Wolf of Stone

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Chapter 23

"Ten minutes sure feels like ten hours... and I'm hungry as hell, my back feels sore and I feel like I've been baked in mud. When is this going to be over!? I wanna cry, look at me," Liza rambled on and on as we walked through the forest, "how are we even going to know when they're ready?"

I glanced over at her as I ducked under a tree branch, "they're demons, trust me we'd know."

"Speaking of, are you sure that was a wise idea, summoning them? Like wasn't there an easier option?"

"Oh definitely."

Liza stopped and turned to look at me. I stopped and met her inquiring gaze.

"I could've simply altered our appearance and body, but then again strangers coming into town at a time like this would be suspicious," I shrugged.

Liza raised a brow, "but it would've still worked no?"

"I mean sure, as long as we found fresh clothing I'm sure it would've worked out fine."

She squinted her eyes suspiciously, "Then why were the demons summoned?"

I smiled sheepishly, "cause I've always wanted to do a summoning. Needed a reason to do so though so this situatuon came in handy. One good thing I got out of helping out. Now let's go."

Liza gaped at my back as I walked by her and followed behind Axil.

We walked for another good five minutes before the sound of various screams broke our stride.

"What the hell is that!?" Liza exclaimed as she looked around us, startled.

There was nothing but trees and shrubs around us, so she was probably wondering where the sound was coming from. Of course, Axil and I immediately knew.

"I'm guessing that's our signal?" Axil asked as he looked back at me.

I pointed at the deep crimson, crystal ball floating above our heads as it continued to emit screams of terror, "definitely."

I grabbed Liza's hand and pulled us closer beside Axil before I placed a hand on his shoulder, "Prepare yourselves."

Liza furrowed her brows, "for wh-"

I closed my eyes and immediately delved into Liza's mind, wincing as many images began to invade mine. I ignored her cry for pain as I hurriedly looked for the image I came for. It didn't take long.


An image of the museum appeared before me, standing tall with glory as it's white walls towered a good three storage high, arched windows decorating its front with the large statue of a man decorating its entrance. It was more like a fountain as I glimpsed the water that ran out of the man's mouth and into the pool beneath his feet. This was our target.

I projected the image among all three of us before summoning the magic that dwelled at my heart, allowing it to blanket our bodies in its embrace. Soon, we were swallowed by a bright purple hue and our surroundings blurred out of focus for a second before it became fixed again.

We were now standing before that very same museum.

"Oww what the hell was that for?" Liza exclaimed as she clutched at her now throbbing head.

I glanced at her briefly, "sorry about that, didn't expect it to hurt you."

"Didn't expect it to hurt my ass. This is vengeance I tell you, I knew you lowkey hated me. Just you wait, I'll get you back for this," she grumbled to herself as she took a seat on the fountain edge.

My lips tilted up slightly as I ignored her and looked around at our surroundings. I peeked around the fountain and looked at the entrance to the museum. Two guards were positioned outside the doors, deep in conversation.

"Shhh shut up," I whispered to Liza who continued to mutter in distress.

Axil peeked over my shoulder, "want me to knock them out?"

I waved my hand dismissively, "it's fine. I can handle this."

I gestured my hand towards the guards and muttered, "sleep," watching as they suddenly collapsed at the command.

"We've gotta get inside the building. We're looking for a room that's covered in strange symbols on the walls. You'd know what I mean when you see it. Let's go and stay close," I explained, quickly walking towards the entrance.

Axil came up next to me, "I'll listen out for any more guards."

I nodded in agreement and took a slight step behind him, allowing him to take the lead and direct us towards the path with the least people. His senses were needed at this time. I had to admit that mine were not as powerful as his kind.

We entered the museum perfectly unscathed.

As we walked the halls, looking for that one particular room, we avoided as many guards as we could and whenever we did run into one or two of them either Axil or I would knock them out and hide them in one of the rooms.

I didn't even have the luxury of stopping to gaze and admire the art and history that was built up over all these years by this little town. Well it wasn't like I was the least bit interested anyway, but I do have to admit, the decor was amazing.

I glanced across at the huge floor to ceiling painting that stood on the wall to our right and stopped dead in my tracks. My entire body tensed up as disbelief and anger flared up inside of me.

My eyes zeroed in on the canvas that displayed a beautiful starry night, with millions of multicolored stars glimmering against the pitch black sky. Beneath this sky, resided a familiar city. Beautiful crystal buildings towered high, shrouding the narrow streets that were scattered with running people. What caught my attention the most though, was the fire that ate at these buildings, the bright haze that tore itself through the streets and buried the people alive. I could see it vividly, their torn and pained expressions as the fire nipped at their flesh, engulfing them. There was nowhere for them to run.

My heart clenched in pain as I fisted my hands at my sides.

Who painted this?

Which fucking bastard did this?

The ground shook slightly as my gaze flared with anger.

"Ezzy?" I heard Liza call out from behind me.

"I'll kill them," I growled in anger, placing my hand on the painting and watching as it caught on fire, withering away and revealing a door behind it.


My eyes glared at the door in anger as I urged it to tear open and open it did. The sound of the door hitting hard against the wall resounded around the entire hall.

The room was pitch black.

Axil placed a hand on my shoulder as I took a step forward. I looked back and met his gaze. He stared at me, probing me for answers as I fumed.

"I can't sense anything in there. Let me enter first," he said.

"I'm fine."

"Your eyes are glowing," Liza pointed out, "you are not fine."

My chest felt like it was on fire and ready to burst forth at any moment. The ground shook again.

Axil narrowed his eyes, "calm down."

I gritted through my teeth, "I'm calm."

"And I'm a virgin," Liza equipped sarcastically, "seriously Ezzy I've never seen you mad at anything before so what's wrong? I can tell from Axil's expression and the shaking ground right now that you being angry is NOT a good thing."

I rolled my eyes and shrugged Axil's hand off of my shoulder, walking into the room with long strides.

My mistake.

The floor beneath me collapsed and caused me to fall swiftly downwards, falling towards only God knows where.

I screamed as the floor swallowed me in darkness.

Axil's eyes widened in surprise as Ezmira fell into the floor in front of them. He quickly reached out a hand to catch her but found that he was too late.

"Ezzy!" Liza called out in shock.

Both of them quickly entered the room, diving downwards into the pit as well, only for it to close up just before they could make it.

Axil frantically felt around on the floor for anything that could open it again, feeling a slight ache in his chest as a sense of foreshadowing washed over him.

He shouldn't have let her enter first.

The light in the room suddenly flicked on, surprising both him and Liza as they looked up in surprise.

Liza gasped.

They found the room.
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