The Rogue's Winter Revenge

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The full completed book can be found on GoodNovel. This is just a teaser. Enjoy! After kidnapping Ellie, and multiple failed attempts to win her over as his Luna, The Alpha of the Knight Moon Pack goes mad with his lust for her. With everything she's been through, Ellie is finding it harder to hold onto the hope she'll ever see Colin again. With multiple rogues hellbent on revenge, will Ellie Miner and Colin Winter ever make it to their Alpha and Luna ceremony? Or will the rogues get the revenge they seek?

Fantasy / Romance
Lily Dean
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Chapter 1

***This is the 2nd book in the No One’s Luna series. Please read the 1st book No One’s Luna before this one. It has been published and can be found on Amazon Kindle or GoodNoevel!!

***** The entire book of The Rogue’s Winter Revenge has been published and can also be found on Amazon Kindle or GoodNovel!

******2 weeks later******

I open my eyes as wide as I can. I’m always tired now and it is hard to keep them open. Waking up again in this hell hole makes me whimper. I am not sure how long it’s been since the ball, but I’ve been trying to count the sunrises and sunsets the best I can. I think it’s around ten days give or take. I frequently pass out from the exhaustion, so I am just not sure anymore.

My wrists are in restraints, chained to the brick wall behind me. My ankles as well. Someone comes in every day to soak them in more wolfsbane and silver, to keep me from breaking out of them. They also inject me with it to make sure I can’t link Colin and my parents, or connect with Leia.

I’m cold, and although I hate to admit it, I am scared. My only visitors are random omegas. They are nothing like Josie and Samantha. Instead, they are cold and distant. There is only one person who will speak to me, but I dread his visits. It’s Shane. The Alpha of the Knight Moon Pack.

He is the one who did this to me. He is slowly trying to break me down, to submit to him. I am the only she-wolf to not throw herself at him. At first the challenge excited him, but once he knew that I wasn’t leaving Colin, he grew frustrated.

I think the Winter Ball was his last hope in getting me to be his. When that attempt to make me fall for him failed, he kidnapped me. He even rejected his own mate before doing so. Poor Victoria, she didn’t deserve that. Sure, she has made the last few months of my life difficult with Colin, but no one deserves to be rejected.

Rejection is the worst pain a wolf can feel. Our mates are the other half of our soul. If your mate rejects you, they severe their half of your soul from you. It is an equal pain for both wolves, but I remember that night well. Shane barely winced while Victoria fell to her knees grabbing at her heart. The sight of her will haunt my dreams forever.

Shane tries to seduce me on some days. On other days he starves me, but I am keeping my ground. I will not submit to an Alpha when I am already mated to another. I just keep remembering my father’s training. My only hope is that Colin will come find me. I know he will never give up in his search. I am losing my battle though, I am not sure how much longer I can stay strong.

“Please Colin, come find me.” I try again to mind link him with no answer.

I hear footsteps down the hall coming towards my door. I quickly stand as tall as possible, which is hard because I am so tired and my legs barely hold me up anymore. I have to though, I refuse to show him any sign of weakness. The door opens and in walks Shane, his signature smirk and a rose.

“Good morning beautiful!”

He practically struts over to where I am standing like he is a freaking peacock. Taking the rose, he brushes it along my cheek and across my lips, before bringing it to his nose. He closes his eyes as he takes in its scent. Leaving the rose pressed to his face, he looks at me with one brow raised, as if contemplating what tactic he will use today.

“Maybe you didn’t hear me. I said good morning, beautiful.” His tone is now just a little more intense. He is obviously displeased at my lack of response to him the first time.

“Alpha Shane, is it morning again? Oh, I’m sorry, how the hell would I know, since I’m being held hostage in a damn cellar!” I spit at his shoes in disgust, and then bring my gaze back to his eyes and snarl.

After dropping the rose, he calmly takes a handkerchief out of his back pocket, wipes his shoe off, and puts it away. He walks over to the side of the room to where there is a tiny window with bars on it. Looking out of it and straightening his suit out, he takes a minute before responding to me.

“I see we are in a mood again today Elenor. Watch yourself, or you won’t be eating breakfast again.” He turns back to face me, narrowing his eyes.

I so badly want to scream at him and rip his throat out, but I just don’t have it in me and I am so hungry. I didn’t have dinner last night so I am really not in the position to piss him off again.

“Whatever Shane.” I huff at him, as defeat is already washing over me today. Some days I can last a lot longer, but this morning for some reason, I am exhausted almost immediately. The growling from my stomach right now is probably a big reason.

“Good to hear. You know beautiful, this can all stop with a few simple words. Say you’ll be my Luna and I will let you out. We will call the little wolf over, you sever the bond and we can be together.” He smiles at me as if he thinks he is going to get somewhere with me today.

I whimper at the mention of rejecting Colin. Even the thought of it feels like my soul is crushing. Shane notices my reaction and his jaw muscles clench. Seeing that used to make me go crazy, but now it only makes me want to gag. I gather up whatever strength I have left at the moment and prepare myself to not have breakfast.

I push myself to walk closer to him until the chains are tight and we now have maybe a foot of space between us.

“I am sorry for whatever delusion you may have of us being together Shane. The Moon Goddess intended for us to be with others. Although you have rejected Victoria, I will not go against destiny and reject Colin.” I purse my lips together while holding my head high. I narrow my brows together and stare deep into his eyes.

I swear I see him wince slightly when I bring up Victoria, but it doesn’t last. I am not sure if I am impressed or terrified that he can suppress that amount of pain.

He growls and turns to face the door. “I was planning on having some fun with you today beautiful. Your loss, Elenor. I will see you for dinner.”

With that he walks out and closes the door. I walk backwards until my back hits the wall and I drop to the floor. I wrap my arms around my bent knees for some warmth and think about his words.

He said he would see me at dinner. I am anticipating that means no breakfast or lunch. The thought of missing three meals in a row is not something I want to deal with at the moment. I pull the small blanket off of my makeshift bed and cover myself. Hopefully I will just sleep through both meals.


I must have fallen asleep for most of the day. When I wake up it is dark in my tiny cellar, and I can see the crescent moon outside of my little window. I have a terrible pain in my stomach. It is like a volcano that is waiting to erupt throughout my entire body at any moment. My veins feel like they have lava pumping through them instead of blood.

Within minutes, sweat is pouring from every pore in my skin. My hair becomes damp, and I begin to pant heavily. I throw the blanket off me, and ram my back against the cold cement wall, not caring about the pain. The cold from it is helping, even if only slightly. My mind is spinning into overdrive from the intense feeling of the fire that is now consuming every inch of me.

I wish that Leia could help me heal from whatever is happening. Could it be from the Wolfsbane or the silver? Have I had too much injected into me at this point? What else could it be? I just feel so hot.

Suddenly, the realization hits me.

I am going through my first heat.

****This book is complete and has been published. It can now be found on Amazon Kindle or Good Novel****

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