Wolf of Stone

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Chapter 7

“Hell no!”

The words slipped out of my mouth before I could think it through, causing me to wince at how aggressive my voice sounded.

I cuddled Liza to my chest and hauled her up into my arms, grunting at the heavy weight that she put on my shoulders.

“She’d probably kill me if I let a naked man beast lift her defenseless body off the ground,” I mumbled as I dragged Liza through the door and left the man behind, my priorities shifting from dealing with a threat to making sure that Liza was safely laying down on our sofa, in the living room.

As soon as I touched the dark grey loveseat, I dumped Liza’s body onto it, exhaling sharply and rolling my shoulders to ease the discomfort from having Liza there.

“Why did you free me?” A voice came up from behind me.

I turned around and saw that the man followed me into the house, standing in my doorway with his intense brown eyes staring right at me. It was hard for me to focus with him being naked. I avoided eye contact as my heart beat irregularly.

“What are you talking about? Why are you here?” I asked in confusion.

“To ask for your help. You freed me.” came his response.

I hugged myself and shook my head, glancing up at his face, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” That much was true. I didn’t cast any spells when I was in the garden and Liza was just an oblivious human, neither of us played a part in breaking his stone... but if he said he was freed...

“Were you trapped or something?”

When I glanced at him again I realized that his eyes were wandering all over the room with curious and fascinated eyes. What he found so fascinating? I had no idea.

He ignored my question and spoke knowingly, “believe it or not, you’re the one that broke me out of my imprisonment,” he glanced at the still knocked out Liza then back to me, “I need your help.”

I furrowed my brows in disbelief, “what can I possibly help you of all people with?”

“I’m not familiar with this world. On my way here, I saw so many structures and weird metals that was carrying humans.”

My lips twitched slightly, “cars?”

He tilted his head to the side, “what’s a car?”

“It’s a machine that helps to transport us all over town, I’m guessing you saw our car that’s outside?”

He nodded then frowned, “why do you need transportation when you can just teleport? Can you not do that as a witch?”

I sighed and glanced down at Liza sadly, “it’s complicated. Besides, the humans are still oblivious to our existence.” I answered.

“Hmm,” he hummed in acknowledgment.

The room fell silent for a few minutes, me awkwardly trying to figure out what to say next... or more likely how to kindly run him out of my home while he just stood there and stared at me, deep in thought.

Liza’s groan snapped both of us out of our thoughts, alerting me to the fact that she was waking up.

My heart rate increased as I gestured towards the front door, “well I wasn’t the one who broke you from your imprisonment. It was nice meeting you but I’m afraid you need to leave. The help you’re looking for isn’t here, sorry.”

He didn’t move.

I anxiously glanced at the waking Liza then back at him, “I’d really hate to use force on you but you really need to leave.”

He furrowed his brows in confusion, “but I need your help and you’re the only person that can help me find my place in this time.”

A dry laugh escaped my lips, “trust me, I’m the last person anyone would ever turn to for help.”

"Why do you think that?"

I opened my mouth but found that I had no response as to why I thought that. I just did.

A scream pierced our ears causing both of us to wince as we turned to the screaming banshee, my stomach clenched in dread.

It was too late.

Liza scrabbled up from the sofa and fell onto the floor, her frantic eyes switching between me and the werewolf.

“What the hell is going on!?” She stuttered, turning her sharp piercing gaze towards me, “why are you so calm!? That... that thing was just an animal!!!”

I avoided her gaze, “you need to calm down Liza, I’ll explain this the best I could, just stay calm.”

Liza spluttered in disbelief and pointed at the man, “stay calm!? Are you out of your fucking mind!? What twist up shit have you gotten yourself involved in?? Omg omg I think I’m going to have a panic attack,” she fanned herself and took in deep breaths, trying to calm her racing heart.

I just stood there awkwardly, not knowing what to do. I glanced at the man who stared at Liza curiously before turning back to her.

I walked over to where she was on the floor and crouched down, turning her panic eyes towards mine. I tried my best to erase my anxiety and showed her the gentle care and love that I had for her in my eyes.

“Calm down, Liz. You’re safe as long as I’m here. Let me explain.” The words rolled off of my tongue smoothly seeming to have its effect as Liza’s breathing suddenly slowed.

I nodded in appreciation and glanced behind us at the stranger who just wouldn’t move from his damned spot, or find clothes to wear for that matter. It was so hard to focus on his face when literally everything was bare.

I cleared my throat, “so uh...what you saw outside the house was real. The supernatural is real and this wolf over here is a werewolf who was imprisoned into that stone thingy for many years until today. He’s here to ask for our help,” yup, I just laid it all out there for her to process. It wasn’t like I could break it down any simpler anyway.

A huge sigh of relief escaped my lips as the tension fled my body. It felt so good to tell the truth for once. To speak of the things that I knew about.

Liza’s eyes and mouth were opened wide as she stared at the man behind me, “Wow” she breathed.

I couldn’t help but wonder if this was how I would’ve reacted if I didn’t know that mythical creatures existed.

“So he’s harmless?” She asked cautiously.

I turned to raise a questioning eyebrow at the wolf boy. He raised his hands up in surrender and gave a slight smile or what I assumed was a smile hiding under all that hair.

“I promise, I would never hurt either of you. You helped me break out of my imprisonment. All I’m here for is help.”

That you can’t get if you’d freaking listen to me already. I muttered mentally.

Liza furrowed her brows, “we didn’t do anything to your statue that could’ve made you break out,” she silently contemplated then turned to gaze at me with disbelieving eyes, “he was already free by the time I got there... don’t tell me you’re a werewolf!?”

“What? No!” I quickly denied it then scrunched up my nose at the ridiculous thought, “No.

Before I could say anything a deep voice interrupted, “she’s a witch.”

I turned my gaze to the man as if he was crazy, shuddering as my eyes collided with his intense ones. Damn, why the hell was he so domineering?

"You..." Liza trailed off, staring up at me with mild fascination, she muttered beneath her breath, "I'm not dreaming? My sister isn't human? Supergirl vibes and shit... So cool!"

I snorted and rolled my eyes, "I'm no hero you idjit, I couldn't care less about the faith of humanity, leave it to the cops."

Now it was Liza's turn to roll her eyes, "Of course you don't."

I put out a hand in front of her and helped her up once she accepted the gesture. She dusted off her butt then turned to the silent werewolf. Just like that, Liza's mood switched from scared to determined. I expected nothing less from Liza. I admired her strength.

"So what can we help you with? Clothes? A place to stay? We have a guest room upstairs if you're interested but I don't think neither Ezzy or my clothes would-"

"What the hell are you saying? Who the hell said that he was going to stay with us!?" I spluttered in disbelief, wide eyes staring between Liza and the wolf man at the doorway. My eyes, of course couldn't stay on him for too long.

Liza raised a brow at me, "weren't you leaving anyway? What does it matter?"

"I'm not leaving anymore!"

Liza shrugged, "then you have to accept the fact that we're helping this homeless stranger."

I groaned and ran a frustrated hand down my face. Why oh why did I get stuck with an impulsive sibling who's curiosity could get us in trouble!?

I stared at her blankly as she stared back in challenge, our own little staring contest. It took a whole two minutes before I sighed and looked away.

"Alright alright, he can stay but only until he finds out what the hell he's going to do with his life now that he's free."

I turned my questioning gaze to wolf boy.

His eyes swirled in amusement, "I plan to rebuild my pack and seek revenge on the witch who trapped us beneath the stone. Since you're a witch, I thought you might know how to break the curse."

"Wow... this is really happening," Liza stared between me and the wolf boy in fascination.

I ignored her, "Now that I know that it's actual people beneath the stone, I'll see what I can do to get them out. I can't guarantee anything though, my magic is a little rusty."

"Magic..." Liza's eyes sparkled in excitement.

Wolf boy nodded in agreement, "that's all I ask of you. In the future, if you need anything I'll gladly help."

I had absolutely no idea why I was agreeing to this so easily. It meant more work for me, which was exhausting just thinking about it but his eyes screamed with such honesty that I couldn't resist saying yes. Of course Liza played a huge part in me deciding as well. Curse her persuasive eyes.

Liza cleared her throat, bringing our attention to her as she eyed our new companion, "as much as I don't mind the view, we have to get wolfman here a fresh cleanup. Which means, a haircut, clothes, shoes, deodorant and something to eat since its getting dark out. He looks like he haven't eaten in days," she paused and furrowed her brows, "what's your name anyway?"

"Axil," came his response.

"Well Axil, I'm Liza and this is my adopted sister, Ezmira. It's nice to meet you."

Axil nodded and turned his gaze to me again, "Likewise," I avoided his gaze and cleared my throat awkwardly.

"I'm going to change into some fresh clothing and head to the store then. Pick up everything we need," I said, scratching my neck awkwardly, anxious to leave Axil's heated gaze.

Liza scuffed, "are you an idiot? Why don't the human go and collect the necessities while the witch who can protect herself stay here and settle our guest in? I've already changed anyway," Liza intercepted, walking away and out of the room.

I opened my mouth in astonishment as she left, literally leaving me to the wolves. The fact that I was the one leaving her first didn't even cross my mind.

"Learn his story while I'm gone, okay!?" She shouted as she left the house, slamming the door shut.

Awkward silence befell the room.

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