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Damon's Soulmate: The Demon Alphas series (1)

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Damon has been called many things-evil, powerful, dominating, and most terrifyingly of all, the Demon Alpha. But there's something that England's most feared alpha desires: a mate. Nix is an unnatural beauty who can have any man she wants, and the last thing she wants is some pompous asshat trying to seduce her-been there, done that. Destiny has its work cut out for it with these two! You simply don't judge a book by its cover, and you can't determine a creature by their scent! Happy reading💕

Fantasy / Romance
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The starless sky was pitch-black and broody, embraced by massive thick clouds that concealed the bright full moon along with its ethereal glow. The effluvium of blood and death dominated the air while the ground below was glazed with a jumble of limbs, intestines, and, of course, blood.

The Sun Pack has fallen.

The once lively streets surrounding the packhouse where children played and adults engaged were now dull, dominated by soft whimpers of a few remaining pack members who kneeled, surrendering and submitting to their new leadership.

At the other side of the area, which introduces vast trees that stretch for miles into a thick forest, laid a severely injured man whose eyes coldly pierced up at the dark pair standing over him. His forest green orbs that held specs of crimson stormed with rage as he took in the black-haired woman who smiled down at him with her hands crossed over her chest while the man beside her extended his hand to her offering a gun, his amused gaze never leaving the battered man under him.

She unfolded her hands from where they originally rested and accepted the weapon before pointing it to the man lying under. She had to give it to him; he was indeed strong. It was rather interesting that with all the silver ammunition she drilled into his body, he was still stubbornly breathing.

And his eyes.

She didn’t pay heed. She aimed the gun at his head and paused.
“You brought this upon yourself. If only you treated me better.” She uttered.

The injured blonde man smirked as he fought back waves of pain that shot all over his body.
“Mating a whore like you is what I solely regret.” He spat before his head was finally blown into pieces by strings of shots.

Meters away from where the pair stood, at the very edge of the forest, stood a woman, quietly taking in the scene with visible shock. Silent tears dropped to her blood crusted clothes as her body shook with grief.

She observed the pair walk away after accomplishing their object and slowly started to move towards the corpse, her heart sinking with every step she took. When she finally stood near the body, she crouched down and effortlessly carried it as she fought back another wave of pain and grief; she coldly looked ahead and marched deeper into the woods.

Stubborn tears continued to flow, wetting her cheeks, her neck and her clothes, but she refused to wail. The wind picked up, blowing her long dirty blonde hair back to expose her face, which before was framed by her long locks.

Her eyes focused ahead, her legs taking her to a destination in mind. A spot where only the two of them knew about, and when she finally arrived, she set the body down and half shifted.

A now dark-grey humanoid crouched down and started digging the muddy, hard ground by using her claws.

Minutes later, the woman had already shifted back to normal with dirt all over her body. Standing before an unmarked grave, her red puffy eyes focused ahead as she curled her hands into hard fists. Her growing claws broke her skin, drawing blood that trickled down to the grave as she finally swore.

“I will avenge you, father. Even if it's the last thing, I do.”

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