Jerny chimes in. “It doesn’t matter who Jabeth likes, whether its you or you.” He points to the both of us. “You’re his fiance,” he turns to Darby, “And your her friend. You shouldn’t impose on another girl’s man.”

Jerny, has a very normal voice, when he chooses it. Right now he feels the need to boom it out to the entire dining room.

Everyone stops eating and looks at us, me, Darby and Jerny. Mostly me and Darby. Darby is blushing super hard and looks like tears are in her eyes. Meanwhile my eyes are shut so tight without squeezing them I feel like I will rip my eyelids off.. and I’m okay with that. Anything’s better then seeing the gaping, smirking or angry faces.

But I force them open, to see a surprised Dad and Jabeth. An amused Thad, Henry, His Majesty and Xavier (Found out his name through my now very red friend), and a mad Jerny and Darby.

I sigh cover my face with my hands. Is it hot in here or what?

Suddenly I feel the need to leave. I have to get out of here.

I bow my head to my Dad, “Excuse me your Majesty. But I feel I need to leave.” I don’t give him the chance to object, or anyone to object. I head out of the room, feeling embarrassed more then I ever have.

I head out past the guards. Soon I’m sprinting down the hall, until I’m in my room. I shut the door and pray to anyone or anything that it was all a dream.

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