Wolf of Stone

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Chapter 19

“That bitch!”

The maid squealed in surprise as a vase flew pass her head and smashed against the sky blue walls. Her little body trembled in fear as she nervously stood to the side and waited, her hands folded behind her back.

The raging woman turned her vengeful gaze towards the maid.

“How long do I have before he gets here?”

“T_twenty more minutes ma’am,” came the maid’s stuttered response.

The woman then began to pace the length of the room as she muttered curses upon curses beneath her breath. Her blue eyes were occasionally shifting towards the door to her room anxiously. Her black hair was pulled back into a ponytail.

Her friend, who sat in the armchair lazily, glanced up from her phone with a frown, “Tiana, you’re going to burn a hole into the door if you don’t stop that.”

Tiana threw up her hands in frustration and turned to her silver haired friend, “what am I supposed to do then!? That witch bitch went and freed the one person who could ruin our plans! THE ONE PERSON!! Do you know how hard it was for us to trap that beast!?” She fumed, taking up her laptop from off of the coffee table and flinging it against the wall with a scream.

A little dramatic on her part...

The friend winced, “there goes another thousand dollars... not like you don’t have the money anyway, Mrs. Jones.”

Tianna nervously bit at her fingernails and glanced at the door again, “this is serious, Destiny. When he comes home he’s going to take his anger out on me! I have to do something.”

Destiny shrugged and continued typing away at her phone, “what can you do? You’ve already sent the cops to kill them and they escaped. Guessing by the fact that you have control over everyone in this town they aren’t hiding out anywhere near here which only leaves the woods. You can’t have the werewolves going into the woods, now can you?”

Tiana’s eyes brightened in excitement, “you’re right... I can’t send the werewolves out there... but what about my little babies?” A knowing smirk curled onto her lips.

Destiny snorted, “those mutts? They’re going to destroy more than just those three if you let them loose.”

Tiana waved her hand dismissively, “the damage means nothing to me as long as I can kill that bastard before he regains his full strength,” a shiver ran down her spine at the mere thought of that happening, “just thinking of that mutt with powers have me wary.”

“Then just do what you did the last time, aren’t your experiments progressing well?”

Tiana hummed, “they are but they also take up a lot of magic energy. I’d need his permission to dispatch such a pricey bounty.”

Destiny sighed in disappointment, “girl I don’t even know why you’re doing all of this, especially for a man like that.”

Tiana placed a finger to her lips and glared at her only friend, “shhh watch your mouth when we’re in this house. ”

Destiny rolled her eyes and got up, “yeah yeah yeah, I’ll be long gone before he gets back anyway. Not like he’d dare to touch me...”

Tiana glanced over at the shivering maid and ordered, “clean this shit up. You have ten minutes.”

Then she lead Destiny out of the room and towards the back of the house, where the portal was.

“Have you found the girl yet?” Tiana asked.

Destiny sighed, “no we haven’t. To make it worst we don’t have any information on her at all. We don’t have her name nor do we have any records of her ever entering human territory.”

“It shouldn’t be that hard to find a little girl that resembles Elizabeth.”

Destiny shot her a weird look, “are you blind? There are billions of people on this blasted planet, who wouldn’t share similar features?”

“I’m kind of worried though... if we don’t find her before she understands what she’s capable of then we’re all dead.”

Destiny shrugged, “That’s what we get when we try to eliminate our superiors.”

They approached an obsidian door that was at the end of the hallway and Tiana opened it to gaze at the glowing gold barrier that pulsed with energy within the doorframe.

She glanced back at Destiny, “when will you be coming again?”

A wicked smile curled up her lips as she responded, “when you finally give up on this stupid project of yours. It’s been years now... like seriously if you want more power just help me look for the last prophet and share the knowledge gained.”

Tiana stepped aside and shook her head with a sad smile, “I can’t. I love Michael and if this is what he wants then I want it as well.”

“Suit yourself,” Destiny waved a hand over her shoulder as she disappeared through the door, “I’ll keep in touch.”

“Say hi to the council for me!” Tiana called out quickly before Destiny’s entire body disappeared.

She sighed and closed the door, leaning her back against it and closing her eyes.

Her heart unexpectedly softened as an image of a man flashed before her eyes.



Back in the forest....

My heart galloped like a mother trucking horse as the image of a dog that spat lava entered my mind.

I’ve never seen a Hellhound before but from what I’ve heard, they were ferocious beasts who’s talons could slice through an iron door and canines could rip through a rocket ship. They had the ability to make themselves vanish before their prey’s eyes, becoming invisible. At first I thought it was an exaggeration of course cause let’s be real. Why the hell would a dog want to chew a rocket ship? It’s ridiculous.

But when I was in high school, I stumbled upon a book of demons that showed me the image of how a true hellhound looked.

It was an enormous black furless dog, almost twice the size of a werewolf with bright neon eyes and drool dripping from it’s sharp canines. It could stand on two feet if it chose to and had the ability to shoot fire from their mouth. The Devil’s destructive pet.

Looking at that picture alone... I knew... that was no exaggeration.

The witch who summoned them must have been extremely powerful. I even heard that the ritual itself came with a very high price.

She must have been desperate as hell.

“This is definitely Tiana’s doing. She’s here to kill us off,” Axil growled angrily, “and that bastard is just letting her.”

I stared wide eyed at the shrubs as they continued to rustle, ferocious snarls and growls echoing around the clearing yet nothing could be seen.

Axil cursed, “I’m still too weak.”

“Why aren’t they approaching us?” I asked fearfully, frozen on the ground as my breathing became raspy from fear.

My mind screamed to run run run but my body refused to move.

Axil’s eyes never strayed from the edge of the clearing, his figure tense and alert as if ready to fight if need be.

“I don’t know...”

A twinge of something red peeked through the cluster of trees, causing me to squint my eyes to get a better view.

The tree leaves were slowly withering away as the red haze ate at them.


My eyes widened in surprise as I screeched, “they’re burning the forest!?”

Axil growled, “they’re trapping us.”

They’re smart!?


I felt my insides turn cold as my face paled in horror. I’ve never heard of this before!!

“Stay here,” Axil ordered, getting up from beside me and carefully approaching where the fire continued to spread.

The funny thing was though, the fire didn’t spread into the clearing... it just continued to burn outside of it as if there was a barrier around us... but I couldn’t sense anything.

I looked a little closer and gasped in surprise as I realized that the burnt leaves were slowly withering then blooming again as if they were never harmed.

Axil cautiously approached the entrance into this clearing and peered at the trees in wonder, “the home of the fairies...” he trailed off.

Keeps out those that wish to cause harm... I mentally continued.

“So we’re safe?” I asked hesitantly.

Axil glanced back at me with a relieved smile, “for now at lea-”

A huge ball of fire slammed into him, causing him to fly a few paces back as he crashed into a tree. The fire continued to eat at his figure as he groaned and twitched on the ground in pain.

A air piercing scream released itself from my mouth as my hand immediately shot up to my mouth to muffle the sound.

I got up from my position on the ground and stumbled backwards away from him as my terrified eyes stuck to his burning figure.

Liza... who was sleeping heavily throughout everything finally woke up to my scream.

She quickly scrambled up, “what the fuck was that!?”

I continued to stare wide eyed at Axil... my mouth tearing open in horror at the sight before me.

I was frozen... my mind went blank and I suddenly found myself wanting to turn my back and run.

Liza screamed as her gaze landed on Axil and she ran towards him and tried picking up his heavy body.

“Ezzy! Help me pull him towards the water! Ezzy c’mon!” She struggled to drag him across the clearing.

Her words entered one ear then left the other, failing to register with me as I continued to hyperventilate. Fear clouded my heart and caused me to tremble. The image of the ferocious dogs were clearly in my mind even though I couldn’t literally see them.

Another fireball slipped through the strained barrier around this place and landed a few meters to my side.

Liza and I screamed as I fell on my behind and crawled away desperately.

I closed my eyes tightly...

Someone... please... help me...

I cried out pathetically in my mind, refusing to open my eyes and face the dangers that I’ve put myself in.

It reminded me of that night... when everything fell apart...


I couldn’t do anything at all as I felt my vision going dark as some unknown energy forced me into the dark recesses of my mind.

Liza screamed, “Oh my god! Ezzy do something!!”

I couldn’t respond, my mind was preoccupied as my body went into auto control and lifted me off of the ground.

I felt as though something else... no... someone else was controlling my body... someone dear to me... I felt safe.


I raised a hand in Axil’s direction and flicked my wrist at the fire that burned at him, ”enough.”

My voice sounded exactly the same... except I was more confident... sure of myself than I have ever been in a long long time.

It kind of reminded me of... my sister.

But that’s impossible... I haven’t sensed my sisters for years.

Liza checked Axil’s figure as the fire disappeared, tears leaking down her face.

“Take him and dump him into the water. They will heal him,” I or whoever the fuck was inside of me directed her.

Liza furrowed her eyebrows at me in confusion, realizing that something was off. However, she still followed my instructions and dragged Axil towards the water.

I turned my attention to the entrance of the clearing as the beasts continued to growl and snarl at us behind the greenery, trying to break through whatever protection was around this place.

My eyes burned a bright purple in anger, ”burn them all.”

The energy that laid dormant around my heart awakened to the sound of my command, eagerly accepting and calling forth a harsh and ferocious flame as the ground beneath us cracked and gave way to molten hot lava.

The growls soon turned to whimpers and howls of pain as the Hellhounds got decimated in what I’ve come to recognize as Hell’s fire.

The fire ate at my enemies with a vengeance, feeding off of my vengeful emotions.

“Holy shit,” I could hear Liza fangirling somewhere behind me.

It was only when all the enemies disappeared did the fire slowly die out and traveled back to hence it came, beneath the ground as it closed as if I didn’t just crack it open.

The clearing became peaceful once more.

A smile tilted up my lips as I found myself losing my balance.

“Your welcome,” I or whoever was inside of me muttered.

Then everything went dark.

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