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Dive into a world of fantasy and magic. A world where man is god! There is a secret within the castle walls that was never to be known by the outside world. This unusual tale is by fare one of my greatest creations and is a part of my previous book series District Order Tokyo. Join me on my adventure as I write the tale of 5 individuals who’s power is that of gods!

Fantasy / Scifi
Sagato Tokagawa
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 What is it?

What is a god? We see that in Greek mythology that gods are both male and female, and rule over specific things. Aphrodite is the goddess of love, Ares god of war, Poseidon god of the sea, and Zeus god of the underworld.

These few are lesser then gods. The gods in this world are planets, mountains, even stars. To know what a god is is one thing, but to find one is another. You see, one does not simply find a god. In order to find a god, that god has to want to be found, and a dying planet is exactly what I was looking for! My name is professor Hiroke Mazenaka. I found the dying planet! It was exactly 35 years ago that the dying planet which we called The Weeping Rock called out to us in a transmission. We scientists were baffled by the readings coming through on the transmitter! We had never seen the planet behave so abruptly! It was as if it was beckoning for help. So a group of scientists and myself, suited up for one of the greatest historical events that was about to happen. We were going to save a planet!

We traveled 8 months through space trying to reach the Weeping Rock and finally found it! We reached the inner atmosphere of the planet and landed our ship. I took samples of some of the foreign biology. This planet was nothing compared to earth. It was full of weird plantlife that seemed to emitt a gas that us scientists were too afraid to breath in. The planet was dying, and I wanted to find the disease of this rock. The human body gets ill and it is due to harmful bacteria within the walls of our skin. So if a human can get sick from an alien like bacteria, then my theory is so can a planet.

We found a tunnel that led through the core and decided to investigate and walk through the mouth of the tunnel. There was a yellow substance that was oozing through the cracks of the tunnel walls, so we decided to take a few samples of that as well. We eventually reached the planets core, which the planet wasn’t that big to begin with. What we saw was fascinating and terrifying at the same time! A large sphere like room with walls that had purple and yellow veins. The sight was like nothing I had seen before! I then decided to draw a sample from the purple vein using a needle. I then looked to my right and saw an alien like isopod feeding on the wall. Of course, it has parasites! That’s why it’s dying!

The planet began to quake and my colleagues and I decided it was wise to leave. I picked up a deceased parasite before getting back on the ship. We set our course for earth and two years later, we heard that the planet had completely died off and became nothing then a floating rock.

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