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Once, Mother Nature and her children(the animals and plants) lived without fear of anything happening to them, when 2 humans come to their island, seeking food, water, and shelter. Mother Nature pitys the new-comers and sustains their needs, and quick-growing curiosity(as such questions), and sends them on their way. Soon, the beings, now identified as humans, come back with a few slightly severe injuries, and 2 more of their species, saying how they were outcasted because of their preferences. Mother Nature is infuriated by this, and welcomes them with open arms, not aware of the dangers that "harboring outcasts" would hold. When the rest of their species come to their island, they demand the outcasts to be punished to death, and when Mother Nature and her children refuse, it sparks an unwanted war between the humans and animals. During the war, Mother Nature becomes mates with one of the humans, and has a child. A boy, to be specific. That boy is a feathered human boy , one who is destined to stop the war of ghe Animals and Humans. But, as the boy is told this by his father during his mother's last few days alive(due to an illness), he doesn't accept his destiny and runs away, and hides away in the Misty Mountains, not to be seen again, until a young boy, who was currently running away from his village, climbs the misty mountains and finds the same cave. OG work on wattpad

Fantasy / Adventure
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Once, there was a large, paradise-like piece of land, which drifted everywhere and nowhere so that unknown beings could not disturb the peace. On it were many different plants at their finest condition, with multiple bushes scattered around the area that grew the juiciest of berries, accompanied by many small ponds and large lakes that either held salt water or clean water, whichever the species living in them preferred.

There were many caves and large bushes to rest or live under, along with very rainy, completely sunny, partly cloudy, or even just cloudy weather that helped all types of animals and plants get what they needed.

Speaking of plants and animals, as you can see, there were many types of birds that filled the sky, all types of marine animals that lived in either the shallow ponds or deep lakes, or even land animals that romped around the 5 large biomes that occupied the island.

The Grassy Plains, which were known for their large expanse of biome.

The Dense Forests, known for their juiciest berries and crystal clear water.

The Humid Rainforests, known for how uncomfortably humid they were to most, but were filled with many different types of life.

The Dry Deserts, known for how they lacked the need for water, but still somehow sustained life.

And the Misty Mountains, which were best known for the large amounts of mist that collected around the whole mountains, from top to bottom, and the one large cave that rested at the top of the highest mountain, which was called “Mt. Lorko”, because of how desolated and seemingly scary it was to every animal.

Except for Mother Nature, of course.

Who is Mother Nature, you may ask?

Why, she is the center, or presumably core, of all life, and the creator of all the landmass the occupied the oceans. She also created and shaped everything, well, except for one certain species that had quickly evolved from the apes and monkeys, and had moved off of the island, completely shutting and separating off from Mother Nature for so long, that she about forgot about them, until 2 of them somehow made it to the constantly-moving island by a wooden, floating raft they called a “boat”.

Now, when the beings arrived in search of food, water, and a place to shelter, Mother Nature became fascinated by the beings and took pity upon them, instructing some of her children to escort the 2 new-comers to the nearest water and food source, and after they were done, to bring them to her.

When they did, the beings came to her, and Mother Nature did not fail to noticed their ever-growing curiosity, and allowed them to ask as many questions as they would like with limitless patience and tolerance. After the new-comers exhausted themselves and fell asleep, the night quickly passed, and the next morning, Mother Nature made sure that they were prepared to be sent back to their civilization, and then let them go, with everyone waving goodbye, for they all enjoyed the new being’s company.

As for their species name? Well, they called themselves the “Humans”, of course.

Soon, a few days passed, and everyone was doing what they had planned for the day, when the newly proclaimed “humans” found their island once again, but seemed to be in distress as they had brought 2 more of their species, and were covered with severe injuries, along with being on the verge of passing out.

They then limped up to Mother Nature, asking for help before passing out, and Mother Nature stood in shock of what could of happened to them to cause them so much harm and pain.

The first one was a male named Aaron, who was shunned for being a different skin color.

The second was a male named Christopherson, who was neglected for being in a different religion.

The third was a female named Conroe, who was abused for liking someone of their own gender.

And the fourth was named Eve, who was cast out because they didn’t want to be of the gender their parents chose for them.

Mother Nature was shocked that they were all cast out of their own kind for such little differences, and welcomed them with open arms, not aware of the danger of “Harboring Outcasts” would hold.

After a week of healing and “mothering” them, Mother Nature finally allowed them out of their make-shift beds to go explore the island and make friends with a few of the animals.

After a few days of exploration, the group of humans had finally made it to the Misty Mountains, and were amazed at the scenery as they courageously climbed the mountains(with the proper gear, of course), soon reaching the top area of Mt. Lorko, and facing the yawning mouth of the giant cave that layed before them as they tightly gripped their flashlights.

Aaron went in first with a courage-filled expression, Conroe following right after, soon encouraging the other 2, Christopherson and Eve, to come along, to which they finally said “Ok” and followed along as they tried to catch up to Aaron.

When they saw him staring upwards, they entered the room, about to scold him for leaving them behind, when they followed his gaze, and the sight filled their eyes with wonderment, awe, and fascination.

Even when it wasn’t night, and they weren’t outside, and Eve claimed that they had a fear of the dark, they all turned off their flashlights without hesitation that they had brought along with them so that everything became pitch-black so that they could see the scene better.

The ceiling was decorated with tiny, white crystals that somehow reflected light and made the cave ceiling seem like it was the night sky up close. The group sat down and almost dropped everything as they put themselves in a daze, staring up at the ceiling for hours on end, when Aaron snapped out of his gaze and noticed that a long period of time must have passed, and quickly shook the others out of the trance to tell them that they had to get back.

The group hurried out of the cave to find Mother Nature staring at them with dissapointment, and sighed, shaking her head before the heart-warming smile and soft eyes returned to her expression, and she led them out of the mountains and through all of the biomes before they reached the forest, and then allowed them to go off to their in-progress shelter so that they could get some shut-eye.

Over the years, the humans grew in age, (except for Mother Nature, who slowly aged because of her immortality) soon being attracted to a potential mate, this scenario being Christopherson and Eve being attracted to Conroe, who happily accepted both of them, while Aaron took interest in Mother Nature herself.

Mother Nature noticed his flirtual movements, and as time slowly moved on, not understanding them at first, until she soon realized what Aaron was trying to do. So, when Aaron flirted again, MN(a nickname that they started calling Mother Nature as they warmed up to her) responded with a flirt, and that resulted in Aaron being embarrased/suprised for the 2nd time in his life.

As they grew closer, they took each other out, and when they were doing their 3rd date, Aaron proposed to MN. Since MN had never seen this before, or even understood what was happening, Conroe quickly jumped out of nowhere and told MN, and she accepted with happy tears in her eyes.

Then, after about 2 weeks of both of them being engaged, MN came up to Aaron with a fake sad expression on her face, and said this.

“Aaron? Could you come here for a moment?”

“Of course, Nature. Now, what do you need?”

“I.....I.....I don’t want to be engaged anymore.”

“.......................................o-ok then-”

“That’s right. I don’t want to be engaged anymore.”

MN takes a deep breath before facing Aaron with a mischievous smile.

“I want us to be married. ”

With that Aaron looked up to Mother Nature with tears in his eyes, and embraced her in a tight hug, before giving his proclaimed wife a passionate kiss on the lips, only parting so that they could breath for air.

Aaron literally started crying into MN’s shoulder from happiness as she comforted him, gaining a few tears herself before they parted and smiled at each other, before walking up to the rest of the group, holding hands with an overjoyed expression, announcing the news to hear them shout with congratulation, with many of the animals listening in and congratulating them too.

Soon, the wedding was arranged (and explained to MN), and they officially got married while everyone that was attending, including all of the animals except for the ones that needed to do something(or just didn’t give a flip-), gave yells, screeches, howls, yips, squeaks, and body language in a sign of approval and congrats, while the married couple gave eachother a warm smile before kissing again.

But, a day after the wedding, a group of humans from the group’s old tribe had found the island and demanded that the “Traitorous Outcasts” be punished to death for their “Crimes, or else the humans would declare war on them.

MN Aaron, and everyone found this ridiculous and tried to reason with them, but the other humans were having none of it, so they all decided that they would have to declare war, for they were not leaving each other.

After about 2 years after the wedding, while the war was on hold for some reason because the humans had stopped attaking for awhile, MN approached Aaron and asked for a family, to which he happily accepted, and that night, they did the “thing”, not even caring about the pressures of the unwanted war.

Now, as you would have expected, a few days after the “event”, Mother Nature showed signs of pArGnAnCy, and soon had mood swings and fits over the smallest things, accompanied by her new crave for fresh onions.

The span of the pArGnAnCy passed by quite quickly, and soon, MN’s labor happened, and she gave birth in the very place that Mother Nature and Aaron met(with the exception of Christopherson-), when they noticed that the child that they had “produced” seemed very peculiar.

The child, now identified as a boy, had small feathers on his arms and on his entire back, with a few going up his spine and onto the boy’s head in a straight line. They deemed it as a gift for such peculiarities, and after a few days of not telling anyone what had happened, they finally announced that MN had given birth to a boy, but had yet to figure out a name.

Everyone cheered for their newborn, and helped the parents with the parenting business in every way possible(of which they wanted to help by), until after a couple more years of war, one fateful day, Mother Nature was struck with a mysterious illness during the middle of the day by a mysterious force, that restricted any physical movement except for her mouth muscles and her eye muscles,a dn she only had a few weeks left to live. The toll of the sickness was already visible after a few hours.

Since the boy, now named Gupil, had no idea what was going on, all he could do was ask what was going on with his mother with a face filled with confusion, until Aaron moved the 3-year old back to his small bed to try to get Gupil to take a nap so that he wouldn’t be grumpy all afternoon, so that Aaron could spend the next few weeks with his wife, before she passed away and passed her powers and essence on to Gupil.

The next few weeks for Aaron were, to put it simply, hard. Filled with the the burden of raising a child, an ongoing war with the Animals looking up to him for the next move, and the fact that MN was going to die in 2 days, made it feel like he was going to suffocate from all the pressure, when while he was laying his head down on the wooden table, a sleek looking fox bounded up to him with a worried expression, and told him that MN was about to go in her last moments earlier that expected.

Aaron raced to the place that his wife was resting in to see the rest of his friends already surrounding the make-shift bedside with a somber expression, and Aaron practically flew over to Mother Nature’s side as her breath became ragged.

Then, she said her final words.

“A-Aaron. Is G-Gupil, o-our son, d-doing well?” Aaron quickly nodded as tears filled his eyes.“G-good. A-Aaron, w-when I f-first s-saw y-you o-on th-that b-boat, I-I kn-knew th-that you we-were go-going t-to ch-change m-my li-life some-somehow, b-but I ne-never knew h-how. N-now I-I do, a-and I d-don’t kn-know wh-what I w-would h-have done with th-the rest o-of my l-life if I h-had n-never met you. Th-thank y-you f-for being s-such a-a g-good h-husband, a-and I-I h-hope th-that I sh-shall s-see you again, a-and pl-please, e-end th-this c-cursed w-war.”

MN’s breath became more shallow and Aaron squeezed his wife’s left hand, and when MN stopped breathing, everyone else left the room so that Aaron could mourn in peace.

Aaron didn’t leave Mother Nature’s side for hours, until he decided what he would do. He went over to Gupil’s small bed and told Gupil of his destiny, which was to stop the war with his powers, but Gupil didn’t accept this and ran out of the house, his feathers on his arms acting like a cape of some sorts as he ran, somehow making it all the way to the Misty Mountains without stopping, and started to climb Mt. Lorko unril he reached the cave, and ran inside it, never to be seen for another 100 years, as Aaron flopped onto his bed and cried, before getting up and taking a sharp bone that was used for cutting up and eating food, and aiming it at his heart.

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