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The Two Run-aways

Gupil’s POV

I finally reached the cave that had been near the top of Mt. Lorko, and my legs screamed for rest as I pushed my 3-year old self foward, stumbling into the darkness of the cave when my legs suddenly gave out from underneath me, and I flopped onto the cool ground when a sudden wave of sleepiness overcame me, and I wearily closed my heavy eye-lids.

“Maybe a few hours of sleep won’t hurt.”

Little did young Gupil know, that his slumber would turn from a few hours to 100 years............

Narrator POV

After the son of Mother Nature and Aaron slept on, time continued to move, and the animals, now at a loss without a leader, for none of the other humans nor animals wanted to claim the position, they failed at progressing at both their defensive and offensive position in the war, until they had to set sail on a large “ship”, as their human friends called it when a large raid from the enemy’s side caught them off guard, and they left quickly, not knowing that they were leaving someone that could have ended the war, behind.

The humans cheered at their first victory, and quickly searched the island of any remaining inhabitants, and afterwards, they then built a camp and rested for the night.

When the sun rose once again, a portion of the humans went back to their own civilization to gather more people so that they could populate the island, and the rest stayed at the floating mass of land to explore.

Soon, over the span of 70 years, the humans had populated the island and had built a village in each biome. Let’s just say that the democracy was horrible.

The laws that they created were fine at first, but as the time continued, their government became picky about how the village raised their young, how everything acted, what their religion was, how much profit they had to give to the government for “being the savior of the land”, etc.

If you didn’t follow any of their rules, they would hunt you down and kill you while you sleep, unless the villagers that had sided with the corrupted Government gets to you first.

When the day the sleeping boy’s slumber clicked to 100 years, right at the afternoon, you can see a scruffy, dirty boy dressed in rags, who seems no older than 6, is running for his life across the desert from an angry mob of villagers. Tears flood the boy’s eyes, but he sniffles and continues running.

As he reaches the Misty Mountains, he starts climbing the closest mountain in hopes to loose the crowd, and thankfully, the villagers stop their chase at the bottom of the mountain the boy is climbing, and started shouting insults and profanities at him instead, demanding that he come back down so that they could finish him off.

The boy ignores them, of course, but instead tries to shake the fact that he was driven out from his home because of his hate for the Government, and that his parents were one of the villagers that were chasing him.

Soon, the boy’s luck leaves him as he makes it to the other side of the giant hill, and he slips on one of the rocks he had planted his right foot on, and tumbles down the small mountain, rolling to a stop at the base of Mt. Lorko.

The boy groans with pain as he stands up, looking upwards to see the mountain looming before him, and the boy’s courage gets in the way of his under developed common sense as he starts scaling up one of the mountain’s sides, until he finally reaches the top to see the biggest cave entrance that he had seen in his life.

He gets onto his feet and walks through, not tearing his eyes off of the darkness before him as he goes deeper into the cave, to look up and see the sight that Aaron and his friends had seen 115 years ago.

A starry sky, filled with the same, undying stars that the small, white crystals represented.

A quiet groan from farther down the cave snaps the run-away out of his wonderment, peering into the darkness to see a shifting form on the ground, looking as if they had stayed in that same position for the past 100 years.

Run-away Boy’s POV

I looked at the figure in confusion, until I saw them sit up and rub their head, before I accidentally shuffled my feet against the cave floor, making noise, and the other boy snapped his head in my direction.

“Conroe? Dat you?” He said, his voice sounding so raspy and hoarse, like he hadn’t used it in a long time.

“Conroe? Who’s Conroe?” I asked him, and the stranger practically jumped a foot into the air when he heard me, as if he expected me not to speak.

He quickly got to his feet and into a sloppy fighting pose, but I could tell that he wasn’t going to pose a threat, when he suddenly collapsed back into a sitting position with a tired expression, but while still warily staring at me.

“Who are you?”

“I’m an outcast from my village, and my parents never named me.”

“Hm. That’s sad. Well, I’m Gupil...wait-VILLAGE!?” The newly proclaimed “Gupil” shouted, leaping to his feet once more to race past me and out of the cave, with me trailing behind him.

I found him right out of the cave entrance, weirdly shielding his eyes from the sun as he squinted, as if he hadn’t been out in the sunshine for a long time. Hmmm.....sUsPiCiOs.

Now that I could get a better look at the boy, he seemed to be wearing that same rags like I did, but more brownish, he had lime-green eyes, he was VERY thin, and he had dirt, twigs, and small pebbles stuck in his lime-green, shaggy hair that seemed like they were millennias old. He also wore ripped long-sleeves, even though it was in the middle of summer, and he has a line of blue and purple feathers on top of his head that went from the front of his head to all the way down the other side, while it kept going down his neck and onto his back, which was covered up by his shirt. I’m pretty sure that there’s more feathers than that those that are exposed, though.

“What is that in the distance?” Gupil asked me, snapping me out of my thoughts as he turned his head towards me.

I followed where he was pointing, and recognized my old village in the desert biome as a speck in the distance, but instead of thinking about my village, his words confused me.

How come he didn’t recognize the village?

Why did it seem like he had been sleeping for an eternity?

Why does he have such weird colors for his eyes and hair?

Is he another outcast like me?

Where is he from-“Hey! I’m talking to you! What is that?!”

Gupil snapped me out from my thoughts once again, and I was about to answer when a strong gust of wind hit me and Gupil in the face, and I closed my eyes so that I wouldn’t get anything in my eyes. When the gust went away, I looked to my right to see that Gupil wasn’t there.

That’s when I heard a shriek of pure terror above me, and I looked up to see that the other boy had somehow ended up at least 10 feet above me, and was hanging onto a stone slab that was jutting out from the mountain side, screaming.

My face filled with confusion, about to tell him to release his hold and I’ll catch him, when another strong wind whistled by, and I closed my eyes, just to look up and see that he wasn’t there anymore when I heard a groan behind me.

I saw that he was laying on the ground face-first, seemingly shaking with anger, and started shouting profanities at the sky when the gust came back, and almost blew him off the mountain.

I laughed a bit, a few sparks of excitement showing in my eyes as an even stronger winnd came and lifted me off my feet, carrying me around entire biome while also taking my new “friend” along besides me, as I could hear him grumbling things under his breath.

I inhaled and let the cool, misty air flow through my lungs before exhaling, relaxing my tired form before staring ahead with a positive grin, waitibg to see where this weird, life-like gust of wind brought us, but couldn’t stop the question that rand through my head ever since I met the weird feather boy.

‘Who really is Gupil?’

There ya go, folks. A chapter. Hooray. I’m bored. Well, I hope this was....interesting, but I have a question. Should I make Gupil and the Run-away...............gAy? I mean, I’m conflicted, because my mind wants me to do it because I really support gay ships, and it looks like they could have that type of relationship, but I don’t know if you guys would like that or not. Well, I guess I’ll just let the story continue on for a few more chapters before I ask that again, ok? Anyways, Hope you enjoyed, Thanks for reading, and Fox Out!


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