Breya Burton and the Vulocmś gem

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Story is about a little girl going to a wizarding school which is themed around nature will her and her friends make it? Read to find out!

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Breya Burton and the Vulocmś gem

Breya Burton and the Vulocmś gem

Breya was a little girl living in a small room with her mum. Her father passed away in the battle of Loavorts agenst Vulocms. The school was finally fixed after 3 years and students were able to go again. Breya was 11 years old when she saw her owl come and give her the letter to go. It said the location of the loavorts train.

It was the day when she left to go to Loavorts, she was so happy she said ¨bye mum!” then got on. She saw a girl with a boy sitting down and asked “hey can I sit here?¨ the little girl said sure!” breya said ¨im breya burton what about you?¨ she asked them both ¨im Josephine Aime¨ and the little boy said ¨ im Joseph Aime¨ Breya was surprised because she didnt even notice how they look the same! They talked the rest of the train ride until the trolli came with choclate hummingbirds. We all grabbed one and ate it.

The train stopped infront of this beautiful castle with vines and flowers all around it with mountains behind it. Proffesser Aquad led us to the dining haul for us to get sorted. 20 minutes later Proffesser Aquad said ¨Miss Burton come up.¨ Breya walked up to the flower crown when it was on her head the crown yelled flowra and everyone clapped. Breya sat down and talked to the others. After the sorting ceremony we had someone from our house take us to the dorms. Breya and Josephine both unpacked their coats and stuff while they waited for the others to come in. A key minutes later two girls came in one of them said ¨ hello im Amalina “ and the other said “im Alynan '' all of them talked until they fel asleep.

All of them woke up, put their dresses on, did their hair and got dressed. All of the girls got their wands and books to walk to their first class. “Faunaroloy..?’’ breya said and thought “room 235..”. Breya walked to class and sat down on the tree stumps she saw the proofesser fly over on her broom. She said “welcome students!” while smiling and getting off her broom “ hello Proofesser Alu “ all the students said. A little later Breya was doing a spell on a snake as she said “onapolaois!” the snake went to the rabbit instead of killing it protected it, Breya smiled as she saw a student struggling she said “ stop stop it's not onapolais its onapolaois!” the student listened and did what Breya said and the spell worked. The little boy said “t-thank you” when Breya said “mhm!” as she went back to doing her spells.

After that class she had spells class which was right next door so she walked to it and she saw Alynan! “Hi Alynan!” Breya said and Alynan responded with “ hi breya come sit next to me!” when she said that breya walked towards her seat which was on the highest row of seats while they waited. Professor Brise walked out of the back closet and said “hello students!” Everyone said “ hello professor brise and got to work” they learned many spells and started practicing them. “Leviosamo?’” breya said when she saw her book fly up into the air “woah!” Alynan said. After class it was time to go to the dinning hall in the greenhouse.

In the greenhouse she saw what they were serving “salad and strawberries yum!” she thought, after she went to get her food she went to sit down with her friends “ hey guys “ breya said and they all responded with “hello!” they were all laughing and talked when suddenly someone poured water on Breya’s head, “hey why did you do that!” she said as she turned around to see Floma… Floma always has bullied Breya even in elementary school. Floma said “mountains at 6” then walked away. Breya stood up and went to the bathroom “luckly i had an extra uniform with me.” she thought “druonis!” she said with her wand making her dry. She went to the bathroom stalls to change then she came out and went back to her seat to finish eating. 2 hours later class was over so Breya, Josephine, and Joseph went to the library to do homework. They found a tabel near a window and went to search for their books. Josephine and Joseph came back when Breya was still looking. 5 minutes later breya came back with a huge book and started reading “ isnt that too much to read..?” Joseph said when Breya just gave him a death glare as he tooked away fastly. 3 hours later they packed up to go meet at the mountains.

Once they got there Floma said “ready burton?” as she grabbed her wand and broom “you bet: Breya said and smirked, that's when the fight begun, “PUABOIS!” Floma said as Breya dodged next thing you know Breya said “BREAKUINUS!” and Floma fell off her broom. Breya won “weak.” Breya said as she walked away. As they took Floma to the hospital greenhouse. After they got to their dorm they all changed and read books and talked.


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