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The Motherland

Wind’s POV

I swirled through the trees, staying alert for anything or anyone who dared to hurt my little elements as I twisted past a collection of densely clumped trees, while knocking aside a random pile of dead leaves that had collected on the ground.

When I started to grow restless, I turned towards the starry sky and shot upwards, deciding that a little dance among the little nebulas won’t hurt as I swirled around with a few leaves tagging along, when my little dance ended up lasting for hours on end until I noticed that the sun started to rise.

I swiftly went back down to the clearing to check on the 2 humans I may or may have not just thought as them as if they were my own, and hid in the trees, waiting for the slightly older one to arise from his little make-shift hut so that I could play with him a little.

When he did, he started stretching and letting his guard down, and allowed me to pick him up and fly him around the forest as he started producing a high-pitched noise that almost made me drop him.

Furr’s POV

Ah yes.

The perfect way to wake up.

Your friend screaming like a banshee.

I sighed before slowly getting up into a sitting position while trying to ward away the incoming tiredness, before moving aside the 2 big leaves that acted as a doorway to my make-shift tent, to see Gupil shrieking while getting carried around by the lively wind, when a small portion of the wind split off from its full body came over to me, picking me up and flying me over to Gupil, which seemed like he was having the time of his life.

Well, not really, actually.

His face looked as pale as a ghost, when suddenly, a green color dawned on his expression, and I immediately looked away, not wanting to see anything disgusting today. I turned to where I thought the wind’s “front part”(face) was as I rubbed my eyes.

“Hey, um, Wind? Do you think you can put us down now? I’m pretty refreshed now.” I asked, and the Wind seemed to have understood as it glided us back down to the ground, letting us off before circling around us a few times, and then shooting off in a random direction as a bunch of leaves seemingly outlined its body.

“Well, glad that’s over. So, where we setting off to?” Gupil asked me, and I thought for a moment before looking back at him.

“How about the closest town? We could get some supplies there that’ll hopefully last us a few weeks, and then set off in a different direction that’s not towards the ocean to go explore the world.” I suggested, and Gupil gave me a nervous look before looking at the ground.

“Well, you see, I’ve never been near any other human than you, or been to any type of human civilization. If I did, then I can’t seem to remember. All I remember are the names MN, Aaron, Conroe, Christopherson, and Eve. That’s all.” Gupil responded, and I gave him a shocked look before I sighed at the ground, and turned back to him with a confident expression.

“Well, look. We’ll be fine, as long as we don’t do something to gain attention. All we need to do is go into the town, buy some stuff at a random store, and go back out, that’s all. Though, you might want to cover up those weird feathers on your head and stuff, so that you aren’t looking like someone suspicious. How did you get them anyways?” I asked my friend, and he thought for a moment, about to answer when the living Wind came back with a bunch of things that we needed, such as packaged food, water in canteen bottles, 2 bags that we could carry our stuff in, camping supplies, etc.

Looks like all that talking was for nothing.

To say that I was suprised and grateful was an understatement, and I went up to the gust of air and praised it over and over again for its job well done, but when I went to go grab one of the bags, it yanked it away and made a guesturing movement with the leaves that it carried, and I nodded in understanding.

“Gupil! It looks like the Wind wants to carry all of our stuff for us! Isn’t that nice?” I said, and Gupil sighed and nodded, before walking back over to the campsite to start to pack up the make-shift tents since we weren’t going to stay there anymore, but as he left I noticed his crestfallen expression, and decided to ask him later of what was bothering him as I sat on the ground, leaning against a tree as the Wind allowed me to get the map from its hold.

(Btw if you guys are confused or something about their age, Gupil is 7-8 years old right now, while Furr is 6-7 years old. Hehehehehe, the Wind is so much older than both of them, yet it’s more childish than either of them. The Wind is almost 100 years old, meaning that the Wind’s B-day is coming up or something, I don’t know. Eh, I’ll do the rest if my questions and stuff at the bottom of the chapter.)

Gupil’s POV

I mentally huffed with frustration as I walked away, sort of angry that I couldn’t explain why. I mean, I had the answer, well, sort of, but a small memory had just resurfaced! One that I didn’t know that I held!

I sighed and started to disassemble the tents when I heard a small yelp of pain a little bit farther in the forest.

I immediately stopped what I was doing and ran over to where I thought the source of the voice was, and I stopped when I saw a small figure caught in something that was clamped around one of its legs.

It looked like a small...wolf? What is a wolf? Anyways, it looked like it was in pain, and I couldn’t help but grimace at the bloody leg that was caught in the....trap? What the hell is a-*sigh* I’ll think about that later.

I got closer while showing that I was no threat, and as if on instinct, I slowly reached my right hand towards what my mind decided to call a “Wolf pup”, and the pup sniffed the palm of my hand before licking it, and I smiled before getting to work.

I reached for the.....“trap”, and started slowly pulled apart the two jaw-like pieces, being careful not to touch the wound on the pup’s leg as I finally pulled the contraption all the way apart.

The wolf pup sprang free from its imprisonment, as I let go of the trap in suprise, to see the trap’s jaws snap back together again as whole, and I sighed with relief, glad that the wolf was free.

I expected the wolf to bound off to wherever it came from, but when I turned back to the direction of the campsite and started walking away, the wolf cub limped right besides me with its tongue lolling our from the side of its mouth, and after a few moments passed, I sighed and picked the small being up into my arms and continued walking to my destination, while the wolf pup continuously licked my chin.

When I returned, Furr gave me a suprised glance and rushed up to me, just to notice that the wolf’s leg was bleeding, and quickly took the cub out of my arms and carried over to the other side of the now-empty campsite to tend to its wound, as the Wind swirled around me in greeting.

I sat down on a slab of stone that was right next to me and put my head against my head, when I felt my line of weird, long, purple and blue feathers lean down the side of my head, and the feathers were about to sub-conciously touch my hand, when Furr finished tending to the wolf pup’s wound.

“Alright, Gupil! I guess this little guy is coming with us! We’re ready to go whenever you are!” Furr shouted at me, making me jump in suprise, thus making the feathers touch my hand.

Memories that I didn’t know exist flooded my mind.

Ok, so, yeah, 2 chapters in a day. Hooray. That’s a new achievement for me. And yes, cLiFfHaNgEr-hehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehe I’m so evil-so, anyways, Hope you enjoyed, Thanks for reading, and Fox Out!~Tigercool

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