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An Unexpected Adventure


“Ok, so, I know that I’ve always wanted to explore the world and stuff, but I didn’t mean that I wanted to be stranded in the middle of the ocean!” The run-away boy yelled at the sky as he and Gupil were being slowly carried along with the life-like wind, and Gupil had to cover his ears because of how loud the other was being.

“Dude, please, quiet down.*Sigh* Anyways, I don’t really feel like just sitting here with someone I’ve never met before, or know really anything about, so lets start it off. What’s your name?” Gupil started, and the other boy looked over at the lime-colored-hair boy with a look before sighing and answering.

“Well, you see, my parents never really gave me a name........” he trailed off, and Gupil gave him a pitying look before turning back to the blank space ahead of him.

“Well, how about we give you a name?” Gupil suggested, and the scruffy boy gasped with excitement filling his expression.

“I can have a name!?” He exclaimed, and Gupil stared at the boy with a disbelieving glance.

“Yes?” Gupil answered, and the run-away’s face lit up in joy.

“So, what do you want to be called?” Gupil asked, and the other seemed to be thinking for a moment, before looking at Gupil with a determined and confident look.

“FURR!” He exclaimed, and Gupil weirdly sneezed and coughed at the same time before he turned away to think for a moment before asking another question.

“Are you sure? It’s quite a weird choice for a name, but if you really want the name, then I won’t judge ya.” Gupil said, and the now named “Furr” nodded again, and Gupil internally sighed before turning his gaze away, and silence came over the two again as they drifted over the seemingly endless body of water.

“So. Why were you running away from your village?” Gupil asked, breaking the awkward silence as Furr slightly cringed at the topic, but stopped, deciding that if they were going to travel with each other, they both deserved to know as much as they needed to know about each other.

“Well, ever since the government was formed, the democracy was always corrupted, and they basically controlled us villagers in almost every way possible, and example being how much profit from our sellings to the motherland they got for “being the savior of the land”, meaning of how they drove out almost all the animals from the island and allowed us humans to populate the island. Speaking of the war, I know how the history books say that the animals were the ones that declared war for taking too much supplies from the motherland’s civilizations, but it just seems so much like a LIE. Like the government was covering up some truth since the beginning. But, because my village is fully on the government’s side, they learned of my distaste of the Democracy and chased me from my house all the way to the start of the Misty Mountains, called me a traitor, told me that I could never go back yo the village, and that they were happy that I would die alone.” Furr explained, and Gupil kept giving him confused glances every now and then, mostly because he had no idea what a “Democracy” or “Government” was, but from what his new friend was telling him, it sounded pretty corrupted and wrong.

“So, where are we going again?” Gupil asked, and Furr looked all around and gave a look that Gupil could not decipher in the direction of what they thought was the life-like wind.

“I have no idea, but from what direction we set off from, it looks like we’re going to the motherland. This’ll be exciting. I’ve never been off the island before and I never thought I would be able to for the rest of my life, and now look at us. We’re being carried like feathers over one of the oceans.” Furr said, mostly to himself, while Gupil hummed in understanding and continued to stare ahead, about to ask something else when suddenly, the wind picked up, and the two shot foward across the large body of water while they shrieked in terror and excitement.

When the sun started to set, the duo had already found what Furr called “The Motherland”, which is apparently where the humans originated from, and the two landed softly on the ground as the wind swirled aroud them before blasting Furr with warm air and pushed the two foward towards the forest that seemingly loomed before them.

Furr seemed to get the message, and turned to Gupil to see him covered with green leaves, and multiple curses could be heard from beneath the pile as Furr walked over to him, trying to hold in a laugh as he helped his friend up as the wind swirled around them again.

“Well Gupil, sorry to dissapoint you, but I don’t think that this magical wind or whatever it is will be leaving anytime soon.” Furr said, and Gupil grumbled under his breath before getting picked up by the gust and flipped in the air and falling from the height when the moving air caught him and plopped him back on the ground, while Furr giggled at him from he sidelines.

When the outcast finally stopped giggling, he gestured to Gupil to follow him so that they could try to find a potential camping area, and when they did, Gupil went deeper in the forest to find some possible shelter material as Furr went to go get some fire wood, and when he came back to the campsite, the wind returned as...........a small cyclone of fire.

Furr practically screeched in suprise, gaining the attention of Gupil as the feathered boy dropped all his items and raced back to the area just to find his friend on the ground, panting from some sort of suprise, when he looked to his left to see the lively wind circling itself and forming the cyclone into a small ball of contained fire in the middle of the wind ball.

Furr then got up and grabbed his dropped firewood and walked over to the center of the campsite, dropping the wood and fully surrounding it with some stones, before the wind came over and transferred the small ball of heat from its cyclone to the pile of wood, and when it lit up, the wind quickly circled the fire and spiraled it upwards, letting it go as a tall wall of fire, and the duo thanked their beliefs for the campsite being large enough that the fire didn’t touch the surrounding circle of trees.

Gupil went back into the forest to go collect his dropped items as Furr warmed up near the fire with a smile on his face, and soon, after an hour, the two temporary tents made by long sticks and giant, green leaves that made the covering, bedding, and makeshift bed.

Soon, it was fully night, the fire had been put out(by the wind gathering water into itself and drenching the bonefire-), and the two had been sent to sleep because of the wind’s constant pushing.

Soon, the many stars came out, littering the sky, and as Gupil stared tiredly through a small gap in the roof of his tent, a small flashback of him staring at the same scene, except in the cave he had woken up in, flashed across his vision, making him jump slightly from his sleeping position, but he sighed and decided he would think about it later as he soon fell into sleep as the wing whistled above the campsite.

Who knows that the next day will be filled with suprises?

Yee. Another chappy. Hooray. I hope its interesting enough. If you have any questions, go ahead and ask me or something, as long as it’s not about what happens in any of the next chapters, but you can ask for a few snippets of what the storyline is, though. And no, I did not intend for this entire chapter to be No POV,but, y’know, got carried away and stuff. Anyways, Hope you enjoyed, Thanks for reading, and Fox Out!


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