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Werewolves were always told that they could never be mates with a vampdragon; there was never a real problem until Faye, the beta of Howlers pack, found her mate who happened to be a vampdragon. Vampdragons have kings and queens so when Kevin overhears a witch and his mother about how he wouldn't be happy with his mate; he takes off, after a while he senses someone coming near the waterfall that he was laying in. He lets out a roar which doesn't scare them so he comes flying out which then he notices his mate; he was happy then he wasn't because od the wotch so he woshrd her a happy birthday and flew off.

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Introduction and Faye

This is your dad’s and I’s story. Please remember when you’re about to read, is what happened before and after you were born. And we are incredibly sorry you’re reading this; we love you, Agatha. You have two older brothers, who are twins; yes, we could watch them grow until they reached thirteen, which is when your dad’s pack found out about you. Your aunty helped us hide you before they could hurt you. Your brothers are a vampdragon or a werewolf, just like your father and I- your brother’s names are Micheal and Martin; we will inform your brothers about you as best as we can. My name is Faye and I am a werewolf; your father’s name is Kevin, and he’s a vampdragon. A few things to know * this means it’s not a part of the story, ⁑ this means mind link, and ⁕ this means dream/ story.

It was my eighteenth birthday, and I was extremely excited because that’s the age where you can find your mate unless you’re an alpha, which is sixteen. Since all my friends are seniors, we’re at a pizza place for lunch. Well, almost all my friends, Maple. We’re friends only in school, but she hangs out with us when we go out to eat for lunch; suddenly, Maple comes screaming and running into the place like a child. She was keen on telling the entire world that it’s my birthday, hoping to attract my mate. This went on for a few more minutes before she gave up; just as some guys came into the place; Quickly looking down so they couldn’t see me blush, has Maple not so quickly squealed at the guys. Slightly shaking my head, I try to get her to stop, but then again, when I have ever been able to do that. My brother thought it would be a good idea if he got his alpha title on his eighteenth birthday instead of his sixteen since he wanted both him and myself to have a wonderful birthday which our mother disapproved but our father aka our alpha was fine with it.

“Faye, I got some splendid news!”, Maple tells me.

“And what would that be?”, I asked politely before biting a piece of my pizza.

“I can feel my mate close by!”, she tells me excitedly.

“That’s wonderful!”, I say with pure happiness.

Werewolves have this instinct of knowing when they’re going to meet their mates, well mostly. Take me, for example, I don’t have that instinct of knowing, but I know when they are a different species from me without smelling them. Unlike my twin brother Jaylen; while I’m on him, I should explain some things about him: one he probably slept with half the school, two he can’t go a day without having some random girl on him, and three he’s the most popular creature at school.

⁑“Yo, sis. Have you found your mate yet?”, Jay asks.⁑

⁑“No, have you?”, I asked back.⁑

⁑“No, but I don’t mind it, though. All these chicks want me.”, he said.⁑

⁑“You’re disgusting.”, I say.⁑

⁑“You’re just mad that I’m popular than you will ever be!”, he says cockily.⁑

I roll my eyes and end the mind link; my dark complexion mixed with my black eyes makes it easier to scare people, but my brother draws them in. I’m slightly pissed that it happens like that, but I know my mate will love me, anyway. There’s going to a witch coven coming to the party to tell our pack how special our alpha is.

*this may seem a little weird to you, but hopefully, it won’t later.*

I finished up eating my pizza while Maple tries to get Christian’s attention; I don’t understand why she even tries when Christian has a mate. I mean, we’re friends with both Christian and Cam, who’s his mate; She’s irritating Cam, and she knows it too. Throwing my trash away as I run into someone’s chest.

“I’m sincerely sorry for running into your chest.”, I ask while slightly bowing.

“You know what you can do?”, they ask.

My head shoots up and I give him a look before talking, “What do you mean?”

“I mean, why don’t we go on a date.”, the guy says while holding my chin.

Without thinking, I twist his arm and pin him to the table. “Listen here, vampire. I don’t care who you are, but I will not have you touching me. Do I make myself clear?”, I growl out.

He nods his head, so I let him go as I walk out of the pizza place. I started heading to our hangout, which is a meadow; we noticed that the atmosphere here differs from before. Christian put his mate and me behind him; we slowly make our way towards our spot. As we got closer, we noticed a dragon was lying there.

“Auntie?”, Christian asks.

The dragon shifts into an elder woman, probably around the age of forty to forty-five years. She turns her attention toward us.

“Hello, nephew.”, Christian’s aunt answers.

“Auntie, why are you here?”, Christian asks while dropping his guard.

“It is simple, honestly. I just found out that my son won’t be happy with his mate.”, she tells him.

⁂Why wouldn’t he be happy with his mate? What could make him not be happy with his mate?⁂

“What do you mean, auntie?”, he asks.

“I don’t know, Christian, I don’t. That’s all she told me, and then she left.”, his aunt explains.

“My son will be to your school since we thought he would have better luck finding his mate with a school with different species.”

“Alright, I’ll keep my eyes out for him.”, he tells his aunt.

Christian’s aunt nods her head before shifting into a dragon and flying away. It was quiet for a while until I felt the urge to go to the waterfall; subconsciously, I began walking to the waterfall. Neither one of my friends stopped me, so I continued making my way towards it. I stopped at the waterfall, and I heard a powerful roar. I quickly glance at Cam to see him behind his mate. Carefully, I continue my way, but I quickly glance at Christian to appear. I should have run, but my body felt like it was frozen in place. The dragon viciously flies downward towards Christian and his mate. I had a sudden urge to move my body again and try my best to protect them. Luckily, I could make it before the dragon could do any harm as it stares at me aggressively. My heart beats fast, and my wolf goes wild in my head, which could only mean one thing; this dragon is my mate. The dragon shifts into a light skin male who has black hair with dark blue tents, along with beautiful red eyes. We continue to stare at one another before he has a frown on his face. Christian’s aunt’s words come back to me; I just met him and he already appears to be aggravated about something. What the hell did I do to make him so angry? Is it because I’m not the mate he wanted? Do I look ugly or something?

Questions kept coming up and I try to figure out what could lead him to not wanting me. He gives me a quick peak and whispers, “You will understand once you arrive at your brother’s party. Oh, and happy birthday, my beautiful mate.”, he states while smirking. My face twists bright pink, like a piece of bubblegum. Thankfully, my dark complexion hides it so he can’t really see it.

He’s off but swiftly yells, “Name’s Kevin!”

So, my mate is a cutie; he seems like someone who’s a bad boy, but only when it’s regarding his family. Too bad he didn’t want to stick around and hang out for a bit... I twisted my head around to see Cam and Christian’s eyes wide and their mouths open like they saw a scary ghost. I gave them a confused look before closing their mouths. They both snapped out of their trances and quickly questioned the situation.

“Do you not realize what your mate is?!”, Christian asks.

“Isn’t he a dragon?”, I ask.

“NO! He’s a vampdragon!”, Cam yells, then whispers-yells.

My eyes extend in fear. No wonder he looked upset. It’s prohibited for a vampdragon and a werewolf to be soulmates. However, there has to be a reason the moon goddess paired us up together. I looked at my friends and realized that tears were running down my face. Neither of them said anything as they came to hug me while I cried. I can feel Kevin’s eyes on me, and it hurts that I can’t have a relationship with my mate- Why would the moon goddess do something like this to us? I pulled away from my friends after a little while and showed them a fake smile to hide my sorrow. However, they knew it was fake since they are the only ones that can tell the difference. I looked at the time to see that school was over, so we headed to the packhouse.

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