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Paws, what does it mean, you ask? It stands for Paranormal and Wizardry School. It was supposed to be the best school for all paranormals and witches to learn on how to hone their skills. Except it's more like a prison. There is also humans that go to this school as well. But only the humans that are from within the town and humans that know of the paranormal world. The humans get a separate area away from the paranormals so that they can't see anything that they aren't supposed to, but you know, young people love to gossip. This school is where the worst of the worst goes to learn control, and if they can't learn control then they are sent to the Underground Paranormal Penitentiary.

Fantasy / Romance
Cora Morris
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I just turned twenty-two yesterday and today I got a letter in the mail from PAWS, the best Paranormal School there is, I know I was adopted after my parents died from a disease that swept through the paranormals. My mother’s best friend took me in when I was ten. I will be forever grateful for them to have taken me in even when they were struggling to keep food on the table for their own kids.

Marien, My Mom’s best friend, is only human and she doesn’t know what my parents were, or what I am. You see, I am the Devil’s daughter. Not Lucifer, because he isn’t the original devil. I am talking about the Grim Reaper, Satan, well, you get the idea. That was my father. My mother on the other hand she was the oldest and strongest witch ever. She is actually the first witch, ever.

And you’d think with my father being Death, he can’t die, well, even Death can’t escape death. Or with how powerful my mother was she’d be able to use her magic to keep herself alive and healing herself, well she couldn’t, witches can’t heal themselves, and no other witch was powerful enough to heal her. So therefore they are dead.

And me? Well, let’s just say people are going to hate me now, now that I have made it to twenty-two. I mean I made it to the age where all paranormals get access to their powers. And I’m immortal now, I am the first ever living Immortal. I can’t die, even my father, who was death couldn’t kill me.

Oh, and another thing, I’ve always had magic, I didn’t have to wait for the right age, the only thing, I had to wait for was when the immortality kicked in to stop the aging in me. That was all I had to wait for.

So, yeah, people are going to hate me, try to take everything from me, and also try to find a way to kill the immortal that Death couldn’t kill.

The letter from PAWS didn’t bring joy to me like it might for other paranormals, to me it brought me dread.

What am I going to do? I think to myself. When the other students find out that I am immortal?

The good thing? The headmaster doesn’t know who my parents were, all he knows is that I am a Paranormal adopted by humans. He thinks I don’t know anything but I know everything.

The downfall of being an immortal is that when I met the hour that I was born at, I was brought to the beginning of time and I went through time as if I lived through it until today.

To anyone yesterday, it looked like I was just sleeping yesterday, but to me, I got the knowledge of everything. The other paranormals, and the magic and forgotten spells. And I was living it, about five hundred billion years ago, I was thought of as a goddess.

So, I lived through billions of years in one day. Luckily for me, time slowed for the day so that no one would get worried.

I have traits from every Paranormal creature. I can shift into any animal. I am a demon. I am an angel. I am, well, I am everything. I am also the most powerful thing you will ever meet.

But I can’t turn down the school, because if I do, they will send me to Underground Paranormal Penitentiary. I mean I probably would be able to get out, but that would just be a pain. So, I guess I will be going to PAWS for the next five years.

The headmaster also said that I need to get there in two days, because my first day starts on Monday and it’s Friday. I currently live in the suburbs in Southern California. The School is in Northern New York. It’s along the border of Canada it is in the middle of a small city. I say small city, because it’s not exactly a city, but it isn’t small enough to be called a town.

The School has four parts to it, it is a high school for that small city, it is a Paranormal school, it is a college, and it is also a clinic. The paranormals and humans share some classes together, but the paranormals also have an area for just paranormals only.

I will be in my own room, because the dorms are huge and everyone gets their own room. The dorms are separated by age, and species. For all that the headmaster knows about me is that he thinks I’m only a Demon. So I will be in the Brimstone Dorms. Kind of funny on how humans don’t make the connections based on the names of the buildings, but I guess it has to do with on how that whole ignorance thing works, people only see what they want to see.

But humans and Paranormals do like to gossip with each other so believe it or not, but the humans more than likely know about the Paranormals at that school, even if they say they don't. I mean only an idiot would not notice the different species they are walking among.

Not to mention that Shifter like to walk in their animal form more than they do their human form, because Shifters are born as the animal that they shift into. So think of them as animals with magic to look like humans when they want, but it takes a great deal of strength to do so.

Humans don’t want to see or believe that Paranormals actually exist. But what can you do. At least humans that don't go to the Academy don't want to believe in Paranormals.

Now it’s time to get my things packed and ready to go. Then it is off to this prestigious Paranormal School.

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