Wolf of Stone

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Chapter 16

I groaned as my eyes blinked open against the bright light that shone in my face.

My brows furrowed in confusion as I shielded my gaze, only for the light to move away from my face.

I squinted up at the source.


It was Liza... holding a flashlight... why was I even surprised.

"What are you doing?" I croaked out wearily, sitting up from my position on the hard, cold floor and clutching at my head as it spun.

Liza's wide eyes stared at me in curiosity, "what the hell were you doing? What kinda spell did you cast? That was simply amazing!"

Spell? I grumbled nonsense beneath my breath then widened my eyes as I began to recall what happened to me before I woke up.

I quickly grabbed Liza's hand and looked up at her with a serious expression, "Liza.... I have seen the light."


Liza blinked at me, "what?"

My lips twitched as I tried hard not to laugh, completely forgetting that we weren't alone.

"I've been reborn Liza, as wise as can be."

Liza rolled her eyes and pulled her hand away, "stop playing around goofy."

I pouted at her, "but I did see a light! Lmao, I also gained a few more awesome spells. I'm probably the most knowledgeable person ever!" I declared smugly, watching as she raised a disbelieving eyebrow at me.

"Can you solve a simple math equation of my choosing then?"

My face twisted up in disgust, "don't spoil the mood ugly."

"Your mother."

"We have the same mother," I said cheekily.

"Your grandma's uncle sister," came her reply.

I sang, "what's mine is yours."

"You're incorrigible."

I blew her a kiss then sprawled back out on the floor, deeply inhaling and relaxing against the cold tiles. My mind felt at peace for once in my life and my body was deprived of any tiredness. This felt too great.

"Is that a blood circle?" I tensed in surprise at Axil's voice as it sounded throughout the room.

My wide eyes snapped over to his amused ones that looked on as if he'd just seen the most amazing thing ever.

I felt my face get heated in embarrassment since I completely forgot about his presence in the room.

I sat up and cleared my throat, "yes, it is."

He hummed in acknowledgement then went silent.

Liza sat down on the floor in front of me, looking at me expectantly.

"What?" I asked.

"C'mon you can't keep this stuff from us. If it wasn't for Axil I'd thought you was in danger."

I shrugged and told them it was just me accepting my birth rite as a witch. There was nothing else to tell really, it was just that simple.

"So what now?" Axil asked me, "does that mean you're more powerful?"

I pursed my lips in thought, "hmm, honestly I'm not sure if I've gained more power, I'd like to think of it as gaining more knowledge instead."

Liza grinned and clapped her hands, "great! Then show us something! Anything! I've never seen your magic Ezzy, I'm starting to believe none of this is even real anymore."

I tensed up slightly and unconsciously shifted my gaze to Axil, who looked at me encouragingly, urging me to relax and free myself from the chains I've shackled around myself. I found myself getting lost in that gaze... falling... causing my insides to knot into a twist and scaring me...

I quickly looked away and gazed at Liza reluctantly.

I guess I couldn't hide forever.

I waved my hand dismissively around the room and muttered, "rewind."

I watched as every object that was affected by my burst of magical energy started to rewind themselves and fit back into the positions they were before. Broken glasses began to mend themselves as the bed groaned back into position.

I watched it all through uncaring eyes as Liza squealed on in fascination.

"This is amazing Ezzy! You're really magical!" In her excitement, she got up then bent down and clasped her hands over mine and jumped on the balls of her feet, almost tearing my arms off.

I found it hard to relate to her excitement, as I was already accustomed to stuff like this and tugged my hands away. I got up on my feet shakily and dusted off.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's time we get back to working now." I muttered.

Liza's face scrunched up in disagreement, "no no no," she placed a hand on her hips and stared at me pointedly, "this is supposed to be our relaxing day and you turned it into work. It's been a while since we've visited that karaoke bar, we're going tonight. "

"What? No. We c-"

"Karaoke bar?" Axil asked curiously.

Liza flashed him a cheeky smile, "believe it or not, before you showed up, little miss gloomy and I used to go to this karaoke bar all the time to sing to old songs and dance. She wasn't much of a stick in the mud then either. I don't know what changed..." she sighed dramatically.

I rolled my eyes. I haven't changed at all but how was I supposed to act normally when a total stranger was constantly around me? How could I relax when he's a supernatural being who I've only ever heard about in stories? Hmph.

I shook my head, "tonight is not a good time for karaoke."

"Oh c'mon. You love karaoke, take this break as a time for you to relieve some of that tension I know you've been carrying around."

I sighed and scratched my head, glancing in Axil's direction, "fine, let's g-"


Before I could finish my sentence, a heavy body slammed into me, knocking both of us to the ground.

"Get down," Axil ordered suddenly from above me, startling both Liza and I as Liza squealed and crouched down reflexively.

I placed my hands on his chest that was glued to mine, ignoring the fluttering in my stomach and prepared to push him off of me. However, before I could do that the sound of gun shots was heard as my bedroom windows shattered.

Liza and I screamed as I found myself burying myself in Axil's chest as he tightened his hold around me and pressed us tight against the floor.

"What the hell is happening!?" Liza screamed, now plastered snow angel style across the floor, terrified.

My eyes were wide open as the sound of gunshots continued to go off threateningly, echoing loudly in my ears. The room that I had just repaired began to shatter once more.

I acted immediately and called forth the magic that festered around my heart, muttering, "rebound."

A magic circle appeared around the three of us, causing the bullets to bounce off of the barrier I created.

The sounds of the bullets shattering my bedroom items faded slightly as the barrier managed to reduce outside noises.

I peeked out from underneath Axil, peering over at Liza to make sure that she was alright.

Both of us made eye contact, fear shining clearly amongst our gazes.

We've never experienced this before. Of course we'd be afraid. I was lucky enough to have reacted so quickly. If not... we might have died...

I tightened my hold on Axil's shirt, my thoughts scattering all over the place.

"We need to leave," Axil said, drawing our attention to his face that was void of expression. As if what just happened didn't affect him. His eyes were firm and commanding, telling us that this was his area of expertise.

I completely agreed with him.

"But where? And how the hell are we supposed to get out? And who the hell is shooting at us and why????" Liza asked question after question frantically.

I frowned as I gazed at our surroundings. The shooting stopped...

"It's over," I muttered.

Axil shook his head, "it's not. They're coming into the house to make sure we're dead."

"You can hear them?" I asked, "how many are there and who are they?"

Axil frowned as he continued to listen closely. "I can't tell the exact amount but I'm positive it's over ten people."

He tensed up as if he heard something dreadful, then turned his determined gaze to me.

I shivered as they explored my face, very aware of our position right now. For some reason though, I didn't feel uncomfortable with him this close to me... I felt warm... and safe.

"We need to leave right now. Does your house have a secret exit?" He reluctantly got off of me and stood up, gazing around at my damaged bedroom.

"No. There's no exit upstairs, unless we jump out the window but that'll just break our limbs. Besides, we have nowhere to go." Liza muttered, sitting up and hugging her arms around herself.

An idea entered my mind.

"I can mask our presence and erase us from the eyesight of others. That way, we can easily slip by them and leave. With my abilities, I can get us out the window safely."

Liza's eyes sparkled, "like invisibility?"

I nodded, "similar concept yes, but a little different."

Axil nodded at me, "quickly do it. They're getting closer."

I took a deep breath then exhaled, waving my hand out in front of me, "cloak." I muttered, feeling the power behind that simple command as it rushed forth from within me and blanketed us.

I got off of the floor and went to help Liza up, grabbing a tight hold of her hand as I pulled us both closer to Axil.

My bedroom door creaked open...

In came an army of police officers, drowned in the familiar blue and white uniform.

My mouth opened in surprise as Liza gasped from beside me.

"The Sylia cops!? What the hell did we do?" Liza whispered in astonishment, mirroring my thoughts.

"The room is all clear," an officer stated to the others behind him.

A deep, baritone voice commanded from behind the crowd, "clear the way and sweep the room. We all heard the screams. I sensed their presence just a while ago. They're cornered."

Axil tensed beside me and took a step forward, as if preparing to rush out of my protective range. I quickly gripped his hand and turned his attention to me.

I furrowed my brows as anticipation briefly flashed behind his eyes.

I shook my head, telling him not to move. His eyes began to glow slightly, as if fighting something inside of him before he nodded his head reluctantly.

The crowd of cops parted, as what looked like their deputy appeared between them.

I placed a hand to cover Liza's mouth as I predicted it.

She gasped again.

I was tempted to do so as well but I managed to control my reflex.

The deputy officer's face was a mask of indifference as his eyes scanned the entire room. What was most shocking was his striking resemblance to Axil.

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