Wolf of Stone

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Chapter 13

When I woke up, it was morning again. I slept through the rest of yesterday. Of course I would. It’s been forever since I’ve used that much magic in just two days. My magic was rusty and I was basically still a newbie to all of it.

I checked my phone to see that I got a message from my mother, simply wishing me a good morning. I quickly responded with a good morning as well before opening up Wattpad.

Maybe a quick read would comfort me before I have to dive back into the madness known as my life.

I relaxed into my pillow and opened up the book I was currently reading, ‘The girl he never noticed’.


I winced as my name was heard. You’ve got to be kidding me.

“Ezzy!” Liza burst through my bedroom door, a piece of bread hanging from her mouth.

I shot her an exasperated look, “what is it?”

Liza chuckled, “you slept for so long and you’re still grumpy? You weirdo, I have school in an hour.”

I raised an eyebrow, “So?”

Liza rolled her eyes and took a huge bite from the bread, “we can’t postpone this investigation goofy! While I’m at school, I’ll utilize our library to research our village’s history. You have to drop me off at school then go to the public library to research from there.”

A miserable look crossed my face, “today?”

“Yes today! The more you put something off, the more harder it’ll be to complete.”

I grumbled, “not really.”

Liza shot me a pointed look, “you’re unemployed and spend your days reading around cuddled in bed. Be an adult for once and get to work. We’re leaving in half an hour so get ready.”

I groaned and threw my pillow at her back as she left my room. The pillow tumbled to the floor before it could even reach the door.

I sighed and ran a hand down my face, deep black eyes appearing in my mind, reminding me that I may have alerted the enemy of our presence.

Welp, there was nothing we could do about it unless he or she decided to show themselves. Even so, if it got too risky, I’d have to pull out and move out of town with Liza. Knowing his people were here, Axil wouldn’t want to leave so we’d probably have to leave him behind.

I got up out of bed and used the upstairs bathroom to get ready. I opted for a casual grey hoodie dress that fell over me and stopped just above my knees, pairing it with a pair of white Jordan. As usual, I placed my hair into a puff then covered my lips in lip balm.

I met Liza and Axil in the kitchen downstairs, eating cereal.

Liza glanced up at me, “hurry up and eat something. I’ll be late.”

I waved away the concern, “I’ll just munch on an apple then pick up something at a drive thru later.”

“You’re not going to eat?” Axil asked.

I took the apple out of the fridge then turned back to face them. Thinking back to when he voiced that I was too thin caused my lips to curl into a scowl, “I’m not hungry, I’ll wait for you guys in the car.”

I left them to finish their breakfast and went out to wait in the car. It took them about ten minutes before they finally joined me. It was Axil’s first time driving in the car so Liza allowed him to sit at the front and showed him how to wear the seatbelt.

On our way to drop Liza off, I told them about the dark energy that I sensed and the peer of endless black eyes that peered in on me when I tried to inquire further.

Neither of them knew what that meant or who it could be. We were basically unaware of who or what we were facing.

After I dropped Liza off, Axil and I spent the entire car ride to the library in silence. Him gazing out of the window in wonder while I was focused on the road.

When I pulled into the Library’s parking lot, Axil finally turned his attention to me as I turned off the car and got out.

“What are we doing here?” He asked curiously.

“This is our town’s public library. We’re going to be reading a few books to see if we can find out what happened when you turned into stone back then.”

He nodded in understanding then followed me into the building.

The lady who sat at the front desk looked up at us and smiled in greeting, “good morning, what can I do for you today?”

I took the lead and explained to the lady what it was that we were looking for. History books about the founding of Sylia and its past inhabitants. The lady pointed us towards a certain direction and asked if we needed any further assistance.

I kindly denied and lead Axil towards the cluster of books that was near the sign that read ‘History’.

I immediately got down to business and started scanning my eyes across the various different books and their titles, running my fingers across the old book shelf.

Axil started looking as well, which got me curious and I couldn’t help but ask, “Can you read?” It came out a bit mean, I knew but you couldn’t blame me. Given his circumstances, I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t.

Axil glanced at me and nodded, “Although we were a secluded village back then, we always made sure to keep tabs on humans and their many inventions. We also tried our best to adapt as they adapted, which meant that every once in a while, my father, who was Alpha at the time, would send out a select few pups to gain knowledge and integrate with the humans. Once they’re finished and have concluded that they’ve learned all they needed to know, they’d return to our village to teach everyone else. Reading and writing was one of the skills we picked up.”

I nodded in understanding and muttered, “that’s actually a really smart idea. Your dad was a genius.”

Axil shrugged, “it wasn’t my dad alone, past Alphas did the same in order for us to gain more knowledge as the world constantly changed.”

“Oh,” I trailed off, deep in thought. A barbarian who’s civil. That’s actually admirable.

I turned my eyes back to the shelf as a specific book caught my eye.

‘The hidden truths of Sylia.’

What kinda book was that?

I quickly took it down from the shelf and went towards a table that sat in the corner of the room to sit and read. I’d already forgotten Axil at that point.

The book was big and thick, the cover being pure black with the title written in gold. It was such a plain and boring looking book.

I opened it curiously and began to read.

“There have been strange sitings dating back to 1837, where a few villagers managed to glimpse a tiny creature that have been described as a fairy floating around the Syril forest.”


What the hell was this? A fairytale book?

How does this count as history?

I skipped a few pages and scanned the pages.

“It is said that the village of Sylia was overun with wolves before our ancestors discovered the place in 1829 and ran the wolves away.”

“The forest of Sylia, Syril, is the home of many mythical beings.”

“No one truly knows what happened to Sylia before our ancestors discovered it.”


Where’s the useful information boy wonder? I had the strong urge to face palm.

This book was useless.

I slammed it shut in frustration then looked up to see that Axil was sitting in the seat across from me, deeply engrossed into the book he was reading. I rested my elbow on the table then placed my chin in my palm, watching him closely.

I scanned my eyes across his defined features, silently admiring the view as my thoughts untangled themselves.

He really was handsome. It made me, a little potato, feel so plain just sitting across from him. I didn’t even put any effort into what I wore, a norm for me really.


Ah to be insecure.

Such a pain.

“If you continue to stare at me, I’ll assume that you’ve taken a liking to my looks.”

Axil’s words snapped me out of my thoughts, causing a scuff to release from my lips. I turned my head away as my face heated in embarrassment.

“I was just wondering what you were reading so intensely.” I muttered an excuse.

Axil smiled gently, “of course you were. I was reading a book on your human history. I’m trying to get up to date with all the events that have happened thus far, I’m sorry if I’m not of much help to you.”

“It’s alright. I perfectly understand, that’s a great idea. It saves us the trouble of explaining everything.”

I glanced back at the book I just gave up on, “I’m going to look for another book.”

Axil pushed his book aside and leaned into the table, crossing his arms on the surface, “before you do that... I’ve been curious.”

I looked back at him curiously. What was it that he wanted to ask now?

“How much do you know about werewolves?”

“Oh,” I muttered, surprised at his question. I thought he would have asked me to elaborate on what I said to him yesterday.

“I know a few things. I know that your kind were created because of a curse that the moon goddess, Lilith, placed on your great great great beyond great ancestor who was human. At first, werewolves were only allowed to turn on the full moon and their senses would be completely gone, leaving them primal and dangerous to everything around them. As the years passed by however, werewolves began to evolve as they bred pups after pups. You guys managed to control your thirst for blood as you started to freely shift into your wolf whenever you wished, however, a full moon was still a difficult time for your kind.”

“Although you could freely choose when you wanted to shift, the full moon still managed to bring out that primal part of you. So even if you were strong enough to remain in your human form, you’d still be a threat if provoked.”

“Your weakness is the plant known as Wolfbane and you’re unnaturally strong. You have great senses and your life span lasts hundreds of years. There are a few rare cases where werewolves have gained other abilities as well, such as manipulation over the elements or telekinetic abilities. This is because of Lilith’s powers that have managed to make an imprint on your soul.”

“Ummm, your kind is extremely loyal to those who you’ve bonded to and you keep to yourself unless provoked. Hmm, there is this story that says that years after the curse was placed, Lilith took pity on the descendants of the first werewolves because they were suffering for things that their ancestors did, so she gave them a gift. The gift of soulmates. She assigned each and every one of her creations, werewolves, with the chance at happiness by etwining their souls with a special someone. That’s all I know of your kind.”

I looked up at Axil to find him staring at me in surprise.

I self-consciously glanced behind me then back at him, “what?”

Axil chuckled, “you know a lot about my kind. Your information is very valid.”

I shrugged, “my mother used to tell me stories about all of the different creatures that were out there. Even though I was young at the time, the words just stuck to me and I’ve never forgotten.”

“Your human mother?” He cautiously asked.

I silently sighed and glanced down at the book in front of me, my heart clenching sadly, “we both know that I’m talking about my actual mother. Liza and my foster parents knew nothing of my past or the supernatural.”

Axil frowned, “why didn’t you tell them?”

I opened my mouth to reply then frowned. Why was I telling him this? He almost got me to talk by simply asking me a question... I’ve never been this indulgent before. The fact that I didn’t mind talking to him either was quite nerve racking.

“I just didn’t want to involve them,” I replied in a tone that said that I wasn’t going to say anything more than that.

“I understand,” he watched me with knowing eyes as I tried to hide my thoughts.

I took up the book and was prepared to leave until he spoke again, “can I just ask.... one more question?”

I turned to look at him expectantly... but the impatience in my eyes could clearly be seen. I wanted to get away from him as fast as possible.

He hesitated for a second before he asked, “what are your thoughts on mates?”

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