Wolf of Stone

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Chapter 20

This again...

I stared at the black canvas before me as many tiny specs began to appear. As I stood there, refusing to at least try to run away like the last time, I watched as those tiny specs began to expand slowly into bright, purple stars, glittering all around me.

It was a beautiful sight... and if I was really interested in astrology then I would have wanted to capture this moment by taking a picture.

Beneath me, I could see even more stars as I stood on nothing but air. It was like the universe called to me... urging me to see what I was meant to see.

Last time though, I only saw the neighbor's kid. Which wasn't much help since I couldn't determine whether it was past, present or future. Why were these visions even coming to me now at a time like this? What was I supposed to see?

I placed my hands on my hip as I blinked at the stars before me.

"What the hell do you want from me?"

No response was heard. Everything was eerily silent. I sighed.

I glimpsed a faint image from the corner of my eyes and turned to look in that direction.

I gasped in surprise. My heart clenching in pain as an image of a girl appeared next to me. Everything about her features screamed my name that if it wasn't for the mole that rested beside her nose I would have assumed that she was just a mere reflection of myself.

I felt my lungs choke up as my trembling lips parted to speak, yet I couldn't get out a single sound. My eyes turned glossy with tears.


The girl lifted a hand and pointed forward.

Despite myself, I reluctantly turned to gaze at what she was pointing at only to be knocked out by a large purple star as it collided with my body.

I gasped as I suddenly found myself back in the forest... near the cave's entrance once more with a whimpering kid curled up under a tree.

This again?

I frowned as I walked towards him and knelt down, reaching a hand forward only for it to pass through his body. Why was I keep seeing this? What was I supposed to do about it?

Another whimper was heard, causing me to snap my head to the side and at another tree where a teenage girl was curled up under, crying.

My eyes widened in surprise as I glanced at yet another tree where a fully grown man was grunting in pain...

What the hell was going on?

One by one... everywhere around me people appeared to be in pain and agony... trembling on the ground as if something was clawing at them.

Then I heard it... the sounds of bones breaking as thousands of screams filled the air.

I covered my ears in fright as my widened eyes stared at the bent limbs of these people in horror.

"Please make it stop... I promise I won't come into the woods again! I swear!" Kyle cried out, turning my gaze back to his little body as his leg twisted gruesomely.

My body felt weak as if I were about to faint from the trauma.


Why were they like this?

It's like... their beasts were trapped... suppressed and trying to find its way out...

My eyes widened in realization just as the vision disappeared before me, blanketing everything in darkness once more.

I gasped for breath as I shot up out of my sleep, my hand instinctively clinging to my chest.

That was...

My eyes were wide in disbelief as my thoughts ran wild.

Things were beginning to fall in line...

Of course!

To think I've missed this!

Excitement festered around my heart as my mind reeled at this new revelation.

"Wow wow wow, take it easy you overpowered studdess," Liza's voice snapped me out of my thoughts as she appeared next to me, cross-legged on the ground. She patted my back gently, "you alright?"

It was only then did I realize that I was gasping for breath. The effects of the vision I was thrust into.

I waved her away, "I'm fine, fine... what did you just call me?"

Liza grinned, "an overpowered studdess."

I raised an eyebrow, "and what is a studdess?"

"A female version of a stud."


"I'm done with you."

Liza laughed and nudged my shoulder, "Don't pretend it's not true. You were so badass out there I almost didn't recognize you!"

"Yeah yeah," I groaned as I stretched my aching limbs.

An image of a certain person appeared in my mind.

I gasped, "Axil! What happened to Axil!?"

Liza's eyes brightened in response as she pointed over her shoulder, "he's sleeping right over there. Oh my god! You should've seen what happened! It was so freaking awesome!!"

I stood up on aching limbs and immediately latched my eyes onto Axil's unmoving figure on the ground. I walked over and knelt down beside him, my heart twisting at his peaceful expression.

I hesitated...

I almost got him killed because I froze while he burnt...

Guilt and shame tugged at my heartstrings as I reluctantly traced my fingers across his face.

"How was he healed?" I asked.

Liza came to stand next to me, "that's the awesome part. I threw him into the pond and watched the water caress him, peeling off his dead flesh and giving way to the new skin beneath. Bruh you should have seen it though! The way his skin p-"

"I don't need that much details!" I cringed as the image appeared in my mind. "Did you see anyone?"

"Nope. It was just Axil in there, floating around. When I was sure he was fully healed, I dragged him back out and he's been sleeping ever since."

"How long has it been?"

"Just a few hours, the sun's out so I'd assume late morning to early afternoon."

I sighed deeply and pulled back my hand, looking up at Liza. I reeled back in surprise at the big cheshire grin that was on her face.


"You like him, don't you?"

I spluttered in disbelief, "what!?"

Liza smirked at me, "don't pretend like it's a secret. I literally see it every day. Was just waiting for a time where I can get you alone... so, are you guys together?"

I sighed and ran a hand down my face, "Liza... the man is unconscious on the ground because I watched him burn alive and you're talking about us being together!?"

Liza waved a dismissive hand, "tough love, am I right?"

My mouth twitched slightly as I tried to keep the smile from showing. This was not the time or place.

I turned back to Axil and cupped his cheek gently, "after what I did..." I trailed off.

Liza patted my back, "don't beat yourself up about it. Knowing Axil he'd perfectly understand. You're not accustomed to this type of gruesome scenery. It's natural for you to freeze up."

"But you didn't..."

Liza snorted, "honey I live for the supernatural. I could be writhing on the ground in pain while y'all are fighting and I'd still take my curious ass off that ground to watch."

I rolled my eyes and chuckled.

"Of course you would."

I pulled back my hands as Axil began to wake up, lazily blinking his eyes.

His voice came out croaked as he muttered, "you don't have to pull back... I love your touch."

My face heated as I cleared my throat and got up from my position.

"You alright?" Liza asked.

Axil groaned as he sat up and stretched, "surprisingly, yeah."

I hugged myself and gazed down at the ground. Knowing he could hear me, I whispered, "I'm sorry that it took me so long to help you."

Axil blinked at me in confusion and tilted his head to the side, "what are you talking about? You may have froze up but I'm still alive because of you... so thank you."

I pursed my lips to the side, knowing that I had no part in saving him at all. I was just a vessel to someone else...

But was it really...


It couldn't be...

They're dead.

And I had more important matters to deal with.

I think it's time we stopped snooping around and face Tiana semi face to face.

Yes semi cause ain't noway I'm putting myself in any more unnecessary danger.


"You guys," I called out to get their attention, raising my eyes to stare at them determinedly, "I know what we should do to switch things in our favor... and Axil," I smiled at him, "it's time to get your family back."
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