Wolf of Stone

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Chapter 21

"So here's what I figured out," I made sure that I've gained both of their attention before continuing, "The beasts within all werewolves of Sylia are being suppressed by Tianna. We've already kinda figured out that much but I've figured out exactly how it's being done and the spells that are being used."

"What's going on then?" Liza asked.

"Double edged spells, meaning spells that could be cast simultaneously without canceling each other out. It's really rare amongst our kind and only a select few has the ability. Apparently, Tiana, combined a surpressive spell with a memory altering spell. By doing this, you have a town filled with oblivious werewolves who think they're humans."

"So how do we fix it?" Axil asked.

"In order for her to reach an entire village, Tiana had to have been standing at a central spot within the village back then. This would have given her a better chance of reaching everyone."

"The central part back then was our pack house."

"Which is now a historical museum." Liza finished.

"So that's where I need to go to dissolve the spell. Get me there and I'll be able to fix your people."

"But everyone's looking for us. Would we even get there before someone arrests us?"

"That's why we need a distraction. My first thought was to separate us but that's not safe. So our best option is for me to summon a demon."

"A what!?"

"Isn't that black magic?"

"Not necessarily."

"What are you summoning?" Axil asked.

"It's a trickster demon. I've read in a book once that they have the ability to take the form of whomever they've been in contact with, apparently tricking kids into going down to hell with them."

"Umm that's not worrying at all." Liza trailed off.

"Don't worry. Once I've summoned it, I have a way of controlling it."

"Isn't it dangerous?" Axil asked.

"If it was anyone else attempting it, there would be potential risks but I'm pretty confident of my abilities. It can start a disturbance at the edge of town, which would attract the officers."

"But if my brother is in charge of them, his first thought would be to send some to check it out and leave some behind just in case of an emergency."

"Then we'll just have to keep them occupied as well."


A wicked grin curled up my lips, "set the police station on fire."


Abel sighed heavily as his eyes took in the amount of paperwork that was scattered across his desk. He had tons load of work to do, including finding the slippery bastards that got away from them. He couldn't possibly understand how they did it. The house itself didn't have any exits on the second floor.

He frowned as his chest became heavy, as if uncomfortable with his thoughts itself.

He could never understand why he felt like this. It was like... something was scratching at him to reveal itself and no matter how hard he thought or searched, he couldn't find the cure for his itch.

He sighed and massaged the crease between his brows. His shoulders felt heavy as if this huge burden was weighing down on him.

The mayor was on his ass about dealing with those murderers before they killed anyone else. What he couldn't understand though was why they took the extreme route of killing on sight instead of taking them into custody to be locked away in prison.

He shook his head and got rid of those thoughts. His duty was to protect the village and maintain the law, not worrying about stuff that might cause his loyalty to the mayor to be questioned.

But still... that room... at their house, it felt like he was being watched.

Ezmira and Liza Franchild... they moved into their town a few months before and have apparently been on the run for years from the NCPD, wanted for murder of not only one but many people.

When he entered that room, his heart had turned slightly cold as this foreshadowing washed over him. When he felt like he was being watched, the itch came back with full force. Irritating him and making him want to scratch his skin off.

Abel picked up his phone as it began to ring.

"Officer Lewis speaking. "

"Hey, this is Officer Brady. We've sighted both Liza and Ezmira Franchild at the edge of town. They're currently in a mini mart browsing through the store. We have the building surrounded, waiting for your orders sir."

Abel hummed in acknowledgement and tapped his finger on his desk. His mind processing the information.

"Why would they show themselves in the open like that? What are they planning?" He asked himself while in deep thought.


He quickly gave orders, "just watch and observe for now. If they make any suspicious movements, report them to me. I want squad one and four surrounding the building. Squad five should send a few members into the store dressed casually, the others should be waiting in regular vehicles outside."

"And you sir?"

Abel furrowed his brows, unease clenching at his chest as he carefully thought this through. It seemed so easy that he couldn't possibly believe there was nothing more to this. He had to remain cautious.

"I'll stay here with the other squads. We outnumber them already. We don't need the entire department going after just two people."

"Yes sir," Then they hung up the phone.

Abel frowned and gazed down at the papers in front of him, not really focusing at all on the words written on the papers.

His stomach felt queezy and his heart was racing. He wasn't sure why but he felt like something was about to happen. Something big.

His phone rang again.

"Officer Lewis speaking."

"Sir, this is Officer Hayden of squad seven. There's been a bank robbery on Deliware Main. There are hostages in the building and we need reinforcements."

The feeling of impending danger deepened. Abel quickly directed squad nine to help deal with the issue, hanging up on the phone only for another call to be made.

There's been a shoot out and people were injured...

Then a series of other issues arrived that needed their attention.


"What the hell is going on?" Abel questioned aloud, confused beyond belief and just about ready to pull his hair out.

Suddenly an alarm sounded, causing him to wince at the suddenness of the sound.

The pounding of footsteps was heard just before urgent knocking rained down on his office door, causing Abel to glare at the door in annoyance.

"What?" He snapped in frustration.

"Sir, the building is on fire!"

Abel was ready to cry in exasperation.
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