Wolf of Stone

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Chapter 6


With my heart stuck in my throat, I quickly left my bedroom and headed straight towards Liza’s room.

She didn’t answer, which was justified considering the fight we just had but that was the least of my concerns at this point.

I quickly opened her bedroom door and strayed my eyes across her baby blue walls before my eyes locked onto her, lying on her bed with a cup of yogurt in her hands.

She glanced across at me but remained silent, turning her attention back to her Kindle as she watched what I assumed was Netflix.

“Liza,” I repeated her name, the words coming out rushed and frantic.

She probably recognized that something was wrong because she sighed and turned off her Kindle, turning her inquisitive eyes at me.

I paused for a brief second, gathering my bearings and trying to hide the panic that showed on my face. There was no need to alert her about anything. I myself wasn’t sure what the hell was going on.

I threw her a cautious smile, “I’m gonna use the car and go get a few things from Ms. Aker’s store. I’ll be back in a few, stay here.”

Liza raised an eyebrow, “Not that I was going anywhere in the first place,” the double meaning behind her words was hard to miss, “but are you going dressed like that? You probably reek of sweat and you’re dirty as hell.”

I glanced down at the hiking gear I was still dressed in. Taking note of the dirt patches that stained my white fitted shirt and the soaked areas that were most definitely from my sweat. I grimaced.

“I’ll change first just stay here, alright?”

Liza furrowed her brows, “what are you talking about?”

I sighed and shook my head, waving a hand dismissively, “nothing,” I glanced at the yogurt in her hands with a frown, “is that my yogurt?”

“No?” She asked sheepishly.

I rolled my eyes and dismissed the thought, bringing my attention back to why I was here in the first place.

I left the room, closing it softly behind me. Hopefully it stayed shut until I was finished investigating.

“Say hi to Ms. Akers for me!” her voice sounded as I walked away from the room. Once I was sure that I was at a safe distance from her room, I sprinted down the stairs anxiously, surprised that I haven’t stumbled on my face in such a rush.

My barrier was one of the most powerful spells out there. It allowed people with good intentions through while it warded off those with ill thoughts against me.

The wolf entered my barrier without ill intentions, I knew but that didn’t stop my heart from leaping into my throat at the mere thought that such a strange creature that I’ve never met before could so easily wander into my home.

Deep down inside of me I knew that the wolf was not ordinary.

Why the hell did it follow us all the way here?

When I reached our front door, I paused briefly and considered my options. Observe, attack or call the cops? Why was I so afraid of an animal anyway? It may have been a statue before, but I’ve seen stranger things, haven’t I?

My head throbbed dully, signalling the incoming headache due to stress. It’s really been a long day.

I took in a deep breath and tried to calm my frenzied nerves, opening the door and stepping out onto my patio.

I froze as my gaze instantaneously met the predatory gaze of the wolf. Dark brown orbs clashing against light brown ones, one pair filled with curiosity and fascination whereas the other filled with anxiety and fear. Wasn’t hard to guess which emotions were mine.

He just sat there on his hind legs, staring at me with a deep gaze, searching... for what? I had no idea. His dark brown fur rustled in the wind; a few patches of blood could easily be seen but it didn’t look like he was the one injured. That alone heightened my guard against him.

“Why did you follow us?” I asked tentatively, unsure. I glanced at our neighbor’s house, wondering where the hell were they when you needed witnesses.

The wolf tilted his head to the side but remained silent, his eyes transfixed on mine.

A shiver went down my spine and I wrapped my arms around myself, taking a small step forward.

His eyes glowed intelligently, hinting at his ability to understand the words that came from my lips. If he could understand though... that would mean that he’s a...

It couldn’t be...

“Werewolf?” it came out as a whisper of disbelief as I allowed my eyes to devour his giant body. He was big enough that if he was standing next to me, he’d have towered over my poor 5′3 and a bit height, I usually just round it to 5′4.

Something brief flashed in the wolf’s eyes but yet he still remained silent. I felt like I was talking to myself.

I haven’t been in the world of the supernatural for so many years. There are a lot of species that I haven’t met or barely know about. This was my first time seeing a werewolf outside of pages... if he was a werewolf that is... but why is he here?

From what I’ve heard, werewolves lived in forests and rarely interacted with humans... and they sure as hell weren’t made of stone or could live in stone either.

I cleared my throat to clear the tension that hung in the air, at a lost for words as my thoughts spiralled.

A scream suddenly sounded from behind me, tearing me away from my thoughts and causing both me and the wolf to turn our gazes behind me.

Liza stood at the still opened door, a stupid mistake on my part, with her hands over her mouth and her eyes widened in terror and fear. Her gaze was trained on the wolf as if she couldn’t possibly believe what she was seeing.

I couldn’t even say I’m surprised she managed to find herself outside. Liza was literally a magnet for trouble.

I put out my hand in a calming manner, “don’t freak out Liza! You might startle him!” I said it casually as if I was talking about a mere pet. I just didn’t want Liza to do anything rash.

I didn’t know what it was, but something tickled my insides and reassured me that our lives weren’t in danger around this wolf. If he wanted to make a move, he’d have done it already. Plus, his intentions for coming here weren’t evil.

Liza stepped outside and grabbed a tight hold of my hand, her cautious eyes never leaving the wolf as she tugged me back.

“Get inside Ezy, I’m calling the cops!” she whispered frantically to me.

I resisted and tugged my hand from her hold, determined to figure out what the hell this wolf wanted. It was harder to get the answers I needed with Liza here though.

I turned my gaze back to the wolf and watched the confusion that swirled in his eyes.

Then a crack was heard.

It startled me so much that I took a step back and collided into Liza with an oomph. The both of us stared wide eyed as the wolf’s figure began to distort as the sound of bones breaking and grinding against each other was heard.

" Oh my god,” Liza whispered fearfully, her eyes trained on the wolf as his form began to shrink and transform before our very eyes.

My assumption was right. It was a werewolf.

Fur receded and made way for the brown skin beneath, sharp claws shrinking into muscular palms and his hind legs straightened out into strong muscular legs. The wolf head began to morph into that of a humans’, its large ears receding and muzzle turning into plump lips and a heavily bearded face. The locs on the man’s head was long and reached his chest, giving him the wild and savage look of a beast man. He kind of reminded me of Tarzan.

Once his transformation was over, he stood up proudly, his light brown eyes glowing and fixed on me.

My mouth was opened in a silent ‘o’ as I took him all in. Savage was the only thing that came to mind. My eyes lingered on his face that was covered with hair before trailing down to his muscular chest and toned arms, pausing at the dark markings that wrapped themselves around his chest before gliding my eyes down his toned abdomen.

As my eyes trailed lower, I felt my face heat up slightly as I cleared my throat and looked away. My heart throbbed anxiously, wondering why a werewolf of all creatures showed up on my doorstep.

“Witch,” his deep baritone voice addressed me.

Before I could formulate a response, a thud sounded beside me, straying my attention to the oblivious girl who fainted and fell onto the floor.

“Liza!” I gasped in shock and hurriedly went to lift her body off the floor, struggling to lift her heavy ass into my arms.

I didn’t know how he got so close to me so fast without me noticing... but suddenly, I tensed as I felt a presence move up to me.

“Let me help.”

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