Wolf of Stone

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Chapter 14



Why would he ask me that?

I furrowed my brows in confusion but answered nonetheless, “I’m a bit conflicted on that particular topic to be honest. I love the thought of two souls coming together as one and living happily ever after without the conflict of cheating, dishonesty and selfishness but on the other hand, in the world we live in, that ideal is so unrealistic and fake. The idea of forcefully liking someone because someone says so doesn’t sit well with me either. You should be able to choose who you love and want to be with. That kinda freedom is a must.”

Axil’s face darkened in contemplation as he took in my response.

I got up out of my seat and grabbed the book, only for him to quickly grab a hold of my hand, startling the hell out of me.

I gasped as my heart skipped a beat.

“W..what are you doing?”

Axil looked up at me with his deep light brown eyes and asked, “what if I were to tell you that you’re my mate?”

I opened my mouth in surprise then closed it, pretty sure that my eyes had grown twice the size they were before.

I was flabbergasted.

What ridiculousness was he talking about?

My heart began to beat irregularly as the warmth of his hold traveled from his hand to mine, soothing me.

It scared me.

I quickly pulled my hand from his grasp and ended our eye connection, a nervous laugh releasing from my lips.

“You’re very brave to grab me like that. Stop playing around and let’s get back to work,” I replied, then quickly slipped away to look for another book.

We spent hours in the library browsing from book to book, looking for the missing pieces in Sylia’s history. I couldn’t find anything coming close to what really happened back then.

Maybe it was because I was so preoccupied with what Axil and I spoke of that I couldn’t really focus on what I was reading. I could only hope that Liza had a better search than I did.

I couldn’t even find it in myself to get out and eat something. My stomach was in knots all day but I refused to acknowledge what was said. He was clearly joking with me.

We picked Liza up around 4pm then went back home. Liza didn’t manage to find anything either, much to my disappointment.

The harder it is to find the truth means the deadlier the enemy to have hidden it so well.

How depressing.

When we got home, I chose to avoid Axil at all cost and remained locked up in my room, reading Wattpad until Liza forced me downstairs to eat something.

That’s how we spent the entire week. Every day Axil and I would take Liza to school then head towards the library, where I continued to search while Axil gained more knowledge on this era. We didn’t say much to each other, only muttering mere pleasantries and greetings. It was a bit awkward but I refused to listen to any stupidness that came out of his mouth.

After an entire week of dead-end after dead-end, it was Saturday once again.

Liza was off of school and was home today.

I sighed as I rolled unto my stomach on the bed, my legs lightly swinging in the air, and turned the page of the book I borrowed from the library.

It was a book on Sylia’s political history dating back to 1830. It was quite boring honestly.

I was dressed in a white, oversized t-shirt with nothing underneath besides my big, blue granny panties.

It was early in the morning and I surprisingly woke up early today but instead of reading on Wattpad, I chose to continue my research.

It’s been a week already and we still haven’t found anything. To make it worst the neighborhood have been much quieter than usual, making me cautious as this foreshadowing blanketed the entire house.

I felt like it was the calm before the storm and honestly, it had me on edge.


I groaned and slammed my forehead into the book.

This was getting nowhere.


I raised my head and glanced at the door as the door knob rattled.

“Why’s the door locked?” Liza asked.

“Because it’s not your room!”

A scuff was heard through the door, “would you just open it already? It’s Saturday cleaning time. We’ve got work to do.”

I groaned and lazily flicked my hand in the door’s direction, hearing the soft click of the door unlocking.

I cuddled into the bed more and ignored Liza as she opened my door to come in.

“At least it looks like you’re taking this research seriously.” Liza commented as she approached me.

I mumbled into the sheet, “I have to if I want to get rid of all this unnecessary stress.”

Liza didn’t reply and I lifted my head to peer at her, only to have something heavy fall down on me.



I groaned as Liza’s heavy body collided with mine. I rolled over and made her fall off of me.

“Are you crazy woman!? You’re so damn heavy I almost choked to death.” I breathed out, clutching at my chest that beat irregularly due to Liza startling me.

Liza laughed, “you deserve it.”

I grabbed the pillow that was above my head and used it to swing at Liza’s face as she laid on the bed.

Liza screeched as it made contact, quickly rolling away and falling off of the bed. I laughed and repeated her words, “you deserve it.”

Liza huffed and got up off of the floor, dusting herself off.

“Have you talked to mama recently? She sends me messages every morning telling me to have a good day.”

I sat up on the bed and stretched, a yawn releasing from my lips, “yeah I get the morning messages as well. I usually just return the greeting to her and call it a day.”

Liza nodded, “we have to call them soon though or else they’ll start to worry. I have school so I haven’t been able to keep in touch as much as I’d like,” she shot me a pointed stare, “what’s your excuse?”

I pursed my lips and looked away.

I had no excuse, but I also didn’t know what to tell them if I called. Say that I’m still lounging around the house with no job? I doubt they’ll like that. They’ve always urged for me to be as proactive as Liza was but I just couldn’t find any motivation in these lazy bones to even go and look for a job. Besides, it’s not like I didn’t have any money. Even though the money wasn’t necessarily mine....


“So the same routine as usual? We skipped out on last Friday’s cleaning because of your stupid hike.” I changed the subject.

Liza shook her head, “nah, since we have Axil now, I’m cutting the cleaning equally.”

I raised an eyebrow, “you got Axil to agree to cleaning?”

“He said he didn’t mind helping out so it wasn’t that hard. You’re taking care of cleaning the kitchen and living room, I’ll clean the bathrooms and do the laundry while Axil will sweep the floors.”

I got off of bed and muttered, “so much for equal chores.”

Liza rolled her eyes, “we can’t make a guest do too much goofy.”

“Yeah yeah yeah.” I took up the pair of shorts that I had thrown over my desk chair and quickly put it on.

Liza left my room as I continued picking up the clothes that I had thrown all over the room. I picked up my towel that was on the edge of my bed and saw the other book that I picked up from the library.

‘Founders of Sylia’.

I haven’t managed to read it yet but I doubt I would find anything useful in it. I took up the book and placed it on my dressing table.

It took us the entire morning and a little of the afternoon to finish cleaning the entire house. After everything was done, I took a quick shower then grabbed the founders book and headed downstairs to the living room where Axil and Liza was sitting, watching a movie.

Liza said that today was our relaxing day but I wanted to get this over and done with, so I brought the book to read while they relaxed.

I sat down cross legged on the sofa and opened the book to start reading, blocking out the noises from the TV.

The four main founders of Sylia were Elizabeth Micheal, Justin Parrish, Judith Clarke, and Daniel Bayley.

“You find anything?” Liza asked curiously from beside me.

I frowned and shook my head, “nothing important. They do have a picture of the founders though, take a look.” I showed her the pictures that the author attached to the founders’ names.

Her eyes glanced at the pictures curiously, “these people look so young here... and beautiful. Imagine being in your early twenties and discovering a settlement that you can built.... Awesome.” Liza muttered, taking the book from me to have a better look.

She looked over at Axil who sat in the chair opposite of us and was deeply engrossed in staring at the images in the TV screen.

“Hey Axil, these are the founders of this village. You recognize any?”

Axil looked over at us and took the book that Liza offered, peering at the pictures curiously.

His brows immediately furrowed in confusion.

“What is it?” I asked.

His frown deepened, “I... I know these people.”

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