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I constantly hear from my mother and the witch that comes over explaining how “special” we are. To be completely honest with you, I find this to be idiotic. But, since I’m bored, I might as well get a description of how “special” I am.

“Your son will not be happy with his mate.”, the witch tells my mother.

I dislike hearing the bullshit she spews out of her mouth because she makes no sense to me. ⁂ Why would I not be happy with my mate? Having a mate is a true blessing! Plus, mates help with our vampire side.⁂ I didn’t want to keep thinking about the possibilities of why; so I fly to the pizza place my friends were talking about. My friends and I walked into the pizza place and I saw a girl with dark skin looking down so we couldn’t see her blush and her friend was squealing at us. Once we make it to our table which is a few tables away; I see the same girl who put her head down, shaking her head while trying to stop her friend which isn’t working. Turning my attention towards my friends to see one of them checking out the dark skin girl. For, some reason my vampire wanted control, but I just pushed him in the back of my mind.

“Yo, I like that girl.”, Malcolm says.

“Which one?”, Jackson asks.

“The one with gay Christian at the table.”, Malcolm says.

“Dude, don’t say shit like that.”, I state.

They all roll their eyes at me before we order our food. After a while, I see the girl getting up to throw her trash away when she runs into Malcolm. I end up listening in,

“I’m sincerely sorry for running into your chest.”, she says while bowing.

“You know what you can do?”, Malcolm asks.

Her head shoots up, and she gives him a look before saying, “What do you mean?”

“I mean, why don’t we go on a date.”, he says while holding her chin.

Not even a few minutes after he said that she twists his arm and pins him to the table. “Listen here, vampire. I don’t care who you are, but I will not have you touching me. Do I make myself clear?”, she growls out.

He nods his head, and she lets him go. Holding in my laugh, I head out too; I make my way to a waterfall where I fall asleep- I woke up when someone was coming towards the waterfall, so I let out a powerful roar. They were still coming, so I tried to scare them off; Flying downwards to Christian and Cam- I noticed someone out of view and coming face to face with them. My inner vampire and dragon go wild. Inspecting her, when I notice it’s the same girl who pinned Malcolm down. I shifted into my human form and I took an even look at my mate’s dark complexion with her pastel purple hair with her lilac highlights and her beautiful piercing black eyes. We continued to stare at one another before the witch’s words came into my head, making me frown. Looking straight into her eyes, I can see her overthinking her beautiful mind hers. So, to stop that, I quickly speak and whisper, “You’ll understand once you arrive at your brother’s party.” Not even a few minutes later, I come back with, “Oh, and happy birthday, my beautiful mate.”

I can tell she’s blushing; taking off but then stop to yell, “Name’s Kevin!” Knowing she’s my mate, I know we’ll have a lot of trouble ahead of us. As I head back towards the pack which is in a cave; I soon come across my friends to hear them- “Kevin hasn’t been here a while.”

“So, what does he have that we don’t?”, Malcolm asks.

“Oh, yeah, he’s the alpha’s son!”, Jackson says.

“God, I can’t wait until he’s dead!”, Jackson and Malcolm said.

My eyes go wide before turning into a hateful glare as I flew past them, eventually reaching the cave; noticing right away that my mom was talking to some other dragons, I haven’t seen before. They stopped chattering and quickly scowled at me like hungry lions waiting to pounce.

“KEVIN! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!”, my father demands.

I didn’t want to be a part of this discussion, but I know I have no choice in that matter. Before I could utter a sound, my mother intervened, “He probably heard what the witch told me.”

“That doesn’t give him the right to be gone for almost the entire day!”, my father shouts.

I hold my roar back, as I speak to him, “I was out with some friends, then I went to get some alone time. I will not apologize for taking time to myself without telling you; I am nineteen years old, I don’t need your approval.”

“I am still your alpha until you have a mate!”, he says.


My father’s eyes go wide before a flicker of sadness appears but just as fast as it appears, it disappears. Nothing changed from when I was a child; since I wouldn’t be able to have a civil confirmation, I take off once again. At first, I was just going to fly around to calm myself until a gentle breeze comes hitting me, which is when I smell sweet with a hint of heady, that smells like nectar. Following the scent, I soon realized why this scent smelled so nice- it’s my mate’s. I reached the Howlers’ land. I shift back into human form in the forest before continuing to follow her scent, which leads me to see her being choked by the witch that talked to my mother. I let out a low growl as I move to save her; just as I was about to walk out, she yells, “DON’T! If you show yourself, they WILL KILL YOU!”

Tears were falling down her face as raindrops descended on a window. I had to stop my vampire and dragon from taking over and saving her; I couldn’t risk her life. “NO ONE DESERVES TO LIVE WITHOUT THEIR MATE!”, she screams out. That sentence brought tears to my eyes, but they wouldn’t fall; I know she knows that I’m feeling the same sudden and sharp pain. I keep my eyes on her and I watch her get help; as she looks straight at me, she mouths, “I love you.” of course, I said it back. Watching her run and a few other people following right behind her-


The broken scream that comes out of the pack house is piercing the vampires, dragons, werewolves, and my heart. I wanted to let out a powerful and painful roar- I took off, as I made my way toward the cave, I crashed and let out- “HRAH!” my scream created a shock wave causing the ground to shake. Slowing, getting up, and continuing to the cave. As I walk in, everyone stares.

“Who made that powerful but painful roar?”, my mother asks.

I couldn’t open my mouth without letting it out again; so instead someone else does. “It was me, Luna.”

“Jackson, I thought you were an omega.”, my mother says.

“Well then, if that was you, then you are the next alpha… unlike my weak son here.”, my father tells him.

My inner rage exploded like a ticking time bomb, “How dare you take a title away from the rightful owner? Can you do it again? CAN YOU! I DIDN’T THINK SO!”

“Watch your tone! I am still your alpha, and I won’t tell you again.”, my father tells me.

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