Wolf of Stone

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Chapter 22

"What are you doing?" Liza asked from behind me.

I ignored her question and continued to search the clearing for something sharp and jagged. There was no time to waste. The quicker we accomplished this the better.

I spotted a seashell across from me and hurriedly picked it up, rubbing my fingers across it's edges to test it's strength and sharpness. It seemed sharp enough.


I could feel their inquisitive gazes burning into me as I got absorbed into my thoughts, contemplating.

Without hesitation, I took the shell and stabbed it into my wrist, biting my lips to refrain from crying out in pain. My flesh split open and caused a trickle of blood to flow down my arm. I placed my hand out in front of me and muttered,

"Beneath the earth, buried deep

Where the fire rages and monsters sleep

I call to me the trickster of three

Arise, you shall no longer sleep."

I watched cautiously as my blood that dripped onto the ground began to move and expand, creating a summoning circle that has recently been imprinted on my mind. I directed the blood with my eyes, carefully lining out the circle with the shape of a pyramid imprinted on the inside. On that same pyramid, an eye formed, this was called the pyramid of annihilation.

I repeated the spell once more before inhaling deeply, reaching into the depths of my being and exhaling a cloud of purple mist onto the circle.

I stepped back as the blood pyramid inside the circle began to spin, the purple mist expanding and flowing around the edge of the circle, creating a wall before us.

"That's so pretty," Liza gushed in awe.

I took a step back and warned, "you guys better keep at a safe distance. Don't speak unless I tell you to."

The eye within the pyramid snapped open, then there was a sharp crunching sound as the ground within the circle split open and a hand stretched out to grab onto the solid ground outside the crack.

Liza yelped in surprise and instantly came to cling onto my hand. I wrapped my uninjured arm around her and made sure she was half behind me.

A mop of black silky hair popped up afterwards, the demon's fingers digging into the earth as it tried to pull itself up.

"This is some serious dead girl in the well type shit, my heart feels like it's about to explode!" Liza trembled beside me.

I muttered, "don't be afraid, I've got you."

It took the demon whole five minutes to pull itself from the ground.

Silence rained down on the clearing.

All three of us stared at the clouded crimson eyes that stared at us.

The demon sighed and ran a hand through his black waist length hair.

Lisa's grip tightened on my arm as she whispered, "Holy shit."

My mouth fell open slightly as disbelief clouded my eyes. I actually summoned a demon!?

I mean... it was to be expected but the fact that it was actually done was mind blowing! I've never summoned a demon before! I've never even seen one in real life until now!

"Don't tell me I was summoned on accident," the demon grumbled, squinting his eyes at the three of us.

I looked across at Axil and realized that his figure was bent slightly in a defensive position, preparing to launch an attack if necessary.

I quickly caught myself and snapped my mouth close, "you weren't," I cleared my throat.

The demon turned his deep red eyes towards me, causing me to shiver in fear as goosebumps littered my arms. He was a beautiful specimen but his eyes were a dark red with golden veins interlacing within them. When you looked closely at the black pupil within all that chaos, you felt something venemous tugging at your soul.

"Then why do you seem more shocked that I'm here than I am?"

"I... uh," I shook my head and straightened up. It was never good to show weakness before a demon, "anyways I summoned you here bec-"

"Wait wait wait," Liza interrupted me and stepped closer towards the demon curiously. I held her back by her arm. "Before we get down to business, I have to ask. Are all male demons as handsome as you are and if they are can they have sexual intercourse with a human girl?"

"Liza!" I hissed.

Liza glanced back at me defensively, "what? A girl's gotta weigh all her options here. These human men ain't shit."

My mouth fell open in surprise at the serious look on her face. The urge to face palm came over me but instead I rolled my eyes.

Typical Liza. At this point, I didn't know why I kept feeling surprised.

The demon chuckled and smiled cunningly at Liza, "are you interested, little girl?"

"I mean..." Liza shrugged, a coy smile tilting up her lips, "are you offering?"

The demon raised a brow in surprise.

"Okay okay okay, that's enough!" I pinched Liza's arm and watched as she winced and glared back at me. I narrowed my eyes at her, "that is a demon!"

"Well aren't you discriminating against race. I'm just playing around, I'm not serious... mostly."

I rolled my eyes, "of course you're not!"

"Don't act like you didn't say you'd fuck a demon if you ever met one!"

My eyes widened as my face flushed, "that was in high school! I was going through an anime guys are hot as hell faze!" I defended.

"Well I'm a late bloomer!"

"That doesn't make any sense!"

"You know what I mean though!"

"That's cause I had to learn how to understand dumb."

"Hell is hot!"

"We been knew this."

"You're terrible."

"You know this."

"Ezmira Riley Renae Franchild!"

"Ayoo!" I stared at her, offended, "why you violating? Giving out my full name for what?"

Liza laughed in response and stepped back to stand beside me again.

"You want to be with a demon?"

Axil's voice caused me to tense as I looked over at him. He watched us with amused eyes mixed with some other emotions I couldn't quite pinpoint. However, the contemplative look in his eyes didn't go unnoticed.

I could feel my face flush deeper in embarrassment, "I don't!"

"Excuse me?" The demon whistled to gain our attention. He picked at his teeth with a bored expression, "as much as I'd like to stand around and chat, I've just been interrupted from my sleep and I need to know why."

I cleared my throat and got back to business, "We need your help."

"That's not obvious."

I narrowed my eyes at his attitude, "well I'd like to go into more detail but first, aren't there supposed to be three of you?"

A dark shadow casted over the demon's face at my question.

"Are you sure you can handle all three of us?"

I hardened my gaze and spoke firmly, "it's not a matter of can I or can I not. I called for three of you so I demand the other two get out here right now."

The demon smirked and ran a hand through his hair, "you asked for this, witch."

Before our eyes, the demon's body began to expand as it split into two, followed by another figure.

"That's disgusting," Liza muttered.

Tell me about it. I silently agreed.

Not long after, three people stood before us, all of them sporting the same exact features that if it weren't for the boobs protruding out of the one on the right we'd have assumed he made clones of himself.

The female version turned to the one in the middle and gave him a slap atop his head, "what took you so long to bring us out moron!"

The demon shot her a glare and rubbed his head, "I was checking the merchandise, damn girl."

"It's a witch! What else could you possibly need to check!"

"Do you always have to give me a headache when we're together?"

"You give yourself a headache!"

The demon turned to us with an annoyed look on his face, "See what I told you? Should've just stick with me."

The demon on the left chuckled and shook his head. He stepped forward and bowed, "I apologize for our rude introduction. Allow me to make up for it. My name's Chaos and this is my brother Ego and my sister Illumy."

I glanced over at Liza as she glanced at me. She leaned down and whispered, "Identical triplets?"

I leaned in to respond, "forget that, what's up with the names?"

"Maybe it matches their personality?"

"Have to be."

"Why are you even being nice? It's just one witch, a weak ass human and a mutt. We're free!" Illumy grumbled before she locked eyes with me. A wicked smile curled up her lips as she suddenly disappeared from view and appeared right in front of our faces, her hand raised as if ready to launch an attack.

Liza screeched in surprise.

I was already prepared for this. I twisted my head slightly and watched as an invisible force knocked into her and blew her away and into a tree.

Axil quickly came to stand in front of me as the other two demons looked at me in surprise.

Illumy groaned as she slowly got up from the bent tree that looked like it was ready to topple over. Her arm was twisted gruesomely but she snapped it back without hesitation as if the pain meant nothing to her.

"So you're that kind of witch." Illumy muttered in annoyance.

Ego laughed and placed his hand on her shoulder as she came back to stand beside them, "this is what you get for being impatient!"

"Shut up."

Chaos smiled at us and kept up his nice persona, "what is it do you want from us?"

"I need you to do what you do best. Trick, deceive, I want you to cause a big disturbance around this town that lures everyone away from the museum that is built in the center of it. Everyone is currently looking for us so do what you have to do to get them away from the museum and out of our way."

"By any means necessary?"

I squinted my eyes in suspicion, "No killing, No torture, nobody gets hurt. We just need a distraction."

Chaos nodded in understanding then cunningly asked, "and what would be our payment in this deal? As I'm sure you know that those who bargain with demons must pay a price for our labor."

I raised an eyebrow at the wicked look on his face. His nice boy act didn't fool me one bit. His eyes were calculating and menacing.

I sneered, "Do I look stupid to you? I summoned you with my own blood, which means that there's a link between us. We don't need to make deals. The weak bends to the will of the stronger being. Now tell me, can you break my soul and make me bend?" I stared straight into his chaos filled eyes and watched as he clenched his jaw in anger.

We all knew who the strongest within this clearing was.

Not that I was overestimating myself or anything. It was just plain out facts. I'm not smug at all. No sir, couldn't be me.

Ego shrugged and turned around to start walking out of the clearing, his hands buried in his pockets. "I say we just do it. I kinda like this witch," He called out over his shoulder.

Chaos growled and turned away from us, "give us 10 minutes. Let's go Illumy."

"Yeah yeah," Illumy muttered as they left.

Once I no longer felt their presence, I turned to Liza and Axil, "let's go."
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